Break in new shoes can be a pain – literally! Even shoes that you wear frequently can sometimes make your feet ache. But we’ve learned 13 tricks that can make almost any footwear the most comfortable shoes ever… even heels! So find a pair that you’d love if only they weren’t so darn uncomfortable, and get to work on these shoe hacks.

13 Tricks for the Most Comfortable Shoes Ever

How to Get the Most Comfortable Shoes Ever

Spray your feet with hairspray before donning heels to keep your feet from slipping.


High heel pain? Not with this trick: Tape your toes together (the third and fourth ones) to redistribute the pressure.



Slide a pantyliner in each shoe to prevent sweaty feet syndrome.


When boots are slumped over until boot season, it makes pulling them back on again really difficult! Help them keep their shape with pool noodles. Such a handy trick!


Keep your feet warm when it’s cold out by using wool inserts. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.


Stretch them with ice to get more room in the toes. Just half-fill some freezer bags with water, stuff them in your shoes, and then put the shoes in the freezer. The water expands as it freezes, stretching the shoes for a bit. Leave them in the freezer for 4-8 hours for best results.


Apply lip balm to the back of your heels to prevent “lip bite” when wearing new shoes that are a little too tight.



Have some shoes that are too loosey goosey in the back? Use heel grips to keep your feet comfortably in place.


Put on a thick pair of socks (like… super thick cold weather socks) and wear them around the house to break them in.


Worn out heels can make walking wobbly. Replace those worn down tips with these heel caps so you don’t have to ditch your favorite pair of pumps.


Use moleskin on thin straps that irritate your feet. Perfect and discreet for strappy shoe weather.


Foot petals are inserts for the ball of your feet that help alleviate the pressure there. They’re super helpful when you’re wearing heels for long periods.


Dry shampoo can make smelly sneakers a little less odorous, and it can help reduce foot sweat, too.


Get more shoe hacks here:

Have the most comfortable shoes ever with these 13 tricks

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