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When you have kids and pets, the chemicals found in most commercial cleaners can be a real concern. But what can you do when you have tough stains on your carpet or in your clothes? You can make environmentally friendly alternatives to your current cleaners right at home, and most diy cleaners are really cheap to make. We’ve found the BEST green cleaning recipes on the web and put them together in this handy list for you. Let’s make your house sparkle!
Green Cleaning Recipes to Make Your House Sparkle

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Get your windows spic and span with a homemade glass cleaner made with just 3 ingredients.

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via Live Simply

This all-purpose degreaser will have your surfaces clean and lemony fresh.

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via Busy-at-Home

Cleaning wipes are a lifesaver for getting spills and messes up quickly. Instead of reaching for the commercial wipes, make your own green disinfecting wipes. They’re reusable!

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via Live Simply

Clean just about any surface in your home with a simple Vinegar Lemonade cleaner. The citrus peels make the vinegar smell much better!

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via Kids Activities Blog

If you’re looking for a single cleaner to tackle most of  your cleaning needs, an all-purpose cleaner is what you need. Here’s a simple 4-ingredient solution.

Vinegar and baking soda – while one by itself is powerful, just watch when they combine forces! Here they descale a shower head, make your grout sparkle and help restore your shower doors to their original crystal clear state.
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via The Seaman Mom

And here’s one you can purchase if you’re short on time and can’t make your own all-purpose cleaner.

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Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes once in a while with this DIY makeup brush cleaner.

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via Everything Pretty

Sometimes, a surface needs a little extra elbow grease. Try this all natural scrubbing powder to tackle tough cleaning tasks.

green cleaners 7

via Miss Information

Most of us probably associate a citrus smell with clean, but those cleaners you buy in the store are anything but natural. This DIY citrus vinegar cleaner smells amazing, but it’s completely safe to use around little ones and pets.

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via The Seaman Mom

If your stove tops look grimy, try The Pinning Mama’s miracle stove top cleaner.

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via The Pinning Mama

To clean your oven without harsh chemicals, try Carbona Oven Cleaner. It’s biodegradable and doesn’t cause terrible fumes like some cleaners.

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Looking for a substitute for bleach in your cleaning routine? Try this all-natural bleach alternative. Wow, does it really get things white! You can also use it for cleaning and disinfecting lots of surfaces in your home.

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via One Good Thing by Jillee

Mandarin Mint countertop spray makes a great housewarming gift, but you’ll want to keep some for yourself, too!

green cleaners 11

via Hostess with the Mostess

Keep your furniture shiny and dust-free with homemade dusting spray. It smells divine!

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via Pins and Procrastination

You can even make your own dishwasher detergent. How cool is that?

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via A Blossoming Life

Seventh Generation Dish Pacs are unscented and will leave your dishes streak-free and clean.

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This homemade wood polish also works as a substitute for goo-gone. And it’s only $0.87 a batch!

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via Bren Did

And, yes, there’s even a green cleaning solution to the dirtiest thing in your house: the toilet! Try these toilet freshener bombs to get yours clean and fresh.

green cleaners 16

via One Good Thing by Jillee

Frosch Lemon Toilet Cleaner removes dirt, limescale and urine stains without harsh chemicals.

green cleaner 4

Remember, most homemade cleaners can be made using the same ingredients. So while you’ll spend a little upfront for things like vinegar, borax, essential oils, etc., you’ll save money because those ingredients will make lots of batches.

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