Have you ever heard a lady saying they have had enough shoes and aren’t interested in getting others? I have never heard this. And don’t see myself coming to hearing it soon. Ladies were made for shoes and always look for ways to have their shoes complement how they look. While it is easy to get that complementary look, it can be a bit tricky when your shoes don’t behave. So are you having shoe problems? Whether it’s shoes that are too tight, a little bit funky because of summer weather, or in need of a bit of sprucing up, we’ve got you covered and we have a fix for that. Your feet don’t have to hurt anymore and neither should you walk or stay in discomfort. Here are 16 shoe hacks that every girl needs to know to get the most out of her footwear.

16 shoes hacks that every girl should know

Shoe Hacks You Need To Know

1. Break in Your Shoes in Less Than a Minute

Do your shoes feel smaller and very tight-fitting? It simply hurts your little toe Well, there is a way to make them a little bit loose. With a blow dryer and socks, the trick is easy. Break in your shoes in just a couple of minutes. Put on two layers of thick socks, slip on your shoes, and blow-dry the shoes at the area that pinches your foot, with the blow dryer on medium heat, while wiggling your feet. Leave them on until the shoes are cool. Easy peasy! And voila, no more tight shoes! You get to wear your shoes and move around on them as though they never were tight-fitting.

Blowdry your shoes where they pinch

2. Dab of Deodorant to Prevent Blisters

Ill-fitting shoes or new pair of shoes can cause you to have blisters especially when on heels. The blisters can be so painful and leave you sore for days. A way out of this is to prevent blisters with a dab of deodorant gel. Rub it along the sides and back of your feet before sliding on your shoes. It’ll reduce the friction between your foot and the shoe, and hopefully, at the end of the day, your feet will be blister-free.

apply deodorant on pressing parts of new shoes to prevent blisters

3. Starch as a Stain Blocker Shoe Hack

Getting to maintain your new shoes to be as white as they were bought can be an uphill task. The stains at times are stubborn and can be frustrating to get rid of. For ease in dealing with stains, use starch as a stain blocker for white sneakers (or the white parts on colored sneakers). If they do get clean stains or dirt, use toothpaste to clean the white parts of your shoes. These two shoe hacks help you save your favorite white shoes.

Starch t repel dirt shoe hack
Use Starch to Repel Dirt On Shoes from Real Simple

4. Anti-Slip Tape Shoe Hack

Put anti-slip tape (or duct tape) on the bottoms of slippery flats or heels. This hack helps in that once you start walking around on gravel or anything like that the gravel is going to roughen the sole of the shoe up and so it is going to make your foot stick to the ground a little bit better. No one looks fabulous during a fall. It can be quite embarrassing and you could end up getting hurt. So try this out for extra comfort and confidence that your insoles or sandals will never betray you.

duct tape for slippery shoes hack

5. Cooking Oil Polish Shoe Hack

Cooking oil makes a fine shoe polish in a pinch. Be careful not to get any on the bottoms! And do be careful of brown leather type of shoe. It can stain or darken them. The shin that follows after the cooking oil has been used is damn good you will want to not buy the conventional shoe polishes any longer. But remember this can only be used on certain style of shoes and not all.

vegetable oil to polish shoes
Polish Shoes with Vegetable Oil from Real Simple

6. Clean and Shine Patent Leather Shoes with Windex

Use Windex to clean and shine patent leather shoes. It works like a charm and helps retain the shine. With your shoe collection made of leather, it can be hard to have them in good shape when you don’t know how to maintain them. So getting this index spray works magic. It is a simple as spraying each shoe with Windex, then wiping it away with a clean, dry cloth. And voila, just like that, you get to restore your patent leather shoes’ luster. How handy this is of the shoe hacks I have come across!

Clean and Shine Patent Leather Shoes with Windex

7. Fabulous Wedge Shoe Hack

Ladies, your shoes don’t have to be just plain. You can play with them a little and end up with shoes that are so pretty than how they were acquired. Call out your creative genius and try out a few stylish looks. For now, we focus on wedges and how you can make them look all the more pretty. Simply make wedges a little more fabulous with some pretty crystals. The end result is a dazzling pair of wedges that you can put on for that classy dinner event or date. Time to take those wedges with perfect heel grips out of the shoe closet or shoe rack!

Decorating wedges shoe hack

8. Sandpaper Shoe Hack for Slippery Shoes

Other than using duct tape, you can also use an abrasive like sandpaper to make shoes less slippery. Rub the bottoms with 50-grit sandpaper to create texture and traction. The process is simple and takes a few of your minutes. Simply take off your shoe and rub the smoothest parts of the sole that touch the floor until they develop a rougher, more textured feel. This will save you from falls that could rather be embarrassing or lead to you getting hurt.

sandpaper to make shoes less slippery hack

9. Spray Paint Makeover Shoe Hack

If you have a pair of rubber boots that are looking a little haggard but are still comfy and functional, give them a makeover with spray paint! They look rejuvenated and close to new once you are done painting them. And saves you from wanting or rather having to purchase others.  The after picture shows how worth the whole process is.

spray painting boots

10. Stain Removal Shoe Hack

Suede fabric is a whole delicate material for shoes. It has to be treated with care and stains once on it have to be removed carefully so as not to damage the fabric. So if your suede shoes are stained, use an emery board to remove stains from them. Just rub the board over the problem spot a few times and adjust the nap when you’re finished. It takes less time to do this and your shoes get back to their normal form.

suede stain removal shoe hack
Use An Emery Board to Remove Stains On Suede Shoes from Real Simple

11. Spliff Shoes with  Newspaper Pages

Spiff up dull shoes with crumpled-up black and white newspaper pages. You don’t even need polish! Colored newspaper pages won’t work here. So only stick to the black and white ones. The balled-up newspaper page gets these shoes buffed up real well that you can see your reflection on the surface of the shiny shoes.

spliff shoes with black and white newspaper

12. DIY Colored Soles Shoe Hack

Want to DIY some colored soles? Clean them with rubbing alcohol first, and then paint them with nail polish. Simple and pretty! You can have your red bottoms without them being really red bottoms with this hack. Sounds so crazy yet it works to achieve the sassy look once you are dressed in the shoes. In just a few steps the bottoms of your shoes get to have the color that you want them to.

DIY colored soles for heels shoe hack

13. Filter for Smelly Shoes

Smelly shoes come as a result of our feet being sweaty and that sticking to our inner shoe soles. It can get embarrassing for an individual who is caught up in this. There is a solution luckily especially when you want to put on your loafer shoes with o socks on your feet. If your shoes smell funky (especially in the summer when going sockless), slide a coffee filter into them and fill the filter with baking soda. They’ll smell much better in the morning!

Sockless shoe hacks

14. Talcum Powder for Stain Removal Shoe Hack

Put cornstarch (or talcum powder) on suede shoes to remove grease stains. Suede shoes are quite delicate and once you accidentally stain them with grease don’t rush t scrub the grease off. You’ll end up damaging the shoe. With this talcum powder hack, you can get your shoes in good shape without putting in much work. The powder performs all its magic as one of the shoe hacks ideas to be engineered.

Talcum powder to remove suede stains shoe hack

15. Waterproof Canvas Flats/Shoes with Beeswax

You ain’t ready for this I bet! Did you know you can waterproof your canvas flats (or any shoes, really) with beeswax? Yes! Such an interesting concept! In two sets you can have all your favorite shoes become waterproof. The first step is to rub the beeswax on top of the shoes’ surfaces and have it sealed in with a blowdryer. Then you can comfortably walk in the rain with them. Haha!

waterproof shoes with beeswax shoe hack

16. Tape Your Toes in Pointed Heels

Ladies, you’ll agree with me that one of the problems with wearing high heels is how they often smush your toes together in quite an uncomfortable way. It gets so uncomfortable to even walk and could end up giving you blisters around your toes. Though don’t fret girls coz I’ve got a shoe hacks solution for you.

I came across this super-duper hack that is going to work magic for y’all. When putting on those pointed heels, use a long piece of medical tape or beauty tape, and wrap it around both your second and middle toes to secure them together. This works to free up some space in the front of your shoes and makes your heels more comfortable to wear.

Tape your two toes when wearing sharp pointed heels

I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes. – Oprah Winfrey

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16 shoes hacks that every girl is supposed to know

Which of these shoe hacks and ideas worked best for you?

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