Seasonal clothes take up a lot of useful space when they aren’t being used on a daily basis. Use these genius clothing storage ideas to store your winter clothes in the off season.

Once the temperature starts to drop and the leaves start to fall, it’s time to break out the winter clothing. Don’t you love pulling out your winter jackets when you feel that bite in the air? 

But what do you do with those winter jackets during the warm months when you don’t need them? Seasonal clothes are bulky and cumbersome, making closet organization seem like a mythical unicorn – but it’s absolutely possible! Just like unicorns, ha!

Storing seasonal clothing helps to keep your closets clutter-free and protect your clothing at the same time. However, we’re not all blessed with extensive storage space so sometimes we have to get a little creative. 

What do you do when it’s time to store seasonal clothes and bedding? Applying a few of these organization tips and tricks will help you form your own ideal system to keep your closets tidy and the winter gear well protected all year long!

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How to Prepare For Storing Winter Clothes

With just a little planning and prep work, carefully storing your winter clothes will prolong their life and keep the unwanted bugs away.

1. Wash the Clothes

Wash every single item that you plan to store. If you pack clothes away when they’re dirty, stains and odors will settle in, and not only could they ruin your clothing, but those un-washed clothes could also attract bugs and moths.

By washing each item and drying it thoroughly before you store it, your clothing will stay fresh and last much longer.

2. Store in Plastic Containers with Snap Lids

As long as your clothes are thoroughly dry, storing them in large plastic bins with snapping lids will protect them the best (as long as they aren’t delicate items – see below). However, if your clothes are wet and moist, they will grow mold and mildew when stored in plastic of any kind.

Tip: Never store clothing in plastic bags (like dry cleaner bags) or cardboard boxes. Plastic bags will trap moisture and allow mold and mildew to grow. Animals and bugs can easily get into cardboard boxes.

3. Protect Your Clothing From Pests

Cedar balls are the best for this purpose as they keep moths away and protect your clothes from mildew and musty odors. Add a few cedar balls to each bin or container that stores clothing, and this will keep moths at bay and make your clothes smell amazing.

Alternatively, you could also use lavender sachets for this purpose. We may love the smell of lavender, but moths detest it. 

Tip: If you have pets in the home, don’t use mothballs to keep moths away as they aren’t safe for animals.

Tips for Storing Seasonal Clothes and Avoiding the Clutter

  • Have you ever considered adding a dresser to your closet to maximize the space? This works great to store off-season clothes if you don’t have additional storage space elsewhere (and your closet is large enough).
  • If you have a coat closet to store coats and accessories check out these 18 Coat Closet Organization Ideas.
  • Delicate items such as silk or cashmere need to be stored in canvas storage bags
  • Extreme temperatures and humidity damage fabric, so avoid storing your clothes in attics and unfinished basements.
  • Don’t hang sweaters – they will become misshapen. Always fold sweaters and store in plastic bins.
  • When storing shoes (as long as they aren’t tall boots), pack them with tissue paper to help them keep their shape.
  • SpaceSaver Storage Bags are awesome for keeping your bulky winter clothes and bedding stashed away until you need it. You can even store all the bags together in a bin or basket to make things look a little neater. We reused comforter bags to switch out the seasonal bedding. 

Brilliant Clothing Storage Ideas From Moms

These moms have figured out some clever winter clothing storage ideas. Try using these ideas in your own home!

Take Advantage of Garage Space | One Good Thing

Go see how Jillee organizes her garage to make room for everything, including seasonal clothes! This technique saves space in your home AND makes it easy to find what you need when the next season comes around.

Note: this technique would only be recommended for conditioned garages due to otherwise extreme temperatures.

Simple Season Clothing Storage Ideas

DIY Scarf Hanger | Skip To My Lou

Free up space in your closet with this cute DIY Scarf Hanger. Use it behind the door or on the wall to stretch your storage area.

DIY Scarf Hanger from Skip to My Lou - clothing storage ideas

Use Under The Bed Storage | Living Well Mom

Take advantage of the space under the bed to store off-season clothes. I love how clean this looks!

Organize Kids Clothes

Clothing Storage Ideas for Kids Clothes | Organizing Junkie

With little ones, it’s always hard to gauge if their clothes will still fit the following season. Keep track of all the sizes and seasons of clothes you have on hand. Once your kiddos outgrow them, it’s easier to pull them for donation.

Clothing Labels are just one of our clothing storage ideas

With a few seasonal storage ideas, and a few hacks straight from expert moms you can become a clothing storage professional, too!

Enjoy the extra space, lack of clutter, and peace of mind that your clothes are safe by using these methods for storing your own seasonal clothes.

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More Organization Ideas from One Crazy House:

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