You and your kids are on the go all the time. Whether you’re at the batting cages, running them to basketball practice or hauling a van full of cheerleaders, being a sports mom is a lot of work (and a lot of fun). We love your enthusiasm for your kids’ activities, so we’ve put together some useful sports mom tips that any parent of little athletes can appreciate.

21 Tips for Sports Moms

All-Star Tips Every Team Mom Needs to Know

Hauling drinks for the team? Put a muffin tin in a small laundry basket. It’ll hold 12 drinks, and you don’t have to worry about spills!

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Kiddo suffering from sunburn after a day at the field? Frozen aloe vera gel works wonders to relieve tender skin.

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Every mom on the go needs a little emergency box. Cramps? Sore muscles? A scraped knee? You’ve got it covered!

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Did you leave another water bottle in a hot car for a few days? Mold… gross! But you don’t need to throw it out. Here’s an easy way to get mold out of water bottles.

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Use a magic eraser to clean white shoes in a hurry.

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Can’t remember the other teammates’ names? Attach this sheet to your bag so you’ll always remember!

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Sports equipment stinks! Build your own drying rack to let that gear air out in between uses. Great for football and hockey players!

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The dugout buddy here is made from two closet organizers and some stickers for the players’ names. Genius!

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Baseball moms, take note. Sports Cleaner, when combined with Fels Naptha soap, can get out just about any stain… grass, dirt, ring around the collar… you name it.

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Keep enough hair elastics on hand to get you through the entire season. Put them on a carabiner to keep them organized.

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Revamp old trophies that you’re kiddo’s not crazy about anymore. All you need is some spray paint, and now you have some cool pieces to use as decor in a sports-themed room!

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Make an EASY team spirit wreath to display in your home (show some school pride) or give on as a gift. I bet coaches would love it! Plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree, a straw wreath and something to go in the middle (like the license plate here) are all you need.

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Make easy softball or baseball necklaces for players or team moms using fender washers. Cheap and easy!

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Put a themed “good luck basket” together for the kids on the team. It may be corny, but it will give them a boost before a big game.

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Save your coffee creamer containers to take snacks to games and practices. Why have I never thought to reuse these before?

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Help the girls keep the hair out of their faces by keeping this hair emergency kit on hand. Seriously… it will come in so handy!

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Make easy basketball-themed treats with Oreos and dipping chocolate! Use orange candy melts for basketball, white for baseball, etc. How cute!

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Jazz up a uniform hanger for your cheerleader.

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Make your own ice packs using 3 parts water to 1 part rubbing alcohol. Dye the contents blue if you want to make it obvious that it’s not just ice in the bag. This ice pack will not freeze completely, but it gets really cold, so you can put it on just about any part of the body easily.

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These moms are brilliant! Their pop-up tents provide them with shade and keep them covered in case of rain. This idea is a keeper for sure.

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And if you’re new to the sports mom arena, it’s always helpful to know what the more experienced moms carry in their bags. Here’s a good example with baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, bug spray and more.

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