Don’t you love it when you find unexpected ways to organize your home? We’ve found a ton of ideas for using magazine holders (or magazine files, if you prefer) to organize. Seriously! Pantry storage… hiding your router… even organizing your freezer are just some of the things you can do with these handy little doodads.

17 Brilliant Ways to Organize With Magazine Holders

How to Organize with Magazine Holders

Create instant freezer shelves to organize your food. Magazine holders are perfect for storing frozen soups flat!

magazine holder ideas 1


Hang three on the wall, add a shelf on top, and you have yourself a nice mail sorting station.

magazine holder ideas 3


Add them to your closet shelves to sort and store purses.

magazine holder ideas 2


Use a file sorter or magazine holder on your cabinet door to store cutting boards.

magazine holder ideas 4


Keep the family’s water bottles together in a magazine holder. Isn’t that so much better than having lids and bottles everywhere?

magazine holder ideas 14


Add a floating corner shelf with ease. A wooden magazine holder is the perfect solution for storing remotes and adding a little shelving space.

magazine holder ideas 5


Do you have all sorts of recipes torn out of magazines and nowhere to put them? Create an organized recipe file using file folders and a magazine holder.

magazine holder ideas 15


Store your hot hair styling tools inside a magazine holder. Personally, I’d use a metal one for this purpose.

magazine holder ideas 6


Cheap magazine holders are the perfect solution for your gift wrap station. Use them to store bows, tissue paper and gift bags.

magazine holder ideas 16


Add one to the bathroom to store extra rolls of toilet paper. It’s a good idea to have an extra roll or two within reach at all times!

magazine holder ideas 7


Corral your foil, wax paper and plastic wrap in a magazine holder. Slide it onto the pantry shelf or attach it to the back of a cabinet door for easy access.

magazine holder ideas 13


Use them in the pantry for potatoes and onions.

magazine holder ideas 8


Stash your tupperware lids to make sure you never lose another one again!

magazine holder ideas 17


Speaking of the pantry, magazine holders make the perfect dispensers for canned food!

magazine holder ideas 9


Put one in the RV (or your small kitchen) for paper plates and napkins.

magazine holder ideas 10


Hide your modem and router inside a magazine file to tidy things up. You’d never know they’re back there!

magazine holder ideas 11


Store your baking pans in an old magazine rack to free up cabinet space.

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How to Organize with Magazine Holders