These baby shower invitations are the perfect way to get everyone excited for the mother-to-be’s celebration! Get creative and send out these memorable baby shower invites that will make everyone say “aww!”.

If you are planning a baby shower, there are lots of details that go into a successful celebration: the shower theme, games to play, food to eat, and gifts to give. There is one more important detail to attend to – baby shower invitations!

Few celebrations bring as much joy as a baby shower. The parents-to-be are excited (and a little nervous) about the future, the grandparents can barely wait for the big day, and guests are delighted to join in the excitement.

Here is everything you need to know in order to plan and send out creative baby shower invitations that will make lasting memories.

When To Send Out Baby Shower Invitations

In order to know when to send out shower invitations, you need to work backward from the mother-to-be’s due date. 

The baby shower normally takes place during the new mother’s sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. This is when she’s likely to be feeling good and has an adorable bump to show off.

Shower invitations should go out about four weeks before the event. Earlier than that, your guests may forget to RSVP or forget about the shower altogether. Any later than that, you may run the risk of them already having made plans for the same time.

How Do You Make Baby Shower Invitations

Are you planning to snail mail invitations or go the digital invite route? 

If you want to design and print physical invitations that you can mail out to invited guests, you can go to many different printing companies. Tiny Prints, Snapfish, Shutterfly, and other websites offer you the ability to choose from several pre-made design templates to create your invitation.

Shutterfly, in particular, has a terrific selection of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. Pick a design, customize it with your style preferences, and have it ready in just minutes.

Shutterfly will even address the envelopes for you and will go so far as to mail them directly to the people you are inviting if you want. Plus, Shutterfly often runs great deals and specials on their products.

If you want to go the digital route, Evite has you covered!

Select one of their pre-designed invitations, add your baby shower information and the email addresses for your guests, then hit ‘send’. It’s that simple.

While the process couldn’t be easier, the one downside to the free version is that you can’t customize the look of your invitations on Evite the same way that you can with the online stores.

Evite also has premium invitations (for a price) where you can customize more elements of the invitation. Prices are based on the number of guests.

What do you say on a baby shower invite

Once you’ve decided on a theme and how you are going to send the invites, it’s time to narrow down all the information you want to share with our guests.

A baby shower invitation should include the following details:

  • Parents-to-be or mother-to-be’s name
  • Date and time
  • Address (easy directions or important landmarks if possible)
  • Theme (if there is one)
  • Menu (optional)
  • Where the mother-to-be is registered for gifts
  • RSVP information

You can also personalize it with a cute little saying or poem on the invitation to share your excitement on your new little addition. Here are some ideas:

Creative Baby Shower Invitation Sayings For Boys

  • “We’re all jumping with joy. It’s going to be a boy!”
  • “A beautiful treasure, more precious than gold. A precious baby boy for (mother’s name) to love and hold!”
  • “It’s a boy! Come welcome and celebrate our little boy.”
  • “Everything will be light blue, we hope to celebrate our baby boy with you!”
  • “A baby boy is on the way! You’re invited to come celebrate our newest addition.”
  • “Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little itty-bitty clothes. Boats, cars, wooden toys. Guess what she’s expecting…A BOY!”

Creative Baby Shower Invitation Sayings for Girls

  • “We’re tickled pink and happy to say a beautiful baby girl is on her way!”
  • “A precious baby girl is almost here!”
  • “Come help us shower _____ with love.”
  • “A little lady is on the way!”
  • “First came love, then marriage! Now look who’s gracing the baby carriage. It’s a girl!”
  • “A baby girl is on the way so let’s shower _____ for her big day.”

Creative Baby Shower Invitation Poems for Twins

  • “Let’s shower the twins-to-be with what they will need for their nursery.”
  • “Twice the joy, twice the love, twice the blessing from above!”
  • “One, two! much to do! Twice the fun is coming our way, So let’s celebrate this exciting day. Join us for a twin baby shower”
  • “(Mother’s name) is excited, she’s having twins! Let’s shower her with gifts before her new life begins.”
  • “Twenty fingers, twenty toes, plenty of work, heaven knows! Four little arms to hold on tight, four little cheeks to kiss night-night!
  • “Good things come in pairs! We invite you for a baby shower congratulating (mother’s name) and (father’s name) for upcoming arrivals.”

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Sayings

  • “Prince or Princess, we don’t know. Soon to arrive, to steal the show!”
  • “Whether it is a boy or a girl, come help us shower our special child.”
  • “Let’s celebrate the baby on the way”
  • “Oh, baby! There’s a special someone on the way.”
  • “Little man, or little lady? It’s a surprise for us too! Come join us celebrating our newest addition to the family.”
  • “A tiny new baby is on the way, so let’s celebrate with a special day!”

The best piece of advice I can give you is to take some of these ideas and just run with it! Your baby shower is yours.

You can use any of the baby shower invitation wording ideas from the above lists or mix them up to come up with new working all your own. You may even take the ideas and add your personal touch for the phrases.

The point is to make a unique and memorable baby shower invitations to get everyone excited about your fun baby shower!

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