Summer is here and that means that is time for everything summer sports. Tournaments, trips, weekend games, early practices, late innings…you name it, it happens during the summertime sports. But honestly, isn’ that what makes summertime sports the absolute best? Your kids may show that they are tired, but staying up late and waking up early is all part of the summertime fun. Knowing that the game may run a few innings late in the summer just means a bit more time to sleep in the next morning, right?

Essential Items to Pack for your Summer Sports Travel Bag

And while your summer plans may be full of sports, it’s crucial to make certain that you have all the essential items that you and your family needs when you are traveling from field to field. If you are looking for a few tips, here are some items that you need to have on hand! Plus check out these awesome sports mom tips.

Essential Items to Pack for your Summer Sports Travel Bag

1. Power Bars

We all need a bit of energy every now and then. You never know when hunger may strike your little player and there isn’t an option to go anywhere and get them some food. Pack some power bars (chocolate-free so they don’t melt!) and have them on hand for when that hunger comes knocking.

2. Towels

Sports are sweaty! Make certain that you pack plenty of towels for you and your family members! You never know when that 100-degree weather is going to be strong during one of your game days!

3. Sunscreen

Those sun rays are beautiful but brutal. Keep you and your family’s skin safe from being burnt by packing along enough sunscreen to last all weekend long! If you do get a little burned, check out these home remedies for sunburns.

4. Bug Spray

While you may not need this item (fingers crossed!), you never know when a baseball or soccer field may find itself near some standing water, just drawing in those swarms of bugs. When it comes to being bitten, better safe than sorry!

5. Cell phone charger

Those games and tournaments can last a really long time! Pack your portable charger, your car charger, or whatever charger you need to be able to stay connected with the outside world.

6. Change of clothes

Mud, sweat, dirt and just downright uncomfortable clothes need to have a backup always ready. Don’t forget to pack an extra change of clothes for you and your family!

7. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, and especially accidents happen a lot more when those little bodies start to get tired during all those sporting games. Plan ahead and have a first aid kit packed in your travel bag.

8. Earplugs

You never know when that crowd will start to get a bit out of control during one of the wild and rowdy games. Have some earplugs on hand just in case!

9. Clean socks

Sweaty feet and socks seem to go hand and hand. No matter what, don’t forget to pack a few pairs of clean socks for you and your crew!

10. A good book

The truth is that even if a weekend is packed full of games, there is ALWAYS some downtime that one has to fill. Make certain to pack some good books for you and your family members to be able to relax and wait patiently for the next game.

No matter what sports you and your family will be traveling with and for this summer, don’t overlook the above items to pack in your summer sports travel bag. The better that you plan for the long days and hot temperatures, the more that you and your family will feel relaxed and better prepared. Above all, pack the essentials. If you forget anything, just remember that ANYTHING can be bought along the way!

Essential Items to Pack for your Summer Sports Travel Bag

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What items do you pack in your travel bag?

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