Whether you’re an Elf on the Shelf clothes expert or total newbie, you’re probably on the lookout for clever ideas for staging Santa’s little helper this Christmas season. Did you know you can add even more excitement by incorporating themed outfits and accessories for your Scout Elf? Here are the best elf-on-the-shelf clothes to buy this holiday season. Your kids will get a kick out of it, and I bet you will, too!

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Elf on the Shelf Clothes Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

It’s that time of year again, and I’m sure you’ve been dreaming up plenty of clever Elf on the Shelf ideas for months, right? Well, maybe not.

I don’t blame you!

Fortunately, I can help get your wheels turning with this list of 100 brilliant Elf on the Shelf ideas your kids will go crazy for.

Get the best behavior of elfbucks out as you go through this curated list of the best elf dress, cozy parkas, plaid dresses, snow skirts, robes, and many more! 

This is one of the best holiday season feel: as you you gather these shelf accessories and create a full wardrobe of apparel options. You’ll definitely love the shelf clothing patterns of these cute miniature clothing for your full-fledged elf.

What Is Elf On The Shelf?

If you’re new to Elf on the Shelf, I’ll give you a brief rundown.

The idea started out in 2005 as a children’s book, The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. It’s long been a vague idea in popular American culture that elves are Santa’s helpers, but this book goes deeper with a story about elves who hide out in houses to keep an eye on children during the day. Every night, they report to Santa whether the kids are being naughty or nice.

Parents around the country took this as a lighthearted way to remind children that Santa has eyes in every home. They began placing toy elves in different spots around the house every night for their kids to find in the morning. 

What started as a parenting tool became a fun tradition that families can look forward to every holiday season!

As the years went on, parents became increasingly clever and elaborate with their elf placements, and started to have as much fun staging as the kids had in discovering them – maybe even more so.

So, you can also leave some Christmas cookies by the fireplace while you dress your cute elf with a chocolate chip cookie costume for a new treasured tradition. It’s never a big mistake!

Using Elf On The Shelf Clothes Adds Variety

This year, why not add to the fun by incorporating new clothes and accessories for your elf?

Dressing up your little helper with themed clothing and accessories will enhance all your great staging ideas, and I promise your kids will get the biggest kick out of it.

The Best Elf On The Shelf Clothes To Buy This Holiday Season

It’s probably no surprise to you that you can now purchase outfits and accessories for your favorite little elf to wear. From themed costumes to cozy sleepwear and everyday outfits, there are so many cute additions you can purchase (or if you’re crafty – DIY!).

Turn your family’s elf into a free elf or a creative elf this year. December-ready finds are on its way! 

Fortunately, since Elf on the Shelf clothes and accessories are so tiny, they’re also inexpensive, so you can order some outfits on Amazon in a pinch and have a new look for your Scout Elf tomorrow!

Elf On The Shelf Clothes: Everyday Wear

Elves are just people, after all. Wait, are they? Well, I’m sure your Elf on the Shelf can be anything he or she wants.

Some of the funniest staging ideas are those where your Scout Elf is just doing routine, everyday things. For that reason, everyday elf wear is essential. The top elf and Santa’s helper will not be mischief-makers anymore. 

1. Cozy Bathrobe & Socks

As the weather cools down, having a soft, fluffy bathrobe with socks to match is a must for everyone – even your tiniest friend! Make sure your Scout Elf stays warm and cozy with this bathrobe and socks set.

Elf on the Shelf clothes: bathrobe and socks set.

2. Festive Flannel PJs

Flannel pajamas in festive colors are a classic outfit of choice for Christmas morning, or really, any morning during the holiday season. Your Scout Elf will be well-equipped for sleepy time with this super cute PJ set.

Elf on the Shelf Clothes: Flannel pajama set

3. Share The Spirit Snuggle & Hug Nightgown

If nightgowns are more your elf’s thing, this one is cute as a button!

The details on this tiny garment are amazing! I especially love the adorable portrait of a Scout Elf and their favorite reindeer.

Elf on the Shelf Clothes: Christmas Nightgown

4. Pack of Three T-Shirts and Suitcase

When traveling, everybody needs a few changes of T-Shirts. Your Scout Elf will be prepared with a few days’ worth of basic (yet festive) tees, packed in a cute suitcase for their home away from home.

Elf on the Shelf T-Shirt Pack with Suitcase

5. Fluffy Vest+ Plaid Skirt Outfit

Here’s a complete outfit for trendsetting elves! It comes with a cozy, yet fashionable, fluffy white vest, plaid ruffled skirt (in holiday colors, of course) and warm striped socks (because elves need to keep their toes warm, too!).

Elf on the Shelf Clothes: Trendy fluffy vest and plaid skirt outfit

Elf On The Shelf Clothes: Themed Outfits

Okay, now we’re going to get into some really fun stuff. After all, elves just wanna have fun, right? Here are some adorable and hilarious themed outfits and accessories for your Elf on the Shelf!

6. Itty Bitty Baker Set

The holidays aren’t the holidays without yummy baked goods! Let Santa’s Little Helper get their bake on.

This adorable set includes everything a baking elf will need to make some delicious treats for you!

Baking set for Elf on the Shelf

7. Jingle Jam Hoodie Set

This little green hoodie is so cute, I can hardly stand it – and it comes with a set of “elf-approved” headphones so they can Jingle Bell Rock all night and day long.

Jingle Jam Hoodie Set for Scout Elf

8. Merry Mermaid Tail

Every night, your Scout Elf races back to the North Pole to report naughty and nice activity to Santa. During the day, they just want to be a part of your world! (See what I did there?)

Your little elf will sparkle in this beautiful mermaid tail…and perhaps contemplate taking a dip in your aquarium?

Mermaid Tail for Elf on the Shelf

9. North Pole Goal and Gear

Did you know the North Pole has a soccer team? Your Scout Elf could be the goalie! Deck the halls with this tiny goal post backdrop, and deck your elf in the official uniform of the North Pole Soccer League.

Elf on the Shelf Clothes: Soccer goal and goalie uniform

10. Super Hero Winter Set

When you really think about it, Elf on the Shelf is a holiday hero, so let them wear a cape!

This adorable winter superhero set comes with a bodysuit with Scout Elf Superhero logo, candy cane striped cape, a mask, and frostbite-proof boots.

Elf on the Shelf superhero outfit

11. Twinkle Toes Tutu

What elf hasn’t had dreams of growing up to be a ballet dancer? After all, the season of The Nutcracker has a history steeped in the fine arts. With a tutu and lace up pointe shoes, your Scout Elf will be ready to take the stage!

Elf on the shelf ballet tutu and pointe shoes

12. Jingle Jazzy Set

This Jingle Jazzy set is for the cultural sophisticate elf. It includes black glasses, a blue and red plaid tie and high-waisted, denim-like pants with glittery blue suspenders.

Put on a jazz record and bebop the morning away!

Elf on the Shelf Clothes: Jazz outfit with glasses, tie, slacks and suspenders.

13. Peppermint Balloon Ride

I’ve saved the most fun accessory for last. It’s the holidays, so it’s okay for your elf to get a little carried away…by a balloon! With this inflatable balloon & basket, you can watch your Scout Elf soar to new heights.

Elf on the shelf balloon ride accessory

There you have it: everything your Scout Elf needs to live out their superhero fantasies or just roll out of bed on a lazy morning.

Your kids will be delighted by these Elf on the Shelf clothes this holiday season!

I hope you enjoyed this list! Do you participate in the Elf on the Shelf tradition with your family? What’s your favorite elf staging idea?

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Which of these cute elf on the shelf clothes have you tried?

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