Have you ever lost a piece to a board game? Do you struggle with all the boxes being different sizes and trying to stack them on top of one another without having an avalanche of games every time you pull one out to play?  Spend more time for family game nights, less searching with these board game storage organization ideas.

Board games are a great family activity, and we typically don’t pay much attention to the way we store and organize the games, but we always wish we did when we go to pull out a game. We’ve found some of the best board game storage ideas to help you streamline family game nights and make managing all those games just a little easier. No matter what type of storage space you have, there is a solution to your organization’s problem.

17 Board Game Storage Ideas To Streamline Family Game Night, using storage cubbies to house board games in plastic containers and fabric bins, a closet organizer to hold board games, a rolling storage cart with a flat top to pay board games and a wire rack to hold board games vertically.

Stay Organized With These 17 Ways to Store Board Games

These organizational tips will give you back the space that has been wasted all these years! Streamlining the process of game night, while organizing even the most basic parts of your life. No matter what type of space you are working with, we have ideas that will work for you and allow you more time to focus on family game nights! In addition to great storage tips, some of these are multi-functional ideas that might just give your ‘space’ a new meaning.

1. DIY Rolling Game Table / Storage

Create a rolling game table to store and play games on. For this, I recommend finding a coffee table with a flat top and storage underneath. Add some wheels and you have yourself a rolling game table to store your family’s favorite board games. It’s great for storage, but it also doubles as a table to play your favorite board games. For example, who wouldn’t love to pull a rolling table up to the couch next time the kids want to play cards?

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Turn your old coffee table into a rolling storage cart that holds board games and also allows you to use the top to play games

2. Plastic Storage Bins for Game Closet Organizers

Do you have an entire closet dedicated to just game boards? I bet your closet would really appreciate some plastic storage bins with plastic drawers instead of those old beat-up cardboard boxes. Plastic storage contains is much more durable than cardboard boxes, and let’s be honest. Most of the time, you cannot get everything back in the box the same way it came, so why do we expect our kids to be able to? Check out what Tiffany from Raising Lemons has to say about it. Contrary to the belief that Storage Bins take up a lot of space, the amount of space you are saving from no longer having lengthy awkward boxes will surprise you.


Plastic Storage Containers with drawers that you can store different smaller board games in

3. Cubby Storage Ideas that Organize While Still Functional

Cubby storage has become a household staple over the years. Cubby storage can be used to hold anything around your house. Having cubby storage specifically for board games, puzzles and other fun family activities is a great way to teach kids at a young age about organization. As a matter of fact, cubby storage comes in many different sizes and shapes. Not to mention, you can build it to fit the space you have. Get some fabric storage bins, stackable cubby cubes, plastic containers, and some storage baskets to hold all the different board games, puzzles, and other activities.


Use storage cubbies to organize all different types of board games in different storage containers
Cubby Sotrage for Board Games from An Inviting Home

4. Headbands for Standing Storage are a Unique Organization Hack

If you prefer to store your board game boxes upright, you can use simple, cheap headbands. They are the perfect solution because they fit around most board game boxes. If you have girls, you probably have tons of these things lying around. The elastic headbands are the perfect size for this, and they are very inexpensive.


Use hair ties and headbands to secure game board boxes shut.

5. Organize Your Storage With Custom Labels

Create custom labels for each game. Another great thing to do is list how many pieces go inside the container, this is a great way to work on your child’s counting skills and make sure pieces are not getting lost. Why not try your hand at some custom labels? Just use an empty container and a pretty label to mark the game and the number of pieces to make sure you always have all the pieces in order to play your game.


Create your own customized labels for your new storage containers. List the name of the game along with the amount of pieces that are included.

6. A Simple But Functional Storage Method – Ziploc Bags and Baskets

Cut those cardboard boxes up and store board games inside Ziploc bags instead. This is going to shave a ton of space and leave you with a clean and clutter-free space. Grab a basket and some Ziploc bags. Cut out the game’s instructions and cover, pop them in the Ziploc baggie, and you’re all set to go.

Here’s what you need:

  • A Basket
  • Scissors
  • Gallon Size Ziploc Bags
  • Your Favorite Board Games


Use Ziploc Bags to store game boards, store the Ziploc bags in baskets

7. Use Wire Pan Rack to Create a DIY Verticle Stand for Board Games

Wire pan racks make storing items vertical instead of flat a breeze. Now your board games can be stored on their side without having to worry about pieces falling out or moving all the boxes while you try to get a specific one. Keep boxes upright and in their places with a wire pan rack.


Wire racks used to store game boards horizontally

8. Create Your Very Own DIY Ladder Shelf for Decorative Storage

If you lack storage space and want your board games to be easily accessible, we recommend trying this unique DIY storage hack. Do you have an old ladder lying around? Repurposed ladders work well for projects like this. It can easily accommodate many different size boxes, and it looks terrific as a fun display in the family room or playroom. Try out this repurposed ladder shelf.


Old ladder turned into a storage shelf to hold all of your board games

9. Game Board Storage Art – Turn Your Walls Into Functional Artwork

Speaking of fun displays, this is by far one of my favorites. Turn your game into a fun game board storage art project. Display your board games as art instead of storing them on shelves. Just put the pieces in a bag on the backside, and put the board game in a frame. What a fun idea!


Turn your board games into picture frame artwork that you can hang in your kids toy room. Attach a ziploc bag with pieces to the back and take it off the wall when your ready to play

10. Hanging Closet Organizer – Make Great Use of that Otherwise Wasted Vertical Space

A hanging closet organizer allows you to make use of vertical space and hide those board games in a closet to get them out of the way. Not everyone is proud of their board game selection and wants it on display. We get that!


Use a closet organizer to store your board games. The ability to use that vertical space in your closet is a game changer

11. Cheese Container for Storing Card Games

If your family is anything like mine, opening and closing those tiny cardboard boxes is frustrating, and normally the tabs that hold the box closed get ripped off or the edges are torn when pulling the cards out. The box doesn’t close properly, and then my kid pulls it off the shelf, and next thing I know, it’s 52 card pick-up time! You can find these cheese containers for cheap at your local dollar store. Junk the cardboard box and keep your cards nice and straight. When you cannot find a cheese container, a traveling soap container works well too.


Cheese containers to store playing cards

12. Scrapbook Cases – See Through and Functional

If you can get scrapbook cases while they are on sale, you can get them for as low as $3/piece. I really enjoy the size 12 x 12 because it seems to work well for the majority of the board games we have. I love that they are clear. In addition, you can even label them if you choose to do so.


Scrapbook Case used to store board games. See through so easy to identify games

13. Scrapbook Pouches Save a Ton of Space So You Can Fit More Board Games In a Smaller Area

Scrapbook pouches also work extremely well, especially if you want to fit your board games into an even smaller space. Since some of us don’t have a whole shelf or closet to devote to board games, we wanted to make sure we offered a super space-saving option.


Plastic Scrapbook Sleeves or Pouches to hold board game pieces

14. Take Your Pencil Box Crafting to the Next Level

For another card game alternative, try different-sized pencil boxes. They come in all kinds of fun colors, so it’s easy to find the one you need in a pinch. Pencil boxes are easy to stack, open, and store. They are the perfect solution for smaller puzzles, card games, and more.


Pencil Boxes for Board Game Storage
Use Pencil Boxes to Store Card Games from Jazzie and Tahlia

15. Index Card Boxes for Smaller Storage Needs

Index card boxes are a very inexpensive way to save space and because these sell for less than $1 at Walmart and local dollar stores, they are affordable. What a great, super affordable organizational tool. This storage hack will not fit larger board games. However, it is a great solution for decks of cards, so you are not wasting space.


Index Card Boxes for smaller board game and card game storage

16. Using Plastic Containers to Store/Roll Dice

Kids are always losing dice. You have those kids who shake the dice so hard that they roll off the table every time. Or you have kids who try to roll the dice so lightly that they are not REALLY rolling the dice. (Is it just me? Am I the only one bothered by board games with dice and kids?) Because of this, I think this one is my favorite. Put the dice in a small plastic container. with a flat top and flat bottom. Not only are these great for storing the dice, but you can also leave the dice in the container, shake it, and then set it down on the table for each turn. Most importantly, no more losing dice or chasing them after each roll! Genius!


Store dice inside plastic container. Roll dice inside plastic container
Use Mini Plastic Containers to Store/ Roll Dice from Lawler Joy in the Journey

17. Creative DIY Gaming Tower Swivel Organizer

Remember those old CD displays that swiveled, and you could look at all your CDs or movies by just turning the display case? It’s the same idea, but way cooler! Isn’t this gaming tower swivel organizer brilliant? Not only does it house the board games, but the game console controllers and accessories are attached to the pegboard on one of the other sides. It is so versatile.

Best Way to Keep Board Games Organized?

  1. Throw out games with missing pieces
  2. Make sure all pieces of the game fit properly inside their designated containers
  3. Donate the games you don’t play
  4. Teach your family how the organization functions


DIY Gaming Tower Swivel Organizer


Board Game Storage Tips, custom labels, DIY repurposed ladder turned into a shelf, and pencil boxes turned into board game containers

Board Game Storage Tips to Make Future Family Game Nights a Success Over and Over Again.

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