How your eyes look says a lot about you. For example, if you’re tired, it takes a bit of cosmetic know-how to hide it. That’s why we wrote “How to Look Like You’re Not Tired”. But sometimes you just need help hiding puffy bags, creating the perfect line with your eyeliner or getting your shadow to stay put in order to look more polished. These makeup tips will show you how to make your eyes look their best every day.

15 Makeup Tricks for the Best Eyes

Eye Makeup Tricks to Look Your Best

Dust eyelashes with baby powder before applying mascara to make them look fuller and longer. You can also apply baby powder between coats if you have thin lashes that need multiple coats of mascara.

eye makeup tricks 12

via Bargain Beauty Babble

Heat up your lash curler to make your eyelashes stay curled for longer.

eye makeup tricks 1

via Cosmopolitan

Tired of your eyeliner pulling on your eyelids? Use a cigarette lighter to heat it up first. Be sure to let it cool to a reasonable temperature before applying, though.

eye makeup tricks 2

via Beautylish

If you have close-set eyes, learn where to concentrate light and dark colors on your eyelids to make them look like they’re wider apart than they really are.

eye makeup tricks 3
Eye makeup trick for close-set eyes from XOVain.

Put a spoon underneath your lashes when applying mascara to keep it from getting on your skin. No cleanup means you’re out the door faster in the mornings!

eye makeup tricks 13

via Harper’s Bazaar

Pull shadow outwards at the corners to elongate the lid and make eyes appear less round.

eye makeup tricks 4

via The Beauty Department

Eye shadow primer not only makes your eye shadow last longer, it helps prevent creasing, too. If you’re not using a primer before applying your shadow, give it a try! You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

eye makeup tricks 6

via Style Craze

Place tape along your eye at the corner to create the perfect winged-out look.

eye makeup tricks 7
Use tape for the perfect winged eye from Your Beauty Banter

Scotch tape can also help you perfect your liquid eyeliner technique.

eye makeup tricks14

via Elle

Use both dark and light shades of concealer under the eye to conceal puffy bags and dark circles. The darker shade is applied toward the outer corner of the eye to conceal the puffiness, and the lighter shade on the inside toward the nose helps conceal the dark circles.

eye makeup tricks 5

via The Beauty Department

Intensify any eye shadow by first filling in the lid with a white pencil. BAM! Punched up color in a flash.

eye makeup tricks 8
How to intensify eye makeup from

Mascara can double as an eyeliner in a pinch. Just apply some to an eyeliner brush, and you’re all set.

eye makeup tricks 9

via Today Updates

Apply mascara before placing false lashes to make it easier to put them on and to protect your lashes from the glue.

eye makeup tricks 10

via Maskcara

Use a toothbrush to comb brows into place. And if you don’t have any brow gel on hand, hair gel, pomade or hairspray works in a pinch.

eye makeup tricks 11

via Harper’s Bazaar

If you prefer a softer look with your eyeliner, smudging it will help you achieve that. Not sure how to smudge your eyeliner properly? This video tutorial will show you how!

How to smudge eyeliner from Divine Caroline

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eye makeup tricks

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