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We’ve all been there… you’ve pulled on your favorite pair of jeans or the comfiest sweater only to discover something’s wrong. Maybe it’s a stuck zipper or a loose thread. No matter what your wardrobe problem, we’ve found some brilliant clothing hacks to save the day. Looking for ideas on storing your clothes? We have those, too!

Never worry about small stains or tears again with these easy DIY fixes.

Hate ironing? Toss your clothes in the dryer along with a few ice cubes to get the wrinkles out.

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Use a crochet hook to quickly and easily mend a pull in a sweater. Works like a charm! Remember to use a small hook for small-knit fabrics.

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Unstick a zipper with a bar of soap. (See our other bar soap hacks here!)

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Use baking soda and peroxide to get rid of oil stains. Remember to do this BEFORE you wash your clothes, and especially before you dry them. Once you dry an item, the stain is pretty much set.

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Use a cheap razor to remove pills from sweaters, pants, sweats and anything else that tends to get those horrible little balls. Don’t go too fast; you may cut a hole in your clothes.

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Pumice stones work well for de-pilling, too.

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Remove deodorant marks by rubbing a dryer sheet on the stain. (We have more dryer sheet tips, too.)

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Create a garment bag on the cheap with a simple pillow case. Just cut a hole in the top to slide the hanger through, and voila!

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Use shaving cream to pre-treat makeup stains in your clothes.

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Did you buy a pair of heels for a special occasion that are too dressy for your everyday wardrobe? Make them over with fabric and mod podge.

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Use a permanent marker to repair bleach stains in black clothes.

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Unshrink your clothes using this washing and stretching technique.

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Want to fix that huge gap in your jeans in the back? Sew a piece of elastic on the waistband. Easy!

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Remove chewing gum from your jeans by freezing it first. This makes it so much easier to scrape off. We’ve all sat in gum once or twice, right?

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Tame static electricity in your clothes with a safety pin fastened to the inside. This really comes in handy with dress slacks!

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Want to get more out of your scarf collection? Here are 12 ways to wear them!

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Turn any bra into a racerback bra with a simple paperclip!

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Wearing heels can be a real pain when your feet slip all the time. Make your heels no-slip using this modification.

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