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When it comes to our kids, we tend to be nostalgic. One of the hardest things we did was get rid of our son’s crib. I wish I had found these crib repurpose ideas before we did! You can turn a baby crib into loads of useful things for your home, like a magazine rack, a porch swing or even a small couch. If you just can’t stand the thought of getting rid of yours, this list is perfect for you.

19 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Cribs

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Crib Repurpose Ideas

Turn your old crib into a big chalkboard easel for your porch. They’re perfect for seasonal decorating, parties and more. What a great project!

crib to easel

Keep your magazines handy behind a chair or off in the corner by turning one side of the crib into a magazine rack.

magazine rack

If you have several cribs, turn them into a couch. This is a great piece for a kids’ room or dorm!

crib to couch

It also makes an ideal bookshelf for the kids. Those board and picture books fit on it perfectly.


I’ve always wanted a drying rack in the house, but I’d have never thought of this idea: Turn one side of the crib into a drying rack! Mount it to the door of your laundry room, and you can pull it out when you need it, and put it away when you don’t.

drying rack

One brilliant mom turned the crib rail into a chore chart and behavior system. She offers printables and lots of ideas to recreate her project!

chore chart

Make a gorgeous porch swing. I love this idea because you can treasure a part of your child’s babyhood while still making something your whole family can enjoy.

porch swing

Every kid needs a toy chest. This is sure to be one of those pieces that your kids want to keep for their own children in the future!

toy chest

Make a crib bench for your child’s room. Can’t believe how adorable this project is! You could also add the bench to your entryway for people to sit and remove their shoes.

nursery bench

Another great way to repurpose a crib for your child to use is by creating an art table. Paint a chalkboard top, and add pails of chalk, crayons, lots of craft paper and more to their little creation station.

art desk

garden bench would be lovely, too. We love the rustic look of this bench created by pairing a light gray paint, dark gray paint and furniture wax to create the distressed look.

garden bench

Turn the crib spring into craft storage by attaching baskets, pails, and jars to hold your crafts supplies.

craft storage

Use one side as a shoe rack for all your heels. It looks pretty enough to display instead of tucking it into a closet.

shoe rack

The side rail makes a terrific hot wheels display. (Unsure of original source. If it’s yours, please let us know!)

crib side rail hot wheels display

Turn the crib spring into a message board where you can put important pieces of mail, notes to your family, shopping lists and more.

crib spring mail center

Convert the crib into something for your furbaby instead. This dog crate is genius! And it’ll look a lot nicer in your home than those wire crates you buy at the pet supplies shops.

dog crate

Make a bike rack for your kids’ bicycles and scooters. It’ll be a big help with organizing your garage.

bike rack

Won’t your kiddo love this outdoor play tent? Use waterproof fabric if you plan to leave it outside, but if it’s for the bedroom (it would be perfect in a reading nook), use any fabric you like.

kids tent

But who says it has to be turned into something for the kids? Enjoy a bar cart for yourself. You deserve it!

bar cart

crib repurpose ideas