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There are SO many helpful whiteboard ideas and uses for your home! Make collaboration easy, simplify your schedules, and get organized with these top whiteboard ideas to keep everyone in the loop!

If you aren’t using a whiteboard in your home, you are truly missing out.

Think of the daily schedules of everyone in your family. If it’s anything like my house, those daily schedules are a whirlwind of meetings, appointments, practices, school, social events, and more every single day.

You name it, someone in your family probably has it going on–and most likely with a scheduling conflict!

How is it possible for every single person in your family to be so busy? The older we all get, the more there is to do, which is why it’s so important to stay organized–whiteboard sessions will save your sanity!

OneCrazyHouse Whiteboard Ideas Smiling man showing a whiteboard with chore chart on it to a group of 3 children in a kitchen,  Woman Reaching toawrd camera, grabbing a sticky note attached to a wall with lots of notes on it.

6 Whiteboard Ideas to Help Organize Your Life and Your Home

There are so many office whiteboard ideas and hacks that can be applied to your home. So much so, that if you aren’t using one, you need to seriously consider starting right now!

Here are 6 important ways and best ideas to use your whiteboard at home to get (and stay) organized.

1. Create an Easy-to-Maintain Weekly Dinner Menu You’ll Actually Use

One of the top whiteboard ideas for home is displaying a weekly dinner menu for everyone to see in real time. How many times per day do you hear the question, “What’s for dinner?”

It’s almost maddening, right?!

Take that question out of your family’s vocabulary by writing out the menu for the day of the week on the whiteboard for them to see at any time! You can put it up for the day, a few days, or the entire week all at once (if you’re into working on those meal planning skills–go you!).

With a menu on display, everyone knows what the meals for the week are, nobody will ask (well–they still might… just text them a picture in response!), and they will know it’s not up for debate.

Chicken fried rice for dinner? According to the whiteboard, it’s happening Tuesday night! 

2. Fun or Inspiring Quotes

Is there a fun or inspiring quote that gives your family all the feels?

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than actually writing those words out on the whiteboard to start your family’s day on a warm and fuzzy note! Each member in the family can pick a new quote and write it on the board every week!

Give them a reason to smile and be happy with a fun and inspiring quote that they can put in their think-tank and refer to later. If all else fails, draw a quick silly picture to make them laugh even more! 

OneCrazyHouse Whiteboard Ideas Smiling man showing a whiteboard with chore chart on it to a group of 3 children in a kitchen

3. Create a Chore Chart Your Family Can Stick To

Kids (and even adults) need announcements and reminders of things they need to do. Make following up on chores easy by posting the family chore list for the week on a whiteboard (in an easy-to-see spot). 

List the name of each family member and their expected chores to be done for the day (or week).

Not only will this top whiteboard idea hold each family member accountable, but it will also help you to quickly and easily keep track of when those chores were actually completed! An effective problem-solving method right away! To help keep everything organized, you can even create a table on the whiteboard (using tape or a permanent marker so you don’t have to worry about erasing your lines)!

4. Use Your White Board to Help with Vacation Planning

Ahhh, one of my favorite whiteboard ideas – I use this every time we plan a trip, because it really works!

There are lots of amazing vacation planning tools out there. And that’s exactly the problem. Instead of using multiple planning tools that you have to flip between and remember to use, simplify it down to one whiteboard.

Having all your to-do lists, itinerary plans, packing lists, research needs, and more in one spot keeps you organized and on track as you plan and pack for your trip. Write them down on stick notes, or you can even add some cork boards (or folders) to the wall next to your whiteboard to keep all those documents neat and handy. You could also use magnets to attach everything directly to a part of the whiteboard. 

OneCrazyHouse Whiteboard Ideas Woman Reaching toawrd camera, grabbing a sticky note attached to a wall with lots of notes on it.

5. Compliment Day Creative Ideas

Why not have fun with your whiteboard? One of the best whiteboard tricks and uses is to pick a member of your family once a week and let them have “control” of the whiteboard for the day. 

Designate a section of the whiteboard for them to write out something awesome that they love about each of the other members of the family. This can be ANYTHING that they want, as long as it’s positive.

Give them the dry-erase marker and let them have fun with making someone else smile.

6. Whiteboard Ideas to Facilitate Communication

Create a Q & A session for your family members to communicate.

When everyone is busy, it can seem nearly impossible to find time to communicate and answer questions. Use your whiteboard to make it easy for questions to be asked (and answered), even if you aren’t sitting right in front of each other. 

Have a question for your daughter about her upcoming soccer game? Write it down so she sees it and so you won’t forget. It’s that easy to open those lines of communication – woohoo!

This is also great for including reminders about things that you don’t want to be forgotten, like: “don’t forget about the soccer game on Saturday!” or “Don’t forget I’m out of town this weekend, dinners are in the freezer”.

7. Use A Mini Whiteboard On Your Fridge to Create a Running Grocery List

I picked up a mini whiteboard with magnets from my local dollar store and put it on the fridge. Whenever I use something and I notice that it’s low or we’ve run out, I simply add it to the whiteboard. No more guessing what I need from the grocery store! I just take a picture of it as I am walking out the door to go grocery shopping, or you could just have someone send you a picture if you forgot to grab one on the way out. 

8. Whiteboard Ideas: Create Your Own Whiteboard

All you need to create your own whiteboard is a frame with glass and white paper, or paint. Place your white paper in the frame, or paint the inside of the glass white, then hang and use. It won’t be magnetic, but it will work in a pinch, and makes for a fun craft project that you can actually use! You can also hit up a thrift store for some inexpensive large frames depending on the size you are trying to get.

9. Or Make A Whole Wall a Whiteboard

If your kiddos are the creative type, like I was, they will love having the opportunity to draw on the walls! Grab a bucket of dry erase paint, paint the wall, and supply plenty of markers. This can be used for play, for creative outlets, or even for school work! 

10. Host a Whiteboard Game Night

There are so many games that you can play using a whiteboard! Some ideas for playing with whiteboards include:

  • Trivia- Hand out mini whiteboards for teams to answer questions.
  • Trivia- Have 2 contestants go head-to-head on a large whiteboard.
  • Keep track of points for a ball game.
  • Have a DIY Pictionary night.
  • Drawing Contest!
  • Play a Classic Game: Hangman or Tic Tac Toe, for example.
  • Spelling Bee or Multiplication Tables Face-Off- My brother and I used to love these!

11. Use A Whiteboard To Help You Brainstorm Ideas

Sometimes big decisions or ideas require a brainstorming session, whether alone, or with your family. Having a large area to write these ideas down has always been helpful for me. So, whether you are planning out your next marketing strategy for work, or your next family vacation, having space where all ideas can be considered and narrowed down is a lifesaver!

A whiteboard makes it easy to narrow down ideas since you can erase and/or rearrange to your heart’s content. This can be great for a busy mom who is trying to figure out what needs to get done (and when it needs to be done by), or for family meetings to make sure that everyone feels heard and decisions can be made together. 

There Are So Many Ways to Use a Whiteboard!

Whiteboards make for a great way to stay on the up and up of EVERYTHING going on with your family. These whiteboard ideas show how you can use it to have fun, be real, or get help in the day-to-day tasks of running a home. 

Maybe your house is super busy and you need to invest in two to get everything communicated and done. No one says that you are only allowed to use one whiteboard!

With just a little thought, you can find ways to make the whiteboard work for you and your household. The more information that you put on there to keep everyone in the loop, the better!

OneCrazyHouse Whiteboard Ideas Smiling man showing a whiteboard with chore chart on it to a group of 3 children in a kitchen

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