Are you ready to get long, luscious lashes? I’m sure your answer is a “Yes!”, because who doesn’t want amazing lashes, right? We think that it is time to try these 15 mascara tips and tricks that we’ve put together to make your eyelashes look sensational! You will never have to buy expensive mascaras again in order to rock killer long lashes!

Don’t worry if you weren’t born with naturally long, dark, voluminous lashes. There are simple and easy ways that you can get those thick, full lashes without breaking the bank on expensive mascaras or eyelash extensions! The list we have compiled is full of the top mascara tricks for you to try that will make your eyelashes look absolutely spectacular!

Collage of mascara tips; using toothbrush to get clumps out of eyelashes, using warm water to clean mascara brush

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Mascara Tips and Tricks That Will Give You Amazing Lashes

Just because you weren’t blessed with those naturally luscious eyelashes does not mean that you can’t get them with a few clever tips and tricks (and the best part, they are simple and cheap!). We have found some of the BEST mascara tips and hacks that will help you achieve the luscious long lash look without paying a hefty price for expensive mascaras, false eyelashes, or those painful eyelash extensions. You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to perfect that mascara application and volumizing mascara formula. Because we know that everyone loves looking gorgeous while saving money!

1. Get Rid of Hardened and Clumpy Mascara

Did you know that we usually waste a lot of mascara thinking that it is dried up when it actually can be saved? Next time you have a tube of “dried up” mascara, try this little mascara hack before throwing out that “empty” tube! You can loosen hardened and clumpy mascara by placing the tube in a cup of hot water for a minute or two. The liquid will loosen up and fall to the bottom where you can easily reach it with the mascara wand.

Picture of mascara tubes in cup of warm water to loosen the hardened mascara

2. Bend Your Wand

We all that favorite tub of mascara that we just can’t live without. But, even when we love the actual mascara, sometimes the want it comes with is absolutely horrible. Right? Mascara smudging while you’re applying it is the worse nightmare! That is okay because all you need to do is bend the mascara wand to make it easier to control and apply to your lashes! This isn’t an illusion, it’s real with a twist! Easy-peasy and no need to ditch that favorite mascara! It’s a great win all around, don’t you think?

Picture of bent mascara wand

3. Clean Eyeshadow

Nothing is worse than having your perfect layering eyeshadow on your eyelid that you spent an hour applying, getting ruined when you accidentally get mascara on it. *Insert weeping sound* Can you say, “UGH”? But, don’t worry! You know that we have got a trick for that. If you never want to get mascara on your eye shadow again, then try using this business card trick:

  • Place the card behind your lashes to protect the lid
  • Apply Mascara
  • Voila!! Clean Eyeshadow!

Hot Tip: You can cut the business card to curve it a little if you want to make it even easier to use. No more excess mascara over your perfect eyeshadows!


5. Spoon Hack

Don’t have any business cards on hand but have short lashes? No worries, it is a simple fix. If you have a spoon on hand, it works just as well for keeping your mascara from smudging and ruining your beautiful eyeshadow! All you have to do is use it bowl-side down on the lower lashes, and bowl-side up on the upper lashes. It is super simple and can even help you get a thicker coat on your lashes. Who’d ever thought your bottom lashes and top lashes can get a clean-up like that?

Picture of using plastic spoon to keep mascara from smudging

4. No More Clumpy Mascara

Is there anything worse than opening up an almost full tube of mascara only to discover that it is full of thick and clumpy mascara? Gross! Thank goodness that we have a hack for that too (I know, we’re pretty awesome!) If you want to fix that clumpy mascara just add a few drops of Visine. Who knew it could be that easy? Pretty neat!

Here’s more Visine/mascara tips!

Picture of putting eye drops in mascara to get rid of clumps

6. Voluminous Lashes

Are you ready for seriously voluminous lashes? Have you spent loads of money trying out those “voluminous” mascara products? I bet you didn’t know that you probably already have the one and only product you will need to create voluminous lashes!  And again, it is super cheap! The secret? Baby Powder!

Just start by applying one coat of mascara. Then use a q-tip to dust some baby powder over your lashes (I know, it sounds crazy, but trust us!). Last, of all add another coat of mascara. I can’t believe this one really works, but it does and it is perfection!

Picture of lashes with baby powder on them

7. Removing Waterproof Mascara

We all know that waterproof mascara is great because it stays put all day long. However, it can be a real pain to remove at the end of the day and if you’re like me, you end up scrubbing and scrubbing trying to get it off.  Stop scrubbing trying to get your mascara off. Instead, try gently removing it by using coconut oil and witch hazel. It’s so easy and gentle on the eyes!

Picture of dirty makeup pad from cleaning mascara

8. Turn Mascara into Eyeliner

Oh no! You’re heading out for a night on the town and you are out of eyeliner. Never fear! Did you know that mascara can also double as eyeliner when you’re in a pinch? It’s true! All you need to do is just use your makeup brush to apply it to your lash line. Really creamy mascaras usually work best for this trick.

Picture of mascara being used as eyeliner

9. Unclump Mascara

We have already learned how to unclump mascara when it’s still in the tube. But, how do you get the clumps out once the mascara has already been applied? It’s so easy! Just use a clean toothbrush to unclump mascara. The toothbrush is actually a great beauty tool, so it’s a good idea to keep a few extras on hand, anyway.

Picture of clean toothbrush being used to unclump mascara

10. Curling Eyelashes Tip 1

Who doesn’t want their eyelashes to have some awesome curl to it? If you want to make the curl in your eyelashes a little more defined then this is one of the best curling hacks out there! Just heat your eyelash curler to give them a little extra oomph when curling. This mascara curling hack will have your eyes looking absolutely glamorous! No fake eyelashes needed!

Picture of hair dryer to heat mascara curler

11. Curling Eyelashes Tip 2

Sure, a heated mascara curler is awesome, but maybe you have never even used a curler to begin with! That’s okay. You just want to make sure that you use the curler while you apply your first coat of mascara.

Picture of mascara curler being used

12. Mascara Growth Tips

Are you looking for easy and natural ways to help your eyelashes grow longer? Stop spending the big bucks on those expensive magical lash lengtheners (hint: they don’t work anyway!). We have a solution that is simpler than you might think. All you have to do is simply apply Vaseline to your lashes (using an old mascara wand) to help them grow. Who knew it was so easy? And the best part? It is extremely cheap!

Picture of Vaseline being used to help eyelashes grow
Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes with a spoolie to help lashes grow from Beautiful Shoes

13. Homemade Mascara

Do you worry about all of the unnatural ingredients in commercial mascaras? Have you considered trying to make your own homemade mascara? You can even add a couple of drops of essential oil to help moisturize your lashes and it will smell great, too. Now you don’t have to worry about harmful and unnatural ingredients! It would also make an incredible gift for the all-natural conscious friend!

Picture of homemade natural mascara

14. Instantly Thicker Lashes

Okay, I think this one is the perfect tip for everyone! Because who doesn’t want thicker lashes? Am I right? If you want your lashes to look thicker, try applying a coat of mascara to the back of your lashes. I never knew to do this until now, but it totally makes sense and will give you instantly thicker, lusher eyelashes. Just amazing!

Picture of woman applying mascara to back of lashes
Apply a coat of mascara to the back of your lashes from The Beauty Department

15. Clean Your Mascara Brush

This one may seem really simple, but it will actually surprise you how many people do not know how to clean their mascara brushes properly. Not only is a dirty brush unsanitary, but it can also cause eye infections (believe me, eye infections are nothing to play around with!), and cause your mascara to clump. Yuck! That’s why it is so important to learn how to properly clean your mascara brush. Doesn’t that look much better?

Hot Tip: If you do get an eye infection or stye of some kind in your eye, you need to throw away your mascara or any other product that has come in to contact with the infected eye in order to keep it from spreading to the other eye (don’t ask me how I know this ?).

Picture of mascara brush being washed properly

The Best Mascara Tips to Give Your Lashes a Full Look

Sadly, we can’t all be born with those naturally luscious lashes. But thankfully, there are a ton of tips and hacks for us to find ways around it and make our lashes look just as natural and voluminous! When you try these mascara tips, you will not only keep your eyelashes looking healthier, but you will give them a fuller, thicker, and natural look that is sure to appeal to everyone!

With these amazing tips at your disposal, you will be able to say goodbye to those fake eyelashes that you have to glue on your eyes (ummm…OUCH!). Also, don’t forget to share one or all of these ideas with your girlfriends so that they can get that sensational lash look that everyone has been dying for! Their eyes will thank you!


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Which of these mascara tips work best for you?

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