Even the cleanest of neat freaks among us skips cleaning the oven. And why you might ask?

Cleaning the oven seems like such a chore, doesn’t it, We also all know that the self-cleaning function on the oven doesn’t quite do the trick. If it did, our oven doors wouldn’t be caked in who knows what, and that burnt-on food stain would magically get rid of itself. But since it doesn’t quite work out that way, we’ve rounded up the best oven cleaning tips to show you how to clean your oven like a pro.

Let’s go!

15 Oven Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean Your Oven Like a Pro

Oven Cleaning Tips that Save the Day!

1. Preparing your oven to clean

Before you get started, it helps to remove the racks. They’ll just get in your way while you’re cleaning, and they probably need a good scrubbing

  • Remove the oven racks from the oven.
  • Spray an oven cleaning product on them.
  • In a large plastic bag seal them for 1 hour.
  • Remove and rinse with warm soapy water to get rid of the residue of the product used.

    Cleaning your oven racks

    via Martha Stewart

    2. How to clean an oven with ammonia

    Oven Cleaning with ammonia can be a little tricky and safety is important with any oven activity…even cleaning it!  Get rid of burnt-on food stains with about half a cup of ammonia sitting in the oven overnight.

    Do not turn the oven on!

    Put the ammonia in a dish and place in the oven.

    In the morning wipe the oven clean with hot soapy water.

    how to clean your oven 3

    via A Real-Life Housewife

    3.Oven Cleaning with Water and Ammonia

    How to clean with ammonia and water…follow this simple method involves:

    1. Preheating the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit,
    2. If you have a gas stove, it is CRUCIAL for your safety to turn off both the gas and pilot light.
    3. Placing a bowl of ammonia in the top oven rack along with a pot of boiling water on the bottom oven rack
    4. Close the oven door and let it sit overnight
    5. in the morning, using plastic gloves remove the bowl of ammonia and water.
    6. Leave the oven door open to air out the oven
    7. Remove the racks and place them in the kitchen sink using dish soap and water clean the remaining grease off
    8. In the leftover ammonia, add a few teaspoons of dish soap and a quart of warm water, mix and use a scrubbing pad, dip into the liquid and wipe off remnants of grease out of your oven.
    9. If you don’t like using ammonia, though, we’ve found lots of other tips you can try and clean your oven like a pro

    How to clean your oven

    via One Good Thing by Jillee

    4.Cleaning between the glass on the oven door

    I didn’t even know that you could clean between the glass!  So, when I learned how to clean between the oven glass…it made my day.

    Gunk between the glass on your oven door that you can’t get to?

    It’s as simple as removing a panel! Who knew?

    Cleaning the inside and outside panels of glass isn’t as hard as it may sound. You’re either going to take your oven door apart or remove the door entirely, depending on the type of oven you have.

    • Open your oven door and start with cleaning the inside glass. One way that is the easiest way to clean the inside of the door is to use a razor (paint scraper razors can be found at any hardware store) After your done scraping, clean with hot soapy water and wipe clean with a clean cloth.
    • Once you’re done cleaning the inside glass. The information to disassemble your oven door glass might be in your oven manual or good ol’ google should be able to help you with instructions on how to unscrew it.
    •  All oven doors can be removed and the 2 pieces separated. It may help to take a video and pictures and to store all the screws in a bowl or container before you start cleaning the oven door
    • After carefully unscrewing the 2 glass pieces, start by vacuuming the crumbs and dust that has accumulated.
    • Clean the glass doors and then put them back together.
    Cleaning the oven
    Cleaning Between the Glass on the Oven Door from New House New Home

    5.Cleaning between oven door glass the easy way

    There is an easy way to clean between the oven door!  If you don’t want to remove the panel or cannot find the manual on how to, pull out the drawer:

    • Get a clean cloth and spray it with a vinegar solution
    • Secure a cleaning cloth to a clothes hanger, and stick it up through the slats between the glass.
    • Repeat as necessary until the glass is clean.  I had no idea you could access the area between the glass this way!

    How to clean the oven glass

    via Ask Anna Moseley

    6. Easy Way to Spot CleanYour Oven

    Do you find yourself only needing to spot clean your oven? somehow you have not managed to dirty up the whole oven?  Here is an easy eco-friendly, lung-friendly cleaning.  spot cleaning your oven,

    • Make a paste made with dish soap, baking soda, and water.
    • Preferably get a paintbrush and spread it generously over all the spots
    • For best results, It needs to sit a while before wiping it off.
    • After at least 2 hours, use a scouring pad and scrub to get any remaining stubborn spots.
    • Wipe with a microfiber cloth with soap and water

    How to clean your oven

    via Ask Anna Moseley

    7.How to Clean Your Oven with Baking Soda

    Cleaning entire oven with baking soda mixture has never been easier!  Here’s a similar mixture of baking soda, water, soap with the addition of vinegar and lime or lemon juice.

    • After making the paste, we recommend using a paintbrush to spread it all over the oven.
    • It needs to set for a few hours.
    • Be prepared with a scouring pad you may have to do a bit of scrubbing afterward to get the really tough spots off.
    • Rinse with soap and water.
    How to clean a dirt oven
    Cleaning Your Oven with Baking Soda from via Craptastical

    8. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar for Oven Cleaning

    Did you know that you’re supposed to clean it twice a year? Oops. Mine’s about 7 years too late.

    If you happen to be those people who clean their oven on a regular basis, to keep things simple, plain baking soda and water will work just fine.

    • Make a paste of baking soda and water
    • Spread it with a paintbrush over the entire oven.
    • let it sit overnight.
    • Spritz with  undiluted whiter vinegar
    • After a couple of hours of fizzing and sitting, you should be able to wipe it clean.


    How to clean an oven

    via Modern Parent Messy Kids

    9. Using Salt and Baking Soda to Get Oven Clean

    Coarse salt makes a great cleaning abrasive for scrubbing sticky, gunky ovens really really dirty ovens. This is an eco-friendly chemical-free, easy oven cleaning method.

    • Remove the oven rack. Clean them separately using the same steps listed below
    • 1/3 vinegar+ 2/3 water mixture in a spray bottle and spray the entire oven including the inside of the door. Get it pretty wet all over. (Lay towels on the floor)
    • Sprinkle baking soda all over and more on the caked-on dirtier parts
    • make a paste of baking soda and water in a bowl and apply it with a paintbrush to the  sides of the oven
    • Then sprinkle a thick layer of salt over the baking soda.
    • Spray the water and vinegar mixture again. and yes it should make all that nice bubbling fizzing noise from the reaction of baking soda and vinegar.
    • Let it sit overnight.
    • With the coarse side of a sponge, add coarse salt to the sponge and start by scrubbing the sides from the top working your way to the bottom.
    • Spray again with the vinegar-water mixture and wipe.
    • finally using a microfiber rag use soap and water to clean and rinse with a clean rag with plain water.How to clean your oven

    via Chaching Queen

    10. Using Natural Methods for Oven Cleaning

    Combine one of these natural cleaning methods with a razor, and you’ve just discovered a scrub-free way to clean the oven door.  This doesn’t require smelly or noxious chemicals!

    Cleaning oven with natural methods - no chemicals - One Crazy House
    Clean You Oven with a Razor from Cook It Allergy Free


    11. How to Clean your Oven Racks Using Rubbing Alcohol

    You can effectively and efficiently use rubbing alcohol and an eco sponge to clean oven racks.

    Use rubbing alcohol and an eco sponge to get grease and grime off your oven racks. (Get more rubbing alcohol hacks!)

    12. How to Clean Oven Racks with Soap and Dryer Sheets

    Cleaning dirty oven racks with soap and dryer sheets?

    Do your oven racks have caked on gunk and grease? here is a chemical-free method to get them clean Dryer sheets and Dawn dish soap do a nice job of cutting the grease on oven racks, too.

    • In a bathtub or big enough plastic storage tub, fill it with hot water, 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap, and 10 dryer sheets, and leave overnight
    • In the morning, all the grease and gunk will have come off and the rest can be scrubbed easily off.
    • Rinse, dry, and return the racks into your clean oven

    how to clean your oven racks

    via Pin This Not That

    13. How to clean your oven door

    How to clean the slats behind the oven door has been a mystery for me all my adult life.  Determining what is on your vents, will help you decide on a cleaning solution A paper towel wrapped around a knife and dipped in hot soapy water

    How about those slats behind the oven door handle? A butter knife wrapped in a paper towel solves that problem. Anna thinks of everything!

    How to clean an oven

    via Ask Anna Moseley

    14.How to Clean the Stovetop

    Cleaning the stovetop is something we likely do everyday, but what about a deeper cleaning? While you have your cleaner of choice in the oven, why not tackle the stovetop, too?

    • For glass cooktops sprinkle baking soda over the top.
    • Lay a wet towel soaked in water and dish detergent over the baking soda. It looks good as new!

    How to clean your oven

    via Behind the Studio

    15.How to Clean Stovetop Removable Burners and Burner Pans

    If you have removable burners and burner pans, I feel your pain…but this is a good thing!

    • Put the burner pans in plastic Ziploc baggies with a splash of ammonia.
    • Let them sit overnight in the Ziploc bag.
    • Remove in the morning and they should wipe clean with hot water and soap.How to clean your oven

    via One Good Thing by Jillee

    If you try one of these tips, let us know how it worked out for you!

    oven cleaning tips to clean your oven like a pro

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    1. I wipe my oven down every time that I use it, but it’s definitely due for a deeper cleaning. I can’t wait to try these oven cleaning tips!