These basement organization tips will take you from dumping ground to storage heaven! Has your basement become a holding center for old clothes, toys, and tools that you plan to pull out and use again someday? Do you even remember what you’ve put down there? Or do you sense shivers down our spine only when you think about going down to the basement?

Of all the places in the house, the basement is the easiest to clutter and forget about it. You can place items down there for storage and close the door and never get to them again. It all continues until the moment you realize it’s an overwhelming pile of clutter! Getting (and keeping) your basement organized may take more brainpower than muscle but you can do it! And here are some tips and ideas that will make it feel like a breeze.

Want to Declutter Your Home? Start With These Basement Organization Tips! 

Having a basement can be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, you have lots of extra storage space. On the other hand, it can quickly become a dumping ground for all that stuff you never get around to organizing.

If your basement is chaotic and cluttered (I know ours is…), here are some basement organization tips to inspire you. Let’s make the most of our storage space!

15 tips for organized basement pinterest collage under the stairs storage with shelves and plastic containers, a yellow flashlight next to a fuse box, a wall-hanged pegboard with cleaning tools, shelves with containers, cans and jars stored in shelves in a basement, color-coded fuse box

The Best Way to Organize Your Basement is to Make an Organization Plan!

Planning can be time-consuming and the most draining part of the process. But don’t overlook it, it’s the most important tip for an organized basement. 

The most important part is that when you do this once, you’ll never have to do it again! You’ll figure it out at the beginning of the process and it’ll be way easier for you (and your family) to keep all of your stuff organized.

1. What Do You Want to Store in the Basement

This is the time to really stop and consider what items it makes sense to store in the basement. Think about:

  • Things you don’t need to access often.
  • Items that aren’t too difficult to carry up and down the stairs.
  • Stuff that your kids should keep their hands away from.

2. Take Inventory and Declutter!

Before trying to store everything, take stock of what you need and say “goodbye” to what you don’t. When you prepare your items for storage, make four piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Give Away
  • Toss

Be ruthless. There will be quite a few items you’ll wonder whether to keep or not. If you wonder for more than 10 seconds, just throw it away. Once you’ve completed this step you’re ready to move on to determining what type of storage you’ll need: shelves, hooks, bins, or baskets.

basement organization hacks with 4 containers storage Use bins to help you sort Keep Toss Store and Put Away items

3. Create Storage Areas by Designating Zones Based on Needs

Storing your things in designated areas in your basement has two main pros:

  1. It’s easier to access and clean.
  2. It’s easier to keep them organized at all times.

One area for winter clothes, one for holiday decorations, one for household supplies, and another for sporting equipment. Now that this task is complete and you can really get to work!

basement organization - plan of areas in the basement for storage


4. Basement Organization Tips – Utilize All of the Space 

Using every square inch of space to house your stuff will help your basement look organized. 

This is brilliant. Add wire shelves to your basement ceiling for storing lightweight (but still bulky) items like your Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Keeping these items overhead frees up floor space for heavy and bulky items. 

basement organization tip store bulky lightweight items on the ceiling

5. Make Use of the Space Going Down the Stairs Into the Basement. 

Install hooks along the stair rail to hold jackets, bags, and other items that you might need more often. Anoverhead shelves holding wire baskets in the ceiling of the stairs. The wire baskets allow you to see what’s in them so you don’t forget. Isn’t this the perfect place to store batteries and light bulbs? So smart! 

6. Keep Your Kids’ Busy With Their Toys By Storing Them in the Basement

If you have kids, then you’re painfully familiar with the clutter all their toys create in a house. The kiddos usually get bored with everything they see every day very quickly. But you can avoid that and keep the chaos out! Keep most of your kids’ toys in the basement, and only bring up new ones when they tire of the current toys. This makes the clutter manageable and keeps the little ones busy longer.

toys in basement organization on shelves

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7. Genius Basement Organization Tips – Keep a Flashlight Next to Your Fuse Box

Thunderstorm outside. There is an electric shock. The lights (and air conditioning, and kitchen appliances, etc.) go out because one of the fuses in your house switched off.

Now, you have to go into your dark basement, find the fuse box and turn the switch on. If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll understand how pleasantly surprised I was when I stumbled on this brilliant idea.

Put a flashlight on your fuse box so you never have to fumble around in the dark looking for the right switch. Such a simple hack but so useful!

a yellow flashlight next to the fuse box in the basement

8. Shelves in Unfinished Basement – Clever Organization Idea to Make the Best of The Space You Have

Have an unfinished basement you can never organize well? This basement organization idea will save the day! Put shelves between the wall studs to hold things like canned food and hardware (or anything else you want to store).

unfinished basement shelves storage ideas

9. Basement Organization Like a Pro – Add DIY Chalkboard Tags to Your Shelves

Go a step further with this basement organization hack: add 1x2s in front of each section, and paint them with chalkboard paint. You can then label what goes in each section. A brilliant way to keep everything organized for good!

basement cans and jars storage with tags on wooden shelves

10. DIY Shelves Plan To Rock Your Basement Storage

Are you sensing a theme? Shelves in the basement are extremely important to the success of your organization’s efforts. Take your time to plan exactly what type of shelves you need to keep yourself organized and clutter-free.

And if you need help, here’s a resource you’d love! Build your own storage shelves with these free plans. So easy, right?

basement shelves and containers organization

11. Put Your Basement in Order With DIY PVC Tote Organizer

Or try your hand at a DIY tote organizer made out of PVC piping. This is a lightweight option for shelving that is easy to move around and reconfigure. It’s also very easy to play with the width to store different boxes in the cells.

Check out more of our DIY PVC projects.

DIY PVC pipe shelves basement organization

12. Tags & Labels Everywhere to Save Your Sanity While Organizing The Basement

You spend hours cleaning, storing, and organizing your basement. Now, all you have to do is keep it that way. But this task doesn’t seem to be easy to do.

The main issue with keeping your basement organized is that you forget what you’ve put where. The solution? Tags and labels! Use these printable labels to label your storage bins. If your shelves are deep, I suggest putting labels on two sides. You’ll thank me later.

basement storage containers printable labels

13. Under The Stairs Storage To Utilize All The Available Space in Your Basement in The Best Way Possible

Don’t forget to take advantage of that awkward space under the stairs. This space is easily forgotten, but it’s prime real estate. Right at the bottom of the stairs, what could be more convenient?  This little area can be spruced up with shelves, rods to hang items, or hooks to store bicycles until spring.  

basement under the stairs storage with shelves and containers

14. Built-in Cubbies To Nail Your Basement Organization

Built-in cubbies can go a long way toward keeping your basement organized, especially if the basement doubles as living space. You’ll have plenty of space to put your things in and they are easily accessible for every family member. Very convenient, right?

basement organization with Built-in Cubbies

15. Hooks + Wire Baskets On the Ceiling – Best Basement Organization Tip Ever!

If you’ve already made use of tip #13 to utilize the space under your stairs, you’re already a step closer to your perfectly organized basement. But have you ever thought about the space above the staircase?

Make use of the space going down the stairs into the basement. Here are hooks installed along the stair rail and wire baskets in the ceiling of the stairs. Smart and simple!

basement over the stairs organization with wire baskets

16. Organize the Cleaning Supplies in Your Basement With a Pegboard

Or maybe you’d like your cleaning supplies on a pegboard on that wall instead. The laundry area is a great place to house all of our cleaning supplies. This pegboard idea keeps items organized and visible. You always know exactly where to find what you need, when you need it! 

basement cleaning supplies organization on a wall-hanged pegboard

17. Color Code Your Circuit Breaker Box To Save Your Time and Sanity in Need

Color code your circuit breaker box. It saves so much time figuring out which switch you need to flip! How could I not think of this earlier?

Color Coded Circuit Breaker Box

18. Don’t Like All Those Shelves in Your Basement? Hide Them With a Curtain!

If you don’t like the looks of lots of shelves (especially when you have lots of small containers making it look a little cluttered), hide the shelves behind a pretty curtain. You can even make it the accent of the room. What a fun conversation starter this could be!

hide your basement shelves with a curtain

garage organization with shelves and containers

Need more organizing ideas to get your home in order? Check out our garage organization tips and space hacks!

For more ideas on organizing your home, check out these ideas:


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