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Are you having shoe problems? Whether it’s shoes that are too tight, a little bit funky because of summer weather or in need of a bit of sprucing up, we’ve got you covered. Here are 16 shoe hacks that every girl needs to know to get the most out of her footwear.

16 Shoe Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

Break in your shoes in just a couple of minutes. Put on socks, slip on your shoes and blow dry the shoes while wiggling your feet. Leave them on until the shoes are cool. Easy peasy!

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Prevent blisters with a dab of deodorant. Rub it along the sides and back of your feet before sliding on your shoes. It’ll reduce the friction between your foot and the shoe, and hopefully, at the end of the day, your feet will be blister free.

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Use starch as a stain blocker for white sneakers (or the white parts on colored sneakers). If they do get dirty, use toothpaste to clean the white parts of your shoes.

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Put anti-slip tape (or duct tape) on the bottoms of slippery flats or heels. No one looks fabulous during a fall.

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Cooking oil makes a fine shoe polish in a pinch. Be careful not to get any on the bottoms! And do be careful of brown leather shoes… it can stain or darken them.

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Use Windex to clean and shine patent leather shoes. It works like a charm!

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Make wedges a little more fabulous with some pretty crystals.

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Use sandpaper to make shoes less slippery. Rub the bottoms with a 50-grit sandpaper to create texture and traction.

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If you have a pair of rubber boots that are looking a little haggard but are still comfy and functional, give them a makeover with spray paint!

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Use an emery board to remove stains from suede shoes. Just rub the board over the problem spot a few times and adjust the nap when you’re finished.

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Spiff up dull shoes with crumpled-up black and white newspaper pages. You don’t even need polish!

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Want to DIY some colored soles? Clean them with rubbing alcohol first, and then paint them with nail polish. Simple and pretty!

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If your shoes smell funky (especially in the summer when going sockless), slide a coffee filter into them and fill the filter with baking soda. They’ll smell much better in the morning!

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Put cornstarch (or talcum powder) on suede shoes to remove grease stains.

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Waterproof your canvas flats (or any shoes, really) with beeswax. Here’s how.

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shoe hacks every girl needs to know