Can’t bring yourself to throw out your little one’s changing table? Or maybe you found one for a steal at a yard sale or thrift store. Either way, you can repurpose changing tables to make them fit any season of your life that you’re in… not just the baby phase. Here are 15 phenomenal ideas for converting your changing table to something totally cool and useful.

15 Totally Genius Ways to Repurpose a Changing Table

Turn your little one’s changing table into a desk they can use when they’re older. Smart!

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Pick up a changing table at a yard sale and convert it to a charming garden cart for your porch or patio. Repurposed fence board slats give it a rustic look.

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Make a potting bench for your potted plants, pots and seeds.

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Here’s another potting bench made to look more rustic with some old fence posts and a dark paint color.

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Make a driving dresser for the kids to drive their cars on (and store them out of sight).

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This lady picked up a changing table for $1 and converted it to a lovely entryway table by removing the front rail and adding some paint and wallpaper.

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How cool is this changing table to play kitchen conversion?

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Create a cute ice cream parlor for your little one for pretend play time. This is adorable.

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Here’s another children’s play shop idea made from an IKEA changing table.

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Cut the top shelf to hold an ice bucket, dress it up a little, and you have yourself an excellent bar.

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And here’s a rolling bar cart¬†with larger, sturdier wheels for when you’re entertaining outdoors. Smart!

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How about a serving cart to make large family meals easier?

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Have a Gulliver changing table from IKEA? Turn it into a dog crate! Just remove the middle shelf, insert the dog crate, and voila!

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The IKEA Snigler changing table makes the perfect under-the-window cat perch.

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Turn your changing table into a reading nook for the kiddo. Store the books in baskets underneath, and sit on the bench together to read at night.

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Let your kid use it as a car park for cars, trucks, dozers and other types of play vehicles.

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