A smile is contagious and in a good way. It’s actually one of the very few things that you’d want to “catch” and then spread to others. The great things about making someone else smile is it gives you a feeling of happiness as well. You never know what someone’s day is like, or what trials and troubles they are going through so the beautiful thing about making someone else smile is that it can make their entire day. Being able to share and spread happiness is a beautiful gift that anyone can enjoy. Why not start the sharing trend and spread happiness any way that you can? It’s come back to you tenfold as well!

15 Super Simple Ways to Share and Spread Happiness

Spreading happiness is something that can easily be done each and every day. Learn how to pay it forward as well, in easy ways. The next time you are out and about, try to do something special for at least one person and see how it makes you and them feel! It’s so much fun to make other people smile! Check out this Thankful project you can do as a family, as well.

How To Spread Happiness

  1. Smile. Flash those pearly whites and give someone a smile that will light up their day. Smiles speak so many words without having to say any at all.
  2. Hold open the door. If you can hold the door open for someone, do so! It’s a simple gesture that speaks volumes and can also be a huge help to people as well. (https://www.topskitchen.com)
  3. Say “Thank you”. Giving thanks to those around you is a great way to show that you care. People love to feel appreciated and saying “thank you” is the perfect way to show that appreciation.
  4. High Fives for everyone! No one can deny the happiness that a high five can bring! Hand those hand fives out like candy!
  5. Send a letter in the mail. Getting anything besides bills in the mail is an amazing feeling. Don’t wait for occasions to be the only reason that you send letters to those that you love.
  6. Hug it out. Hugging someone can be a great way to show them that you love them and that you care. Plus, hugging people is fun, too!
  7. Deliver homemade cookies. How happy would you be to open your front door and be standing face to face with a piping hot plate of fresh oven baked cookies? If you bake it, they will come!
  8. Invite someone over for coffee. Great conversations bring about happiness, so why not start your day off with a friend and a perfectly brewed pot of coffee!
  9. Donate items to a family member or friend. If you no longer have a use for certain items, why not see if your family members or friends would like them for free?
  10. Offer your services for free. Have family or friends that need some help around the house? If you can help, do so! Cleaning up rooms, washing dishes, helping out with laundry or even doing a bit of yard work is a great way to make someone’s day and bring them lots of happiness.
  11. Leave little notes all around. Love notes, happy notes, thank you notes…they can be notes about anything and everything but the focus should be one making someone feel special and happy. Sticking them on mirrors and in lunchboxes are a great way to make someone’s day!
  12. Give compliments. Like someone’s shirt? Tell them. Loving a new hairstyle on your friend? Compliment them. Why hold it in if it can make someone else feel better?
  13. Gift a present just “because”. Everyone loves gifts, no matter what they are. When you’re out and about and you see something that reminds you of someone, get it and give it to them. It’ll mean so much to them that you thought of them!
  14. Listen when they talk. So many times, all people want is someone to hear them and listen to them. Instead of fighting it, just sit and let them talk!
  15. Craft up something just for them. Are you DIYer? Then use those skills to create something special for someone. Hats, socks, or even a blanket are all fun items to make and gift that anyone would love.

As you can see the simplest acts can create a chain of happiness that is contagious. So go out and be the light of the world.

15 Super Simple Ways to Share and Spread Happiness

What do you do to spread happiness?

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  1. All of the ideas you share to spread happiness are wonderful! I do those as well as give out small bouquets of flowers from my garden or sometimes small & hardy potted plants