The next time you’re in a home improvement store, grab some rain gutters. Seriously… even if you don’t need them for your home’s exterior. They’re so handy for organizing and creating additional storage around the house that you’ll look for more ways to use them. Need inspiration? Here are 15 rain gutter ideas you’ll love implementing in your home.

Get creative with these fun rain gutter ideas!

Rain Gutter Ideas for Storage and Organization

Add a rain gutter to your picnic table to create a handy cooler within everyone’s reach. Add ice and drinks, and you’re all set. You’ll need to drill holes in the bottom for drainage.


Create wall storage bins in the garage to hold those odds and ends that you really have no other place for.



Create a gorgeous succulent garden for your tabletop.


The pop of color that these hanging rain gutter planters add to this brick exterior is phenomenal.



Add gutter bookshelves to your child’s room to keep their favorite books handy. It’s super convenient for Mom, too, as you don’t have to bend over looking through huge shelves of books to find your child’s favorites.


Make a ramp for toy cars. Racing cars has never been so much fun!


Rain gutters are the perfect size for storing kids’ shoes.


Now this idea is genius: Use gutters to manage cables under your desk. That looks so tidy! We have other cable management ideas, too!


If you have a craft room, they’re great ribbon organizers.


Or use gutters for thread storage in your sewing room.


This giant banana split idea is a fun way to serve ice cream to a crowd, especially at kid parties.


Make a lovely table centerpiece for your indoor or outdoor tables.


Create a spray paint storage area in the garage.


Do you change out your photos a lot? This photo gallery wall made with rain gutters is perfect for you! No fussing with nails or hooks, and you can rearrange them as you’d like.


Install gutter beside your bed to hold your cell phone, glasses and anything else you’ll need right away when you wake up.


Love these rain gutter ideas? Get more tips on creative storage solutions here:

Rain Gutter Ideas for Organizing

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