Do coats and shoes fall out of your closet when you’re trying to get out the door each morning? Okay, so it’s probably not that bad, but odds are yours needs a little tidying. These coat closet organization ideas will show you how to organize your shoes, coats, accessories, and more to make your in and out routines easier. Check out our mudroom ideas if you have an entire room dedicated to your entry.

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Coat Closet Organization Tips for Busy Families

We put together tips and tricks to maximize storage space for the items in your coat closet. These tiny makeovers are things you can buy and install or DIY with your kids! Yes, why not make organizing the coat closet a fun family activity. Let’s get started.

1. Add wire baskets by the door of your coat closet, for the mail. 

This works best if your coat closet is right by the door. Have one basket for incoming and another for outgoing mail. Just drop them on the way in and get them for mailing on the way out. A hassle-free way to handle the mail and extra use for the coat closet, right?

2. Use hooks to organize scarves and bags. 

Check out another genius idea for this space. Maximize the area behind the door by installing purse hooks. Hooks are great for keeping purses, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. off the floor. You can also hang some of your scarves neatly in here.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Add purse hooks and wire baskets

3. Add a coat closet rug.

Don’t have that entryway carpet or carpet tile? Have a coat closet rug instead. This will catch dirt as everyone pulls their shoes and boots off and keep the space clean. Bonus if the rug looks good and can be a decorative piece too! 

4. Add large baskets under the shoe shelves.

It’s a creative way to add storage space beneath the shoe shelving. These baskets can hold extra shoes or accessories like winter caps and gloves. This way you can store small items in and keep the coat closet organized. Consider also getting one or two of these good-looking wooden baskets.

Add large basket under the shoe shelf

5. Install towel racks and hooks or shower curtain rings on the coat closet door.

What a great way to make use of the door space that’s so often neglected! Who says towel racks and shower curtain rings are just for the bathroom? They make organizing scarves and other winter wear easy and pretty. You can also arrange the hats and scarves by color, just for fun.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Add towel racks and shower curtain rods to organize scarves and winter wear

6. Add command hooks to hang umbrellas in the closet.

If you’re like me, you have many umbrellas and but don’t have assigned space for them. Take inspiration from this next coat closet. Hang your umbrellas on command hooks so they’re always handy as you walk out the door on a rainy day. Also, a great way to maximize vertical space in your closet.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Add command hooks for umbrellas

7. Add shelves to organize shoes.

Shoe shelves are a must in a coat closet. With two or three runs of shelving, you’ll have space for everyone’s shoes, including boots. Especially great if you or your kids like to change shoes frequently. Make sure the shelves are the adjustable type for more flexibility. 

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Add shoe shelves to maximize space 

8. Spray paint your coat hangers for a little more color.

This one is a simple painting job that you can do with some help from the kids. Go for a uniform bright color or color code for every member of the family! Wouldn’t that be fun with a bigger family and more colors? Whether you use one or multiple hues, having an organized coat closet with pretty colorful coat hangers will make you smile every day.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Spray paint your coat hangers to make them colorful

9. Add wire racks to keep your gift wrap in the coat closet.

No room to keep your gift wrap and tags? Maybe the coat closet has some space to spare. Wire racks and organizers on the inside of the door keep tubes of paper, gift bags, and tissue paper neat and tidy. And, those I-forgot-where-the-gift-wrappers-are days are over!

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Add wire racks to organize gift wrappers

10. Add large hooks behind the coat hangers to hang and arrange scarves.

This is a great way to organize scarves and maximize space. I like this idea because it puts them out of the way, but it may be a little difficult to sort through your scarves if your closet is crammed full of coats. This is best for coat closets with just a few coats but plenty of scarves. 

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Use large hooks to organize scarves

11. Maximize unused space in the coat closet.

You have to click through to see the before and after for this coat closet.

The before picture shows so much unused space, and the after, well… they’ve maximized every inch of space. From the shoe organizer on the door to the added shelves, so much can be done in this space. Look how they still have room for other items at the bottom.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Use shoe organizer and additional shelves to maximize space

12. Install shoe pegs all around the coat closet to get shoes up off the floor.

Are the shoe shelves already full? Make space for more shoes by hanging them in these shoe pegs. Looks perfect for those bulky boots, right? You can use the pegs to hang other items too!

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Install shoe pegs inside the coat closet

13. Change your shelving to maximize space in the coat closet.

If you tried everything and still have no enough storage space, let go and remodel your shelves. Take a look at this closet. The modified shelving unit allows the homeowner to utilize much more space, even allowing room for the vacuum. I love how the vertical space was used efficiently in this coat closet. 

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - change shelving unit to maximize space

Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really great party where everyone you see is someone you like. – Amy Fine Collins

14. Add shoe cubbies, even store-bought ones.

Are you a family with lots of shoes in a limited space? Maximize that small room with some shoe cubbies – it doesn’t matter if you buy or DIY. Just add some wood and trim to make them look like built-in shoe cubbies. Look how many pairs of shoes it can hold! Your kids will be excited they have room for all their shoes and more.

Add shoe cubbies to maximize shoe storage

15. Hang magazine baskets for each child’s winter accessories.

Having a hard time organizing your kids’ winter wear? This can be the perfect teaching moment for your kids to organize and be responsible for their own little space. Just look at these magazine baskets with cute DIY letter labels! Watch your little ones enjoy putting their stuff in the right place like play.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Hang magazine baskets to organize small items like children's winter wear

16. Add more baskets in the coat closet for shoe storage.

Ok, ladies, so you still got more shoes? No problem, just add some more wire baskets. These narrow wire baskets are the perfect size for organizing flip-flops and small canvas shoes. Look at how many pairs of shoes fit in that one basket! You’ll never have that stray flip-flop on the floor again.

Put flip flops and small shoes in narrow wire baskets

17. DIY flipped shelves.

Create cubbies for purses and accessories by flipping shelves with brackets upside down. Who knew these shelves are reversible? You can add more brackets for small purses and hats. Up a notch and paint it to add color to the coat closet.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas - Flip shelves with brackets upside down and use as purse cubbies

18. Add file boxes to store your reusable shopping bags.

Install these boxes on the wall or behind the door of the coat closet. It’s much better than my idea of stuffing lots of bags into one bag. It’s a good reminder as well to bring one reusable bag or two on the way out. Well, you never know when you might need one for shopping or carrying other items.

Hang file boxes to organize reusable shopping bags

19. Create zones with a closet organizer that segments your closet into separate areas.

Have more than enough room for coats and scarves? Add more zones for other things like bags and shoes. Isn’t the laundry basket for sports equipment brilliant? And check out that shelf for assorted writing supplies. This is a great coat closet organization idea for tiny spaces.

Create zones for different items in your closet

20. Get a rolling coat cart if you don’t have a coat closet.

And finally, if you don’t have a coat closet, there’s no reason to fret. A rolling coat cart can provide the same storage options but with the benefit of being able to roll it in another room when you have people over. If you are the minimalist type, this is a great way to organize your winter essentials in a limited space. Just a few coats and a couple of pairs of boots and off you roll. 

Great idea to paint the rolling cart a bright color like this one.

If you don’t like the wheels, here is another variation

Use rolling cart to organize your coat and accessories if you have no coat closet
Rolling Coat Rack for Shoe Storage from Design Sponge

Organize Your Coat Closet In a Breeze

I’m sure you’ll have fun doing these hacks and have great results. With these coat closet organization ideas, your morning routine will be so much more efficient! Easy for the kids and the rest of the family. And not to mention, your coat closet looks immaculate too! 

coat closet organization ideas - collage of coat closet with shoe organizer, closet with shoe cubbies, closet with hooks for scarves

Love these coat closet organization ideas?

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