Creating fun Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers is truly one of the most adorable things to do in the month of February! This holiday, in particular, is just prime for fun crafts yet educational DIY art projects with all the hearts, handprints and expressions of love you can soak up. 

There are tons of easy Valentines crafts and projects that your child is going to love to make. Even if you don’t like keeping school artwork, you’ll want to keep these treasures forever.

Here are some easy and adorable preschool Valentine’s craft ideas to try with your kiddo this year (and then probably frame and hang on the wall)!

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers with Handprints

Handprints crafts are seriously my favorite! Our kiddos are only that small for such a short amount of time. I love handprint crafts because they feel like they capture and preserve a brief snippet of life like their fingerprints.

Combine the sweet little handprint with a heart-tugging phrase or sentiment, and you have the recipe for making any mom cry!

Folding Valentine’s Day Handprint Card

This folded hand card is too cute!

Simply trace your child’s little hands on a folded piece of construction paper and help them cut it out. This is a great time to practice holding a pencil for tracing and how to hold those safety scissors! A good way to show and teach about symmetry too! 

via The Best Ideas for Kids

Handprint Monkey Valentine

This handprint monkey valentine is adorable! I love that the handprint is used to make something other than a heart shape in this heart-melting valentine craft for toddlers.

Via Crafty Morning

Cute handprint monkey Valentine's Day craft for toddlers

More Handprint Crafts for Valentine’s Day to Try: 

Valentine’s Day Crafts With Hearts

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of red, pink and purple paper hearts everywhere. Here are some great Valentine’s Day crafts that are all about the hearts!

Easy Heart Suncatcher

All you need is some contact paper, some torn tissue paper in different colors, and some construction paper to create this Easy Heart Suncatcher that will brighten up your window!

Via Moms Crafty Space

This easy suncatcher is a great Valentine's Day craft for preschoolers

Watercolor Valentines

These watercolor valentines are gorgeous, unique and so easy! Perfect for the little one who loves to paint and have a great time squeezing in a quick lesson on the colors of the rainbow!

You could even make these for a classroom Valentine’s Day party.

Via Nest of Posies

these watercolor valentines make great preschool Valentine's Day crafts

More Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day to Try: 

  • Heart Garland from Hands On As We Grow – this garland is quick and simple and really works those fine motor skills!
  • Simple Yarn Valentine from Toddler Approved – this craft is perfect for those preschoolers who either love gluing things or have a short attention span with crafts.
  • Watercolor Marker Heart Doilies from Bounce Back Parenting – these look difficult to make but it’s just an illusion. Kids will love making this and seeing how fancy it looks!

Preschool Valentine’s Day Crafts With Paper Plates

I love paper plate crafts because they are simple to make, use supplies that we have already at home, and need little to no prep work.

Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

This Valentine’s Day heart wreath from Craft Project Ideas is a great engagement project and decor to make with your preschooler. It uses fine motor skills such as cutting, gluing, and coloring skills!

Via Craft Project Ideas

This heart wreath makes a great preschool Valentine's Day craft

Paper Plate Sensory Heart

Not only are these paper plate sensory hearts so fun to make, but they are super important to help your kiddo’s brain develop. These sensory hearts help with their fine motor skills and cognitive growth.

Because they are so portable, they make a perfect travel companion in car rides and stroller rides, too.

Via Paging Fun Mums

This paper plate sensory heart makes a great Valentine's Day craft for preschoolers

More Paper Plate Valentine’s Day Crafts to Try: 

  • Bee Mine Easy Paper Plate Craft from Easy Peasy Fun – this adorable bumblebee paper plate craft takes a new spin on a Valentine’s day craft!
  • Pom Pom Paper Plate Valentine’s Craft from The Crafter Life – kids love playing with pom poms, so put that skill to use and they will enjoy this craft from start to finish.
  • Paper Plate Valentine’s Pockets from That Artist Woman – this craft is not only fun to make but also useful! Use the pockets to hold valentines from school or other small treasures at home.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers With Animals

Animals and crafts just belong together. I always loved to make crafts to talk about each animal and why they are so special. These Valentine’s Day crafts with animals are too cute for words!

Llama Valentine Craft

Colorful, simple, and fun with lots of ability to make it unique. This llama valentine craft is perfect to give to friends, mom, and dad, or grandparents!

This llama craft makes a great preschool Valentine's craft

Via Simple Everyday Mom

Valentine’s Hedgehog Craft

This craft has to be one of my favorites! I am all about simple, easy, colorful and adorable – this valentine hedgehog has it all!

Plus, who thinks of hedgehogs for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a chance to a bunch of little hearts and let your kiddos creativity shine while learning more about the hedgehog!

Via Fireflies and Mudpies

This hedgehog craft makes a perfect preschool Valentine's craft

More Valentine’s Day Animal Crafts to Try: 

  • Paper Plate Cow from Crafty Morning – this craft just makes me smile to look at it. Quick and easy to make, your child will have a blast!
  • Bear Valentine’s Day Card from I Heart Crafty Things – So cute! This bear card is perfect for your preschooler to take to school and hand out as Valentine’s cards.
  • Heart Penguin from Housing A Forest – It’s hard to make any animal look more cuddly and cute than penguins! This craft is simple to make and practices those gluing skills.

Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers can be fun and festive and yet, a perfect opportunity to teach your kids something new!

More Craft Ideas For Kids:

Here are some more craft ideas you can do with your preschooler:

Which Valentine’s Day crafts will you create today? 

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