Whether you want to get organized for the holidays or just get and stay organized once and for all, these helpful tips on how to organize spaces where you store and keep your food. We’ll talk about how to organize a pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Let’s face it – being organized just feels better. Life can be chaotic with busy schedules, kids’ activities, work, and so on. It may seem like there’s just no time to get things organized, but you’ll find out that organizing your home is an excellent start for organizing your entire world.

Plus, it feels good to come home to a clean house and to see everything in its proper place.

If you are looking for cool refrigerator organization hacks, check this article!

Once everything is where it should be, and there is order in your home, it’s not hard to keep it that way. You just have to give a little effort and make sure your entire family is helping out. This is a team effort!

How to Organize a Pantry

Let’s start with one of the most common problem areas in the kitchen…the pantry! It’s far too easy to add newly purchased food to the front of your pantry, effectively burying the older items.

If you’ve found yourself purchasing multiple cans of beans or bags of flour simply because you can’t remember what you already own, you’ll save both money and time by learning how to organize a pantry effectively.

How Do You Organize A Small Pantry?

If you find yourself having a small pantry, you may think that you can’t keep it orderly and clean. However, with a little bit of effort and maybe a few supplies, you should be well on your way to getting organized. Here are some tips that will teach you how to organize a pantry in no time!

1. Add pull-out shelves if possible.

Adding pull-out shelves is a great way to save your sanity. There is nothing more frustrating than losing food items because they fall back behind something else.

Plus, reaching in to get what you need doesn’t have to be so difficult either. A pull-out shelf allows you much easier access to the items.

2. Keep a light in there.

When your pantry is dark, it makes finding things much more difficult. You can use a light that turns on when you open the door, motion sensor lights or even a plug-in lamp would work. Light will help you know what you have in your space, so you aren’t buying multiples of the same thing too.

3. Use baskets or bins to store things.

You can store all the snack food, chips, boxed food, or anything else you want grouped together in each container. It makes it so much easier to find what you need when it is in its proper location. Use a bin that you can label, so everyone in the family is clear what belongs in each.

4. Throw out boxes and use storage containers.

Place items like cookies, cereal, flour, sugar, etc. in plastic storage containers. This will keep them airtight, so they last longer and stay organized. Plus, once they are in clear containers, it’s much easier to see what you have and know when you’re running low.

5. Make sure shelves are adjusted properly.

Don’t leave large shelves that would fit a cereal box filled with one level of canned goods. Otherwise, you are wasting lots of space. So adjust the racks to fit what you need, and that will allow more room to put more food.

If you have a pantry with shelves that cannot be adjusted, you can add in risers to help store food at the proper height.

6. Use a canned food organizer.

You will love using a canned food organizer because everything is so orderly and simple to find. Plus, it just looks nice!

How Do You Organize A Small Kitchen Without A Pantry?

When you don’t have a pantry, you may find yourself frustrated with the space you do have. It’s completely normal, and these solutions will help you so find some solutions and ways to get creative.

1. Add shelving to your walls.

If you have some wall space that doesn’t have cabinets on it, add some simple shelving. Then you can put items like spices, cans, bins with food or anything else you want on them. This will save you valuable cabinet space.

I’d recommend keeping these items in clear containers or jars so they visually look nicer, rather than a bunch of mixed boxes.

2. Hang items from doors.

You can hang cabinet door organizers and full-sized door organizers too. A shoe organizer is just the right size for items like granola bars, small bagged foods, or treats.

3. Get a slide-out rack beside the refrigerator.

They make pre-built sliding racks that you can fill up with all your extra food and kitchen items. You just pull it out when you need something. Spices, canned goods, or cans of soda are all ideas that would work well in this clever pantry organization hack.

4. Use containers to organize.

Much like if you have a pantry, using plastic storage containers is a great way to get organized. Make sure to label them, and you will be surprised by the extra room you have.

What Is Stored In A Pantry Typically?

You can store anything you wish in a pantry. Try out different foods to see what you like best there. The main things that most people store are:

  • Dried foods – Beans, flour, sugar, and other baking items.
  • Canned food – If you are like most of us, canned goods take over the house, so a pantry is a perfect place for them.
  • Snacks – Any kind of snacks like beef jerky, gummy candy, granola bars, etc.
  • Cereal – If your family eats a lot of cereal, keep it in an easy-to-reach location in the pantry.
  • Paper towels and cleaning supplies – If you have young children and want to get your cleaning supplies out of their reach, many people opt to store them up on a high shelf in the pantry.

How to Organize the Fridge and Freezer

Another common area in the kitchen that needs some extra attention and organization is the fridge and freezer. These areas can quickly be overtaken by expired condiments or frozen vegetables.

Keeping these trouble spots clean and organized helps with saving money and food safety both!

Video: Freezer Organization Tips 

Want to see some of these freezer organization hacks in action? Check out this short video so you can see them for yourself!

How Do I Keep My Fridge Clean And Organized?

Learning how to organize the refrigerator and freezer doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you can imagine. You can quickly keep it organized without tons of effort. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Clean the fridge and freezer weekly.

Pick one day of the week and stick to cleaning the refrigerator no matter what. Throw out leftovers that didn’t get eaten and dated items. Wipe down the shelves and drawers.

2. Use bins in the refrigerator and freezer.

They make tons of different refrigerator bins to help keep you organized. Group items by type—so a container each for condiments, sodas, cheese sticks, etc. Label each one so it’s obvious where things go.

I especially like using bins because when you are doing your weekly cleaning in the fridge, you can quickly remove the bins, wipe the shelves down and place them back.

3. Try a lazy susan.

Lazy Susan’s are another great option for condiments because you can see exactly what’s there with a flick of the wrist.

How To Organize A Chest Freezer

The best way to organize a chest freezer is to do two things. First, similar to a regular freezer, use bins to put foods that are similar together like meats, leftovers, boxed foods.

Secondly, make sure to clean it out at least once a month. If anything is outdated, toss it out.

See, learning how to organize food storage areas in your kitchen is actually pretty easy! Just make a few adjustments, and you will be organized in no time.

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