We at One Crazy House fraternity know that phones as accessories are expensive and therefore, should be taken care of as they deserve. Do you agree with me? If yes, then you need to protect that expensive new phone of yours with these phone case ideas. You’re probably asking yourself this question now, “but with what should I protect my smartphone?”  A phone case can protect your phone much better than you thought, but ones from the store can be monotonous and uninspiring; and the ones that are eye-catching and beautiful can be on top of your budget, costing you more than you are willing to spend.

Do not risk going caseless with your phone whether you use Android or iPhone. We got you some DIY phone case designs that can save your device in the fall.  Don’t worry about your level of creativity, you will be able to find a case decoration among the ones we’ve outlined for you below that you’re gonna fall in love with, as well as is doable for you to recreate. So, is your cell phone looking a little, well, boring? Even the best-loved phones begin looking a little blah after a few months of use. But no worries! We’ve found 18 fun ways to dress it up. These DIY phone cases are easy, cheap, and chic!

18 DIY Phone Cases to Upgrade Your Device

For most of these tutorials, you’ll need a clear phone case. You can get them HERE… most are under $10!

DIY Phone Case Ideas to Kick Your Cell Style Up a Notch

1. Foil-Striped DIY Phone Case

Hey there, this is meant for you! You’ve overstayed with that phone case. It is now beaten up for crying out loud. It’s time to change it and have another one that is cheaper, and this time around, your own masterpiece, recreated by you. This foil-striped phone case couldn’t be easier… it’s just a clear case modified with foil washi tape creating a stripe. Simple and elegant! It’s time to be creative; and what a better time than today!

Foil-Striped-DIY-Phone Case

2. DIY Fur Phone Case

Well, everyday texting or making phone calls can be hard on the hands sometimes with a hard and rough-edged phone case. That is why we’ve decided to make your phone case design smoother and a lot more comfortable and enjoyable when handling. What better way to make it smoother than using fake fur and some other easily available tools? Check it out here on how to go about it. Rawr! A fur phone case makes a bold statement.


3. Citrus Cell DIY Phone Case

Do you wanna recreate your own DIY phone case, but you don’t have anything in your home that you should consider using as a case? Perhaps you should consider this idea of ours. Nowadays, you can easily get graphics and patterns free from the internet having been released by graphic designers. Just print one such as the one below and enjoy your new DIY recreation.   A citrus cell phone case is perfect for summer, and it’s printable, so you can simply slip it right into yours and be on your way.


4. DIY Candy iPhone Case

For your candy lovers out there, you can make a DIY iPhone new case that will immediately spark people’s attention and leave them talking about it once you get hold of it. This candy iPhone case is delicious in every way! Sprinkles are mod podge to the case and sealed with shellac for a pretty phone you’ll be proud to take out of your purse. It is a project that you can pull of by yourself, with just easy-to-acquire materials from your local hardware store. Make your phone look beautiful once more!


5. Sequin Phone Case

Just the other day, I decided to give my phone a new look after the one I formerly had got all worn out. This was after I had just changed it recently. Phone cases do not stay for long, they get worn out eventually and you might be forced to buy another one if you are not the risky types that go all caseless. Even the fancy of them all gets worn out. Do not go for the fancy ones that will have you spend a lot on them when you can do yours. This sequin phone is easy to recreate. Pretty sequins are trapped inside this sequin phone case. It’s cute, simple, and easily interchangeable because you don’t even have to hot glue gun them on.


6. Free Printable DIY Phone Case

As I had told you earlier, the internet has made our lives much easier nowadays, it’s been revolutionary. These days, you don’t have to lose your head looking for a picture, patterns, or graphics to use as your DIYs. Most graphic designers have decided to release them on the internet where you can get them freely. If you’re looking for a design like the one below to put at the back of your phone case, you can go searching the internet. I love burgers, and I adore this burger phone case. Get the free printable here along with several other cute options!


7. Glittery DIY Phone Case

Have you ever tried out adding glitter to your nail polish? Well, this is one very easy project that you can pull off without any mess created whatsoever. To make this phone case, pop a sheet of transparent glitter vinyl into your case, cut it to size, and you have a sparkly glitter case for a fraction of what you’d pay in the store. For the owners of the rose gold iPhones, this is the idea you should use if you don’t intend to use an opaque case that would cover your metallic backing. Instead of leaving it caseless, just buy a transparent casing and add some glitz to it.


8. Pressed Flower Phone Case

Have you ever thought of using pressed flowers and its petals for the purpose of beautifying your phone? Well, maybe for the crafty heads, since pressed flowers are used to make a vast array of crafts. If you have never thought of this idea, then perhaps it is the ideal time you embraced and used it to craft your DIY phone case. A pressed flower phone case… what a romantic idea! The next time someone special picks you some flowers, press and dry them for this project (or just pick some for yourself).


9. Wood Patterned DIY Phone Case

If you love things made in a plain and simple fashion, then this is the right idea for your phone case project. How simple can this project be! Strips of wood veneer were cut and placed into a chevron pattern for this wood patterned cell phone case. Honestly? I’m digging it. I think this is my favorite. Make your phone stand out with this idea.


10. Gold Arrow DIY Phone Case

Personalize your cell phone and give it a style that is a notch higher with this phone case project. Do not opt for fancy phone cases that are above your budget. You can save your dollars by adopting this idea. Rock this gold arrow phone case for a little sparkle in your life. You can find the arrow stickers at Michael’s and other crafts stores, for a low cost of course. Have fun as you make a masterpiece for your phone.


11. Gentleman’s Phone Case

If you are a man and you possess a white iPhone which is caseless, this is the best idea you could walk out of herewith. With a transparent iPhone case and a sharpie, you will be able to pull it off just as it is supposed to be. Guys have the most sophisticated phone around with this gentleman’s phone case idea. The mustache is just too fun! Become a gentleman by giving your phone a sophisticated new look with this Monsieur Apple phone case, which will cost you less in terms time, well, also money, since they say time is money.


12. Mason Jar-Inspired iPhone Case

Clear phone cases are ideal for crafters because they allow you to change your phone’s case as often as you do change your purse. If you’re a mason jar addict, you’ll love this crafty iPhone case inspired by the jars! Make your phone trendy and at the same time beautiful with printable templates of mason jars freely made available for you on the internet. It’s time to customize your expensive phone just the way you want it to appear!


13. Paint Chip Phone Case

Are you one of those guys that like matching their phone cases with their outfits each and every time they step outside their houses? You have been saved the whole hustle and bustle of having to look for phone cases to complement your outfits. If you like to change out your cases a lot, you may save yourself a lot of money with this paint chip phone case idea. Just replace the paint chip anytime you get bored with a certain color! This is a brilliant idea!


14. Herringbone-Patterned Phone Case

Rush out to the nearest store and pick up some washi tapes of different colors; preferably, your favorite colors, if you want to pull off a bold and contemporary DIY phone case to style up your phone.  Use washi tape to create a colorful herringbone-patterned phone case. Thank me later!


15. White Leather And Gold DIY Phone Case

Having a clear case on your phone? By now it must be monotonous I know. Why don’t you try to craft it and making a DIY phone case that will upgrade your phone, still giving it the care and protection it deserves? Create a super chic white leather and gold phone case for just a couple of bucks!


16. Free Pattern DIY Phone Case

Just a reiteration of what I said earlier, clear cases are perfect for DIY projects since you can change them as often as you want. With a little help from the internet, you can print and add this free pattern inside your clear phone case for an instant upgrade. Alternatively, you can use your favorite scrapbook paper and cut it to size, too.


17. Googley Eye Phone Case

Are you a person that likes to attract attention? How about you create some with a googly eye phone case? I bet this one would get a lot of comments! This will be a subject of conversation each and every time you are caught on your phone. You should consider trying it! It is so easy to make. With a few materials such as googly eyes and uber adhesive, you are good to go.


18. Origami Phone Case

If you’re any good at origami, why not try your hand at this pretty ribbon origami phone case. This is the right opportunity to put your acquired set of skills to the test. Fold those papers and create beautiful phone cases with them! A bird, flower, star, or other shapes would be fun, too. You’re welcome!


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