The human skin needs to be looked after just as often as the way we take care of our stomach. Haha, I love food. Just a btw. Back on track, there are ways in which we can attend to our skin that will make it grateful to us by just how it pops and how beautiful it looks.

Hydrating is one way and so is having enough sleep. Importantly, developing a skin care routine is that thing we all need. Exfoliating is one important part of the facial skin care routine.

Face masks range from the organic ones to inorganic ones. And they help hydrate the skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of pores as well as provide the spa-like feeling at the comfort of your home. Judging from all these benefits you definitely need a face mask and it need not be a lavish-looking one.

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The Ultimate Face Mask Craze You Definitely Need

So guys introducing you to, Mud Face Masks. I know it sounds unbelievable or unreal for mud to be a helpful thing. But believe me not! It is the perfect thing I have worked with for the longest time.   These are marvelous and one of the best exfoliating products you’ll be glad to add to your skin care routine. It has been ages since I used a mud face mask and wowsers! Boy! Have I not been missing out. Who knew dirt could get skin so clean! Literally dirt! These things are AMAZING!

Mud Mask Exfoliation

My face tells my story – My skin has lots of big pores, a mix of oily and dry spots, a tendency towards blemishes during certain times of the month and lines that have been formed from love and smiles, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep them there! Quite the opposite. So I hoped right into my exfoliating super product! Mud Face mask! You could be experiencing the same issues with your face as well, so journey with me as I tell my interesting tale of my so great skin care routine with mud face mask.

Gentle Glacial Marine Mud Mask

The mud face mask I used on the above photo is super gentle. With a mix of glacial marine mud and algae, the particles of the mud absorbed the gunk in my pores and infused my skin with minerals and trace elements which helped both draw out the impurities, leaving my skin clean and nourished! My pores LOVED it!

Smaller Pores & Great Mud Mask Results

The day after I used the mask my pores were noticeably smaller  and I had a small breakout as the toxins were being drawn out from my skin! A week later and after masking for the second time my skin is better than ever. I documented all the before and after moments and boy! The results were super amazing I kept glaring at myself on the mirror.

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1.Where to Get the Face Mud Mask

Are you wondering where I purchased my mask from? Well, you can get the Glacial Marine Mud Mask here. I so much love the brand of mask that I’ve used…Our love is mutual coz the mask also gives me what I definitely want. We ain’t letting go of each other. Your skin looking good is not a luxury but rather a necessity. And this mask right here is what you need.

I can promise that you will end up loving it and start a long-life relationship with it. You’ll tell me about it. Above is my goofy self taking a selfie of my mud mask. I can recall how excited I was eagerly waiting for it to dry and see the outcome.

2.When to Use the Face Mud Mask

Masking with this product takes about half an hour and your skin will be slightly red when you are done. Thus I would advise doing this before bed. So your skin can rest before going out the following day. You certainly don’t want to postpone your day plans because your face is all red and not looking good.

The time you need to be all exfoliated with this mask for the next day is not that much. You who is big on your time can have this in under half an hour. And get your eight-hour beauty sleep.

mud mask gross effect

3. Steps to using your mud face mask

Put a thin layer of the mask over your face. One bottle has 15-20 masks in it! Let it dry fully. The mask will turn from the dark grey color to a pale aquamarine. When the mask is fully dry you can see the spots where the mud is absorbing the oils and impurities in your pores with the dark blotches left behind. So gross! Yuck! I mean all that has been on my face and I was just comfortable? How unhealthy!

After the turn in color, go ahead and wash the mask off with warm water. If you get our pamper package we have a bottle of Moisture Mist which will help lock in the minerals and hydrate your skin after your mask. Lovely!

4. How the mask works

The chemistry behind this mask is an interesting one coz we all know mud to be nothing but dirt. Get ready to be wowed! For this exfoliant, the mud acts as an emulsifying agent, binding with the oily particles and dead skin cells in our pores. The mud is super fine allowing it to penetrate deep into your skin, and as you wash it off you wash off the dead skin cells and gunk that had built up on your face.

In the mud, there are also over fifty beneficial minerals and trace elements that nourish your skin thus leaving it cleansed and detoxified after the mud has been washed away. Isn’t this just the purest and lovely state you’d love your skin to be in! No reason you shouldn’t be a darling to your face or rather skin.

5. Want to try this mud face mask?

With all the information I have given you and the results assured from the mud face mask, you sure would love to try it out. And acquiring this glacial face mud mask does not have to be a hustle for you. You can  get the mask and experience better skin!

If you try this out, kindly be a darling and share with us on the comments section how your experience gets. I am always thrilled to know that we’ve been of great help to you folks.

The Face Mud Mask CRAZE - and why you should try one!

OR…(Here are more good news for you who feels they need more of this.)

How our skin looks so much affects our esteem in more ways than we could think of. And this can be changed by our daily care routine. With that said, you can share this with your family or friends as they could be struggling with finding something that works for them.  This could be the thing they need.

True, behind every face there is a mask, and behind that mask, a story – Marty Rubin

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