Could your home pass the white glove test? I know mine couldn’t and so I’m always on the lookout for dusting tips and hacks.  And while we’re not striving for perfection here (we’re all busy, right?), there’s something to be said for getting rid of as much of the dust in your home as possible. You’ll breathe better and your home will look so much tidier. But dusting doesn’t have to be such a chore. Here are 15 dusting hacks we’ve found to make the job easier.

6-photo collage of 15 DUSTING HACKS for a SPOTLESS HOUSE - DIY blinds duster, Swiffer duster head, pre-made wipes, long-distance dusting hack, dusting bulb with microfiber cloth, and dusting keyboard with magic eraser.
15 Dusting Hacks For A Spotless House

Tips for Making Dusting Chores Easier

1. Simple DIY Blinds Dusting Hacks

Here’s a DIY dusting hack you wish you’d known sooner and is hands down the BEST way to dust your blinds. You’ll never go back to a feather duster again! The best part is that you already have everything you need for this hack so that kinda makes it absolutely free!

dusting hacks - a pictorial showing how to set up a DIY blinds duster using a pair of kitchen tongs, dust cloths, and some rubber bands.

2. Genius Dusting Hacks Using Fuzzy Chenille Socks

Remember those oversized chenille socks that are always too warm for your feet? Why not put them to good use for this dusting hack? Put a fuzzy chenille sock over your Swiffer to better attract dust. It works great, and it’s way cheaper than replacing those pads. Just wash the sock when you’re done, and reuse it.

dusting hacks - a chenille sock put over a Swiffer

3. Eliminate Wasteful Cleaning With This Dusting Hack

Do you get annoyed at how often you have to keep replacing Swiffer duster heads? And don’t get me started on how those cleaning expenses add up eventually…

Well, there’s a way out and this is especially for you who prefers a duster with a little more surface area. Try this no-sew duster instead whose best thing is that it can really get in those cracks and crevices, is 100% reusable, works perfectly with the Swiffer duster handle, and is machine washable too!

dusting hacks - a DIY no-sew duster fixed on a Swiffer duster handle and leaning against a bottle of homemade dusting spray

4. Use Old Pillowcase For Fan Dusting Hacks

Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established. – George Carlin

Use an old pillowcase to dust ceiling fan blades. For this dusting hack, simply slide the old pillowcase over the fan’s blade and pull back the fabric to keep all the dirt and dust contained in the pillowcase. And we agree that this is so much easier than using a step stool and feather duster!

Here’s a video that shows you how it’s done! 

dusting hacks - yellow pillow covering one blade of a ceiling fan
Use An Old Pillowcase to Dust Ceiling Fan Blades from Real Simple

5. Use Coffee Filter For These Dusting Hacks

Coffee filters make great screen dusters! Use it for your televisions and computers.

Because we all want lint-free screens, here’s what you need to do:  use a coffee filter and regularly wipe down dusty computer monitors and TV screens. And as a bonus, the coffee filter also helps to get rid of static. Easy dusting hack!

dusting hacks - person's right hand seeing using a coffee filter to wipe a TV screen
Use a Coffe Filter As a Screen Duster from Real Simple

6. Dusting Hacks Made Easier With A DIY Dusting Spray

Of course, you can’t get far without dusting spray. Why not make your own using vinegar, olive oil, water, and essential oils. Simply combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well to mix. This homemade DIY dusting spray also works great on wood furniture!

dusting hacks - DIY dusting spray in a spray bottle

7. Pre-Made DIY Wipes For Handy Dusting Hack

Want in on a clever cleaning tip? Keep your home dust-free by preventing dust build-up and wipe the dust often. You can easily do this if you have pre-made wipes on standby. These are so simple to make and they also help in repurposing a few kitchen items you already have such as lemon peels and rosemary.

Your home will always be looking fresh and clean because these pre-made wipes can be reused, making your cleaning very budget-friendly.

You’ll Need:

  • White distilled vinegar
  • Water
  • A bowl
  • Lemon
  • About 5 rosemary sprigs though these are optional
  • Square cotton cloths about 4″ x 4″
  • A sealable glass container


  1. Fill your small bowl with one-half cup water and one-half cup white distilled vinegar. This gives you a good base for the wipes.
  2. Peel a lemon and add in the rind. The rind not only adds that fresh citrusy scent but also adds essential oils to your pre-made wipes and is a natural disinfectant.  Add in your sprigs of fresh rosemary for fragrance and is a natural antibacterial that will help in keeping your surfaces really clean.
  3. Finally, place the squares of cotton in the liquid mixture, giving them a gentle squeeze to get them slightly damp. Now layer them in the glass container with the lemon and rosemary. It’s that simple!

Always reuse the dusting pre-made wipes by first cleaning them in the wash and putting them back in the glass container. Should they dry out, spritz them with water or add more of the water and vinegar solution.

dusting hacks - glass jar containing clear liquid, lemon peels, rosemary springs, and cotton cloths

More Dusting Hacks You’ll Definitely Need:

8. Genius Long-Distance Dusting Hack

If you’re anything like me and are a sucker for high ceilings, you also know how dusting the moldings is a pain. Here’s a genius cleaning tip for those places that aren’t easy to reach: place a microfiber cloth over a broom using a rubber band, and use it to get all the dust off your crown molding. No more tricky maneuvers such as balancing on wobbly stools during cleaning and no more cobwebs, either!

dusting hacks - microfiber cloth secured with rubber band on a broom to clean crown moldings on high ceiling g
Use a Microfiber Cloth on a Broom to Clean High Spaces from Real Simple

9. Brilliant Dusting Hack For Grilles On Bathroom Exhaust Fans

The grilles on bathroom exhaust fans also don’t get to escape the dust and are sometimes clogged with dust. You can effectively remove this dust from the bathroom exhaust fan using canned air. Simply turn on the fan and blast out the dust with canned air. Turning on the fan helps to blow the dust outside the grilles.

dusting hacks - lady with a can of canned air pointed towards the grill on exhaust fan

10. Keep Your Keyboard Dust-Free With This Dusting Hack

Our electronic devices can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and so they need at least thorough cleaning weekly and a quick wipe-down daily.

While the alcohol-based wipes are the best for your keyboard because they get rid of bacteria and dry fast, there’s a better dusting hack. Remove dust from your keyboard with a magic eraser. It works so much better than alcohol wipes!

dusting hacks - person's hand seen wiping keyboard with a magic eraser

11. Baseboards Dusting Hack: Infuse Them With Anti-Cling Powers

Baseboards are one of those places I clean maybe once in a year because they don’t need that much attention. However, they still get dusty and thus will need cleaning anyway. Once they are clean and dry, use a dryer sheet to dust your baseboards. Dryer sheets help repel dirt for a while and gets your baseboards cleaner than they would have been if using the vacuum.

dusting hacks - person wiping baseboard with dryer sheet

12. Easy Dusting Hack For A Brighter Home

Dusty bulbs are not only an eyesore they also become dull and emit less light. Here’s a cleaning tip to make your home less dusty, cleaner, and brighter. Unscrew and dust your light bulbs with a microfiber cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Easy peasy!

dusting hacks - 2-photo collage of bulb dusting hack; person lifting unscrewed bulb from bulb holder and then wiping it with a cloth.

13. Best Dusting Hack For Cleaning Dusty Lampshades

We all have that lampshade that’s seen better days but before tossing it out, why not try to clean it up with a lint roller?

No more vacuuming or trying to wipe off the dust using water. We know too well how those cleaning attempts have previously gone because we ended up making things worse than they already were. Does this dusting hack sound too easy? It is, but that’s all you need!

dusting hacks - lint roller on lampshade

14. Clever Trick For Easy Vents Dusting Hack

We all have those areas of our homes that rarely get cleaned and vents are one of them. They take some considerable time and effort in cleaning but here’s a cleaning hack that will make it super easy for you to keep them clean and dust-free.

First, you need to clean them using warm soapy water and a sponge. Once they’re completely dry, apply turtle wax Be sure to wax them generously, just like you would if it was your car. Finally, buff them and this will keep them dust-free for a long time to come. Genius!

dusting hacks - person cleaning air vent using sponge

15. No-Sew, Reusable Swiffer Dusting Hack

If you’re like me, you’ve probably developed a love-hate relationship with your Swiffer duster. I love how easy it is to just toss on a cleaning cloth and start dusting. Talk about convenience. On the flip side, I hate how often those disposable Swiffer cloths need replacing. They also aren’t reusable so are not a good choice for our environment.

You can finally ditch those Swiffer cloths and use pieces of flannel to create your own Swiffer sheets. They’re washable, reusable, and you don’t even have to sew them. Simply cut the flannel with pinking shears to stop fraying and they’re good to go. You can use your flannel cloths with your existing Swiffer mop and machine clean ready for next use. Need I mention that these no-sew reusable Swiffer cloths are a huge saving too!

dusting hacks - Swiffer mop on 2 pieces of flannel cloths

If you liked these dusting hacks, feel free to check out more cleaning tips here:

4-photo collage of dusting hacks - person cleaning TV screen with coffee filter, lint roller on lampshade, person wiping baseboard with dryer sheet, and lady with a can of canned air pointed towards the grill on exhaust fan.

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