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A room makeover can be expensive, but a quick and affordable way to add flair and ambiance to a room is by updating the light fixtures. No room in the budget for new fixtures? No problem. Get inspiration from these light fixture makeovers to get a new look on the cheap. Seriously, they look like designer knock-offs and are only a fraction of the price of those that you see in home improvement stores. This blog post might just be what you need! Let’s get started!

15 Light Fixture Makeovers to Save You a Ton of Money, collage of airbrushed chandelier, drum shades, ribbon over shade and wire basket shade for chanderlier

Before You Do Your Light Fixture Makeovers

New light fixtures involve playing with electricity, please look at these tips before we dive into our light fixture makeover tricks for convenience:

  • Switch off power at the consumer board before working on the fixtures
  • Switch old bulbs for energy-efficient LED bulbs. Be careful with changing light bulbs and don’t touch the sockets!
  • Old chandeliers may have accumulated dust over the years, wear a mask
  • The points the fixtures are anchored at could be loose with age, be prepared to replace these screws and bolts
  • Old wires may have been chewed off their sheaths by rats, look out for any naked wires.
  • Do not paint over electrical points where the bulbs make contact with the wiring

Light Fixture Makeovers In The House And Outdoors

1. No-Sew Lamp Shade for Old Light Fixtures

THis is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do for some cool light fixture updates, without the extra cost! Pick a fabric that really speaks to you and your taste in decor, have a glue gun and scissors ready and I’ll tell you how to make your lampshade look fresh. This will work with most lampshade shapes but it’s easiest on straight ones without flare-outs or complex shapes.

Just wrap your fabric around the naked shade making sure to make overlaps including at the top and bottom, you should then secure the fabric with glue. Tuck in the top and bottom for a clean look, finally, stick on some buttons for extra flair, and voila!!

This No-Sew Lamp Shade with Cover Buttons is so simple that even I could do it. Just give me a glue gun and some fabric!

Dress the lamp-shade in new fabricvia Make It Love It

2. Spray paint your chandelier

Some DIY light fixtures don’t need to be too expensive and tedious. If you do not like the color of your old chandelier, you can always get some airbrushes and get something more to your style hanging down from your ceiling.

Skip black spray paint for now. May I suggest the Rustoleum oil-rubbed bronze spray paint? It is quite a dazzle and will leave your chandelier shiny and protected for ages. Such an easy chandelier makeover!

An outdated brassy chandelier now looks modern and chic after just a coat of spray paint. You won’t believe the difference it made!

Spray paint your chandeliervia Unskinny Boppy

3. Gold Faceted Lamp

Looking for some easy light makeovers? You have a faceted lamp and you want it to look ooh sooo amazing? Get some dark primer and gold spray paint and you’ll have your friends asking if that’s the real gold faceted lamp that costs an arm and a leg per purchase.

This Gold Faceted Lamp looks super expensive, but it’s not. It’s only $30 to recreate versus purchasing the $200 designer version. Best option if you want to give your old lamps some new shades style. PSSSHT!! Don’t tell anyone that’s not the real thing.

Spray paint your faceted lamp standvia Dream a Little Bigger

4. Spray Paint Your Electric Bathroom Fixtures

Does the light fixture in your bathroom look old, or maybe you just don’t like its color? This DIY bathroom light fixture makeover might be what you need! A fresh coat of paint is all you need before you can think of spending a small fortune on a new fixture

Spray paint was all this bathroom fixture needed to match the rest of the hardware in the room. The darker look adds a little drama over the stainless steel look.via Create and Babble

5. Convert Your Indoor Lamp Into An Outdoor Lamp

Your existing fixtures in the dining room can be repurposed by making a bit of tweak. Take that extra lamp to the outside to bring more light to your porch or garden. You may not even need to wire it up if you replace the electric bulb with a solar one. Just place the lamp somewhere it has access to adequate sunlight. This DIY may be frugal, but the end result will have your soul swelling with contentment.

Here you have an indoor lamp converted into a solar-powered outdoor light fixture. Love the rustic look.

6. Make a Drum Shade

An old IKEA light fixture was updated with a drum shade and ribbon to make a modern, colorful fixture for the kids’ playroom/guest room. Use a playfully colored ribbon for the best effect. This might be a better idea than crystal chandeliers, if you don’t have the budget for that just yet.

Put a ribbon on your lamp shade for a modern lookvia Live the Fancy Life

7. Paint Over Brass To Freshen A Shabby Chic Lamp

I wasn’t feeling the brass handles on my shabby chic lamp, so I applied a coat of Zinsser primer intending to paint over it, I liked the color the primer brought out, so, I just added another coat and that was that.

get the instructions on how to repurpose your glass shades into something more impressive. See how this old brass light fixture turned shabby chic with a bit of help from some paint.

8. DIY A Monogrammed Outdoor Pendant Light

Turn an outdoor pendant light into a cool, monogrammed galvanized light with a galvanized bucket and a few tools. I made mine with an old bucket and I now have a very cool light for the poolhouse. A large galvanized iron funnel turned upside down could also work.

After all the metalwork is done, you can paint on your favorite outdoorsy color. Remember to apply a primer to the galvanized metal to make the paint stick well. Darker primers make those bright paints pop out a little more.DIY Outdoor pendant light using bucketvia Sugar Bee Crafts

9. DIY Mason Jar Lamp with Faux Zinc Shade

If your style is more country chic or rustic, create a Mason Jar Lamp with Faux Zinc Shade. Love this! I got some mason jars lamp without a shade, accordingly, I had to design my own shade.

I reused an old aluminum coffee can to make the shade on which I applied zinc antiquating solution to give the lamp an aged look that was just fabulous. If you like, you can take a drill with different-sized bits to design your own monogram on the surface of your new lampshade.DIY Lampshade from aluminum canvia AttaGirl Says

10. Capiz Shade For Boob Lights

Tired of the “boob lights” on your ceiling? A capiz shade can create lots of visual interest from what was once a pretty boring (and awkward) light fixture.

Remove the boob-like cover and replace it with a capiz shade by following these simple steps. A drum shade would also work better than a boob light if you can’t find a capiz shade that you like.

11. Baseball Lamp

Does your child love baseball as much as mine does, this light fixture makeover is just for you, turn his lampshade into a baseball and he’ll wear a grin for ages every time he gets into his room.

Want to turn a thrift store lamp into a baseball lamp for your little slugger? It’s easy to do with some paint and duct tape.

12. Brighten Your Lamp With a Ribbon

Some lamps just need a bit of ribbon trim to spruce things up. You’ll only need a steady hand and a glue gun to add a dash of color to that otherwise plain and boring lampshade. Doesn’t the lampshade makeover completely change the character of the entire lamp. The next step will be to paint that stand.

13. Spruce Up Your Chandelier By Changing The Globes

Sometimes the chandelier is a fantastic design, it only needs you to change up the globes to give it a look that suits your decor and on a budget, you will have a new-looking chandelier.

One blogger not only painted her chandelier (navy, yay!), but she also changed out the globes. The old ones were plain-jane, but the new ones sparkle against the navy-colored frame.Old Chandelier, fresh paint, new globesvia 3 Little Greenwoods

14. Update Your Lamps With Drum Shades

Like changing the globes on your chandelier, sometimes your lamp base only needs new clothes and the entire room is transformed. Go to the store and pick a lovely, modern-looking drum shade and switch out the old shades.

This tutorial shows you how to cut fabric to update your lamps with drum shades rather than using the old, outdated ones.

15. DIY Wire Baskets For and Industrial Look

Brass holders can look very old-fashioned and you may not know what to do with them when making your house over. It’s easy, just modify the bases to accommodate wire basket types of shades for a different look.

This light fixture was stripped of its brass trimmings, painted, and updated with wire baskets to create a more industrial look.Wire basket type lamp shade, an industrial lookvia Southern Revivals

16. Bonus Light Fixture Makeover Tip; Glass Painting

For those plain-looking glass covers and shades, break out your glass painting kit and give them a fresh look. Just remember that too much paint over the glass will cast a shadow over the room, as such, make sure to have a light touch with your paint.

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