What do you do when life gives you a bowl full of lemons? Or in this case, a stain on a new shirt, or an invasion of ants? The worst headache ever and no aspirin? A job interview and a wrinkled shirt? These life hacks are genius, from Top Trending, making life just a touch easier and all the tips in their video include items you typically have around the house!

A grid photo of almonds in a tiny bowl and a measuring spoon scooping laundry powder.

Check Out This Mind-Blowing Life Hacks List You Wish You Knew Yesterday!

1. Let’s Talk About Headaches! Did You Know There Is A Natural Way To Heal Them!

There are two types of headaches, primary and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are caused by uncontrollable problems with hypersensitive structures in your head that include; nerves or blood vessels surrounding your skull, the chemical activity in your brain, stress on the muscles of your head and neck, or sometimes, a combination of all these factors. Secondary headaches are mainly a result of a chronic disease symptom triggering the hypersensitive nerves.

Almonds can help relieve headaches. They contain magnesium that helps release tension in your body which in turn makes you feel better. They also contain salicin, the primary byproduct of aspirin which when consumed forms salicylic acid, which helps relieve that headache. Take 10-15 almonds a day or whenever you experience terrible headaches to free yourself from persistent headaches. Don’t take it if you’re allergic to salicin.

2. Apparently Hairspray Cannot Only Be Used On Hair But Can Also On Stains! See How!

Have you been using your hairspray to only doll yourself up? If this is the case, then you have been missing out on quite a number of magic tricks your hairspray could do. Did you know your hairspray can help deter stains? Hairsprays contain rubbing alcohol that removes the stain leaving a cleaned-up surface.

Products that are more suitable to do this work are those that are glue-free because the glue can harm garments or make the mess worse. Also, make sure you choose the cheapest when looking for products for this purpose because the lesser ingredients used to make the hairspray the better! Ensure there are no conditioners in the product either.

3. This Hack Should Be Listed As A Skin Care Hack! Discover Why!

I want to believe that the most sensitive part of the body is the skin because if anything causes stress to it, it can react terribly and one can end up having permanent marks on it. No one fancies dark spots! Anything that can cause harm to the skin should be considered an enemy and bugs are one of these enemies. They bite and leave the bitten area terribly itchy and swollen. But we have a solution for you.

After a bug bite, apply a glue stick on the affected area as soon as you feel the itchiness to reduce it. The itch will disappear in 15 minutes and will never come back! The best part is, there will be no swelling either!

4. Having Problems With Gooey surfaces Or Sticky Residue From Stickers? Get Them Out Using This Simple Hack!

Getting things like price stickers, labels, different types of tapes that include scotch tape, masking, packing, can be quite a task to get out your surfaces sometimes because they leave behind a sticky, gooey residue. WD-40 gets rid of the sticky goos faster than anything. Spray WD-40 on the surface, wait about a minute then wipe it off with a cloth.

5. Having Persistent Hiccups And Have No Idea What To Do? This One Of The Many Life Hacks We Have Will Absolutely Help You With That!

Hiccups happen to each and every one of us when we least expect them to and they can be as persistent as they would want to be right? sometimes I wonder what I can do to get rid of them once and for all but I remember I have no power over such. However, one thing is for sure; I can manage them. How you may ask?


If you want to know how to get rid of hiccups, then simply have someone hold your ears down while swallowing.  I know you’re probably used to the ‘hold your breath’ trick but this one will make you a Hero or Heroine to your peers because of how effective it is.

6. Help! Ant Invasion! Worry No More! This Hack Will Tell You Exactly Why Not!

Most homeowners have experienced at one point or are experiencing ants invasion and I know how much of a problem they can be if not dealt with as soon as possible. It can be hard to completely get rid of them because of how fast they are; they can move their entire home at the first sign of danger! Use your laundry detergent to get rid of them.

3 Different Ways To Do It:

  • Put sugar water and powdered detergent in a container and mix. Pour this solution on the ants’ entry point. The sweetness of the sugar will trick the ants to carry it home hence poisoning the rest of the ants.
  • Mix your powdered detergent with hot water in a bucket to form a soapy solution. Locate anthills and pour the solution into the anthills.
  • Identify the ants ‘main entrances’ to the house, create a solution of powdered detergent and warm water then pour it along the ant tracks and entrance. This will discourage ants from entering your hose and will kill those trying to get in.

Find More Of The Life Hacks We Have Listed Down For You!

7.  Wrinkles And Creases On Garments Can Really Be Frustrating. See How To Cure Them!

Have you ever woken up late, fumbled around your closet looking for that one T-shirt or blouse that fits your outfit, then the worse happens, you find it all creased up yet you don’t have time to iron or press it so you end up wearing it with all the crease and wrinkles to work? Well, it happens! It has happened to most of us!

I discovered how to save time in such moments with this simple life hack. Cure a case of the wrinkles by throwing three to four ice cubes into the dryer with the item and setting the machine to its hottest setting. This trick should get you out of the house in two minutes!

8. Flies Can Be Such A Nuisance. Discover How You Can Easily Trap Them!

Have you ever left your cut fruits unattended for a short time maybe to go finish up an assignment or even sometimes left your food on the table for just a few minutes and you found it invaded by tinny flying insects? Those are the fruit flies we want to talk about! They can be nagging sometimes because once in your house, they hardly leave, and it is really hard to get rid of them. But did you know that Fruit flies can be trapped?

How To Trap Fruit Flies:

  1. Cut your preferred fruits in a bowl.
  2. cover the bowl with cling film and make small holes through the film using a knife or a sharp object,
  3. Leave it on the countertop to attract and trap the fruit flies.

9. Life Hacks Are Just Life Saving. Your Family Will Love You For This!

Knowing how to unclog toilets is one of the skills homeowners need to know because it’s something every homeowner might experience at one point. Leaving clogged toilets un-catered can cause serious health issues to those living in the home.

Break down a clog now using Hot water and a lot of salt! Taking a cup of rock salt, mix it with 9Litters of water in a bucket, once the salt has dissolved, pour it down your toilet and let it sit overnight this gives time to the salt to break down grease and debris, then flash in the morning and your clog problem will be Gone!

10. Apply This Highway Hack On Your Everyday Driving Life To Save You Some Time!

We get stuck in traffic a couple of times but did you know that Tractor Trailers are your highway friends during these times? Pay attention to which lane the 18-wheelers are in, they usually have radios and let each other know which lanes to avoid. Trailing the 18-wheeler can help you escape the tight traffic!

11. Need Some Help With Your Grocery Shopping Project! We’ve Got You! This Hack Works So Well!

It’s never an easy task going out shopping and managing to stay on a budget. With many ‘always hungry’ mouths to feed in my home combined with the increasing prices of groceries at the stores, I have found it hard to stay on a budget when going out for grocery shopping. I have tried all the other ways to stay on a budget like avoiding impulse buying, avoiding costly convenience foods, and even packing healthy foods for school and work but nothing seems to be working.

I then decided to search for alternative solutions to this problem and that’s when I stumbled on this article on how to Stay on a budget with your groceries! If you are in a position like mine, I know you’ll love this article! It’s literally the best I’ve read about life hacks! Enjoy!

A grid picture showing the different 'tools' for life hacks- hair spray can, a glue stick, almonds, an open toilet seat and an 18 wheeler truck.

What Hacks have helped your life??

Here Are More Life Hacks That Will Melt Your Heart.


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