Don’t you love it when you find unexpected ways to organize your home? We’ve found a ton of brilliant ways to organize with magazine holders (or magazine files, if you prefer). Seriously! Talk about pantry storage… hiding your router…organizing your clutch bags, neatly organizing your groceries, and even your freezer are just some of the things you can do with these handy little doodads.

The best part is how dirt-cheap magazine holders are. Visit your nearest Walmart, Target, or Dollar Store though you can start with your nearest thrift store. Want in on a secret? While at the thrift store, head straight for the office supplies section. You’re bound to find a selection of magazine holders and the best part is that you might snag quite a few for just pennies.

Use dollar store magazine holders in a variety of ways you never thought of. From being a curling iron organizer to a toilet paper holder and bathroom counter storage to holding craft supplies in your craft room, you can use magazine holders in endless ways! We can’t wait to hear from you about what ways you were able to bring some organization to your home!

17 Brilliant Ways To Organize With Magazine Holders

Clever Ways To Organize with Magazine Holders

1. Nifty Thrift Hack To Organize Your Freezer With Magazine Holders

Here’s a produce storage hack for your freezer. Having well-organized spaces doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. In fact, the next time you need to organize stuff on the cheap, visit any thrift store and head straight for the office supplies section. You’ll find lots of cheap magazine holders you can use to create instant freezer shelves to organize your fridge. Magazine holders are perfect for storing all your frozen soups flat!

2 photo collage - black and red PVC magazine holders, and the Before & After transformation images of instant freezer shelving from magazine holders

2. Dirt-Cheap IKEA-Style Organization Hack

You’ve most likely browsed through the IKEA website and wondered how you could afford such neat organization furniture. Relax! We got you covered. Here’s a brilliant way to get organized without having to break the bank.

For just a fraction of the price, replicate this IKEA organization shelves by hanging 3 wooden magazine holders on the wall, adding a shelf on top, and you’ll have yourself a nice mail sorting station.

I can totally bet no one will guess this is a DIY, and they’ll soon be asking you to share the link for this exact piece…

DIY IKEA-style mailing station made from 3 hanging box folders with a shelve on top.

3. Uncramp Your Style – Organize With Clear Magazine Holders

I’m never one to plan my outfits prior and I normally go with whatever catches my eyes from the closet. The same goes for my accessories and if you’re anything like me, some accessories will never see the light of day. To avoid this, clear magazine holders will help sort and organize your clutch bags within your closet. You can be now sure each one of those cute accessories will finally get to be chosen to compliment your daily outfits. Here’s to not letting disorganization cramp your style ever again! and you can do this to your kids stuff in the kids’ rooms too!

closet showing organized accessories including clutch bags in a clear magazine holder

4. Kitchen Organizer For Your Cutting Boards Using Magazine Holders

Is finding or storing cutting boards after cutting fresh fruit, veggies, or spices a kitchen nuisance? Every kitchen needs at least 2 cutting boards so that one is strictly used for cutting meats and the other for all other uses. Good for you with extras and now enters the headache of how to store them. Use a file sorter or magazine holder on the inside of your cabinet door to separately store all your cutting boards.

Open kitchen cabinet door showing cutting boards separately stored on a mesh magazine folder

5. Keep Your Water Bottles & Lids Together With Magazine Holders

Skip out on the frustration of always having to look for water bottle lids all over the house, especially when you’re in a hurry to get everyone out in time. Keep your family’s water bottles together in a magazine holder easily within reach and plain view. Rest the magazine organizers on their backs for this hack. Isn’t that so much better than having lids and bottles everywhere? That’s an instant “kitchen drawer storage space” for the bottles!

water bottle organization hack using magazine holders in a kitchen cabinet

6. Easy DIY Shelving Using Magazine Holders

If you’re particular about where you place various items in your house, like I am, this is a really cool way of having all your stuff in their own little designated shelving space. This makes it super easy because everyone in your house will know where they can find keys, change, remotes, or bills.

DIY corner shelving made from a wooden magazine holder from IKEA
Wednesday’s Catch-All Shelf from Design Sponge

Easily DIY and create the perfect solution by adding a floating corner shelf by mounting a stained wooden magazine holder from IKEA.

7. Recipe File Organizer and Holder

You’re an avid recipe collector and as a result, you have this huge collection of recipes torn out of magazines. But every time you think of trying out one of the recipes in your collection, you’re stopped in your tracks by frustration. Your recipe collection at the moment can best be defined as a bunch of papers.

Here’s a hack that will set up your recipe collection: create an organized recipe file using file folders and a magazine holder. Put it on your DIY nightstand table and voila! Hotel-like feels at home!

Categorized recipe folders organized in a magazine holder

8. Makeover Your Hot Styling Corner With Magazine Holder

Sick of the hairstyling stuff cords and other electronics cluttering everywhere? Transform your hair styling corner from the hot mess it currently is by storing your hot hair styling tools inside a magazine holder. Personally, I’d use a metal one for this purpose.

hot styling tools organized in a magazine holder

Best Ways To Repurpose & Organize With Magazine Holders

9. Inexpensively Create A Gift Wrap Station Using Magazine Holders

Feeling crafty? Cheap magazine holders are the perfect solution for your at-home gift wrap station. Use them to store ribbons, crochet yarn, bows, fabrics, cardboard, tissue paper, and gift bags. They also make it easy for you to quickly take stock and quickly know what needs restocking before the next gifting season.

DIY gift wrap station of bows and wrapping paper contained in 3 magazine folders

10. Brilliant Bathroom Hack With Magazine Holders

Stop those awkward moments of having to call someone while in the bathroom for a new toilet roll. Use a magazine holder in the bathroom to store extra rolls of toilet paper. It’s always a good idea to have an extra roll or two within reach at all times!

a magazine holder full of toilet rolls that's placed on the bathroom floor

11. Inexpensive Pantry Organization Trick Using Magazine Holders

For only a few dollars at your local Walmart, inexpensively corral your foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap in a magazine holder. Slide the holder onto the pantry shelf or attach it to the back of a cabinet door for easy access.

Boxes of tin foil, wrap, and wax paper organized in a mesh magazine holder

12. Another Pantry Organization Hack Using Magazine Holders

We can all agree this hack is way better than having to store your groceries in burlap sacks. Use mesh magazine holders in the pantry for your potatoes and onions. 2 of these magazine holders when tied with a zip tie can easily hold up to 7 pounds of groceries each.

Organized pantry storage for potatoes and onions in magazine holders

13. Solve The Mystery of Missing Tupperware Lids With Magazine Holders

While food storage containers are a must-have in every kitchen, they’re also a chaotic mess and pain, especially during storage and having to deal with countless lost lids. Mount a magazine holder to a cabinet door where you can stash your Tupperware lids to make sure you never lose another one again!

assorted Tupperware lids stored in a magazine holder mounted on a cabinet door

14. Magazine Holder – Your Kitchen and Pantry Organizer

Organization isn’t perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.   – Christina Scalise

Want to keep the kiddos busy helping while you’re in the kitchen? Try this brilliant hack to create the perfect mini dispenser for canned foods to organize your pantry. It will be fun for them though I bet you’ll have a hard time keeping them away from this cute mini-vending machine. Though, you could work around that by putting it on a raised surface once cooking is done.

Also, you can use a magazine holder mounted on the inside of a cabinet door to organize flat items such as recipe books and placemats.

Food pantry showing a DIY mini food dispenser using a meshed magazine holder

15. Magazine Holder For Clever Use of Tight Vertical Storage

A dirt-cheap way to cleverly organize is by using a $1 magazine holder you can pick up at Target. This is also a clever way to make use of any tight vertical spaces. You can put one in the RV (or your small kitchen) to neatly organize your paper plates and napkins.

kitchen paper goods organized in a plastic magazine holder

16. Use A Magazine Holder As An Electronic Clutter Organizer

Electronic gadgets are now a huge part of our lives and every home is bound to have a sizeable collection. Creatively hide your modem and router inside a magazine file to tidy things up. You’d never know they’re back there!

You can also use a magazine holder to create a digital station from where you can charge and store all your electronic gadgets.

White magazine holder where you can hide your home's modem and router
Hide Your Router & Modem Inside a Magazine Holder from Design OCD

17. Baking Tray Storage With Magazine Holder

Finally! Here’s an organization hack that I needed to have come across ages ago. I store all my baking trays inside the oven when it’s not in use. It keeps them out of the way and they stay dry, not exposed to the elements. My pet peeve comes when the oven is in use for some other baking that doesn’t need the baking trays, and so my trays are normally lumped up somewhere on the kitchen counter.

I can now create a permanent store for my baking pans in an old magazine rack to free up my already limited kitchen counter space!

baking trays stored in a magazine holder

You see, being organized is NOT about being perfect; it’s about customizing your whole world to work FOR You – The Organizing Boutique

4-photo collage of magazine holder organization of hot styling tools, frozen foods in a fridge, accessories in the closet, and as DIY corner shelving.

Enjoyed seeing different ways to organize with magazine holders? Have a look at these other organization ideas too…

Have you tried any of these magazine holder ideas? Share it with us in the comments!

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