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No one likes a stinky house! We have found easy ways to get every room in your home smelling great without buying expensive cleaners. No deep cleaning here — just easy tips to freshen up your house. Sound good?

Get rid of those annoying smells, big or small, these great DIY tips and tricks.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fresheners

Nothing is worse than a stinky bathroom or a kitchen that constantly smells of fish! We’ve found you a few ways to freshen up to worst rooms in your house right now.

  • Get that garbage disposal in tip-top shape with these fresh citrus cubes you can make yourself.
  • Stinky toilet? Freshen them up with these delightful toilet fizzies!
  • Speed clean ALL your bathrooms in 15 minutes with the help of this momma’s bathroom cleaning tutorial.
  • Did you know that your dishwasher can get just as gross as the rest of your kitchen? It can, and we have found a way to clean it.
  • Get those porcelain sinks back to original brilliant white with this one simple cleaning tip!

Freshening up Smelly Bedrooms

Got kids who leave stinky socks and sweaty sports jerseys in their rooms that smell up their rooms? We have ways to fix that! Keep reading…

  • Why spend $5 on store bought air freshener spray when you can make your own for just pennies a bottle?
  • Get those curtains smelling fresh with this lovely DIY linen spray.
  • Make any room in your house smell fresh and clean with your own homemadeĀ air freshener.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil to water in a spray bottle for an easy and frugal fabric spray.
  • Even mattresses need to be cleaned eventually and this momma has got all the tips and tricks you need to freshen up your mattress.
  • Clear up any lingering musty smells with this one simple trick.

How to Freshen Every Room in Your Home

Get the Rest of the House Smelling Nice

A few more ways to get your home smelling sweet and clean.

Freshening up your home doesn’t have to be time consuming. It can be fun and takes just minutes to do!