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What do you do when life gives you a bowlful of lemons? Or in this case, a stain on a new shirt, or an invasion of ants? The worst headache ever and no aspirin? A job interview and a wrinkled shirt? These life hacks are genius, from Top Trending, making life just a touch easier and all the tips in their video include items you typically have around the house!

Life Hacks You Wish You Knew Yesterday

Life Hacks You Wish You Knew Yesterday


Ten Life Hacks:

  • Almonds can help headaches.
  • Hairspray can help deter stains.
  • Glue stick can relieve bug bite itches.
  • WD-40 gets rid of the sticky goos faster than anything.
  • Hold your breath and swallow if you have the hiccups.
  • Ants hate Febreeze (and most laundry detergent will kill them).
  • Cure a case of the wrinkles by throwing ice cubes into the dryer with the item.
  • Fruit flies can be trapped, really.
  • Hot water and a LOT of salt can break down a clog in a toilet (as can vinegar).
  • Tractor Trailers are your highway friends.
  • Stay on a budget with your groceries!

life hacks from top trending

What Hacks have helped your life??

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