How can we repurpose changing tables into something different we can use and love around the house? Whether you can’t bring yourself to throw out your little one’s changing table or you found one for a steal at a yard sale or thrift store, either way, you can repurpose changing tables to make them fit any season of your life that you’re in… not just the baby phase. Here are 15 phenomenal ideas for converting your changing table to something totally cool and useful.

Crafty repurpose a Changing Table ideas

Best Ideas for Repurposing Changing Tables

It is incredible how quickly baby grows out of a changing table!  In fact, it is faster than they grow out of a crib or other baby gear.  Before you know it baby is climbing up onto the changing table indicating that it might be time to let it go on to a better use.  We have some super smart upcycling and recycling ideas to make that changing table into something amazing that can be used for years to come.

1. Up-cycle Your Changing Table into a Desk

With distance learning, homeschooling, and working from home growing in popularity these days repurposing that old changing table into a useful desk for school or to put into your home office isn’t such a bad idea. Turn your little one’s changing table into a desk they can use as they grow, or fix it up to match your new home office decor. Add all your favorite accessories to hold everything from crayons to paint. You can easily coat the writing surface of the desk with chalkboard paint to create a great surface for your kids to draw for hours. The best part about up-cycling your own desk is you can design it anyway you’d like. Smart!

Repurposed changing table into bright green child sized desk

via Thrift Diving

2. Rustic Repurposed Changing Table Garden Cart

Do you love to garden? Pick up an old changing table at a yard sale and convert it to a charming garden cart for your porch or patio. Repurposed fence board slats or pallet boards will give your new project a rustic farmhouse look. You could repaint it or even sand down and stain this little project if you are looking for a more refined look. Add your favorite knobs, hooks or twine to give this piece that extra charm.

White and wood painted changing table transformed into rustic patio garden cart with old wood fence board accentsvia Marty’s Musings

3. Perfect Project Potting Bench

Speaking of yard and garden decor and furniture, let’s not leave out all those great garden plants. Every great gardener needs a potting bench to house all their planting tools and seeds. What better way to add just the perfect project area to your home than by repurposing an old changing table into a potting bench for your potted plants, pots and seeds. You again can customize your bench to your liking by adding a fresh coat of paint or wood accents.

Woman and child planting flowers and a rustic grey and wood rustic potting bench

via Real Simple

4. From Changing Table to Driving Dresser

This fantastic idea is great for any home with car crazed kids that drive everywhere. Yes, moms with boys we are talking to you! Turn your old changing table into a fun driving dresser for the kids to drive their cars on (and store them out of sight when they are done playing). Get the kids involved with this great repurpose project sure to keep them busy for hours.

Old changing table repurposed into dresser with roads all over it for toy cars to drive on.

via Remodelaholic

5. D.I. Y. Changing Table Furniture

This lady picked up a changing table for $1 and converted it to a lovely entryway table by removing the front rail and adding some paint and wallpaper. How fun is this! You could add all kinds of personal touches to this great up-cycled furniture idea to make it the perfect piece to fit your home.

White changing table repurposed into an entry table with baskets, books, lamp and photos

via Polka Dot Poplars

6. Changing Table Toy Kitchen

Every kid needs a kitchen! Help inspire your child’s culinary skills by trying this changing table to play kitchen conversion? Your little chef will be mixing you up batches of cookies and cupcakes in no time. Paint it their favorite color and add fun accents like curtains and magnets. You could even go the extra measure and add your child’s name on this project to really personalize it. How cool is this?

Changing table converted into a custom kids kitchen with strawberry curtains and kitchen magnets.

7. Ice Cream Anyone?

Toss on the sprinkles and a double scoop of fun with this clever little play corner addition. Take that dusty old changing table and recreate it into a cute ice cream parlor for your little one to enjoy during pretend play time. Get out the hot glue and glitter and create some fake ice cream shop accessories or even better, hit up the ice cream isle on your next grocery run. Grab the goodies and let your little one serve you this a sweet treat for family night from their custom play shop. This is adorable!

Repurposed changing tables into colorful ice cream parlor with straws and felt ice cream comes, pom pom sprinkles, wooden spoons and yarn ice cream.

8. Outdoor Play Table

This outdoor play table repurposed from an IKEA changing table could spark all sorts of fun opportunities. This children’s play shop via MondoCherry (private blog) idea is not only great for creative outdoor play with toys or sand, but could also be used as a lemonade or cookie stand when your child decides to blossom into entrepreneurship down the road.

Little girl standing at repurposed changing tables transformed into outdoor play table with pink canopy

via Mondo Cherry

9. Changing Tables into Bar Carts

“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” – Alan Jackson

Cut the top shelf to hold an ice bucket, dress it up a little, and you have yourself an excellent bar. Add some wheels and you can roll this great repurposed piece right out onto the patio for evening cocktails. Customize this little cart with martini class holders, club soda tray, and even a lime juicer and you’re ready to entertain. Just don’t forget the olives and mini umbrellas. Cheers!

White repurposed changing tables built into a margarita cart with classes and shaker

via Apartment Therapy

10. Outdoor Table / Rolling Bar

For the rugged terrain of the back yard here’s a rolling bar cart with larger, sturdier wheels you can take right out to the fire pit or park next to the grill for holding all those extra grill master spices and tools. This one shows a great wine rack option as well. Hint, hint ladies, this would be a super fun project to work on and gift to your hubby.

Repurposed changing tables into refined wine card bar

via Rustic Rediscovered

11. Clever Little Serving Cart

Extra counter space can be hard to come by, especially for large family gatherings or in small apartments. You can repurpose changing tables into custom serving carts to lend you some extra storage or serving space when you need it. The best part is you can stick wheels on the bottom and take it right to he table to serve a dish or carry extra plates, napkins or silverware. When you are done with it simply roll it out of the way until the next time you need it.

Wooden repurposed changing tables into little rolling cart with lined black tops

via Margitta

12. Dandy Little Dog Crate Table

Pamper that pooch. If you have a Gulliver changing table from IKEA (like this one here),  you can turn it into a custom side table dog crate! Just remove the middle shelf, insert the dog crate, and voila! This is great if you don’t like your dog crate sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the living room or if your dog has anxiety likes to hide or keep peacefully to himself when guests arrive. Create a decorative and multifunctional furniture piece and a safe and cozy place for your fur baby all in one!

Old white repurposed changing tables redesigned to fit a small wire dog crate hide-a-way

via IKEA Hackers

13. Cozy Cat Corner Nook

Check out this great idea for your feline friends. The IKEA Snigler allows you to repurpose changing tables into the perfect under-the-window cat perch. Add a few soft cushions for sun soaking or even wrap the legs in burlap to use as a great scratching post. For playful kitties you could even place a few hooks on the sides for their favorite toys. Hide away the cat toys in little baskets under the bottom shelf so they are out the way when company comes over. Genius!

Repurposed changing tables converted into window stand for cats

Repurposed changing tables converted into window stand for catsvia Desire to Inspire

14. Cozy Book Nook Conversion

For all our fellow bookworms out there, repurpose your changing tables into reading nooks for the kiddos (or yourself). Store their favorite books in baskets underneath, lay a soft and cozy blanket on the back, and sit on the bench together to read at night. This would be a great addition to your calming corner for kiddos looking to take a break and find a relaxing activity.

Repurposed changing tables into nifty book bench

via Home Talk

15. Repurpose Changing Tables into Toy Storage

You can never go wrong with toy storage in your kids’ room. Let your little ones use this changing table repurpose project as a car park for cars, trucks, dozers and other types of play vehicles. Add a little extra fun by giving each truck a marked out parking spot! You could always add a basket to the shelf to contain all the smaller trucks too.

Wooden repurposed changing tables converted into toy truck kid storage organizer. via Love Grows Wild

So, if you are debating if you are ready to donate or toss that old changing table collecting dust in the attic, stop and think if one of these repurpose changing table ideas would work great in your house. Not only is it crafty, these ideas are a great way transform your child’s memories into a timeless keepsake.

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