Do you have piles and stacks of paper littering your desk, tables and countertops? You’re not alone. But you can develop a good system for getting rid of paper clutter for good. Here are 15 tips for finally getting your papers organized.

Paper Clutter, we all have it. Check out these brilliant tips and trips on how to organize and get rid of it.

First, you need to cut down on the amount of junk mail that’s delivered to your mailbox. CatalogChoice and DMAchoice are both free services that allow you to opt out of certain types of mail such as catalogs and phone books. Handy, right? And if you implement a “touch it once” policy, even if it’s just for the junk mail, you’ll keep a lot of clutter out of your home to begin with.

Now, for the stuff you do want to keep…

Set up a simple inbox that the entire family can use. It should be available right when you walk through the door so that receipts, bills and “hot” items can be taken care of ASAP.

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A jar by the door is also a great receipt receptacle.

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To find out how long you need to keep certain papers (your tax forms, for example), print out this handy sheet.

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Not one to fuss with too much with getting things tidy? The four folder paper organization system is perfect for you: hot, bills, to review and inspiration.


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If you scrapbook, a set of these cheap plastic drawers is a great way to keep all those pretty scrapbook papers organized.

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Hate the look of file cabinets? No problem. A pretty basket and coordinating files are a great way to store papers that you need to keep.
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A wall-mounted wire basket comes in handy as a mail sorter if you only have time to go through papers once a week.

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Or you can make your own paper sorter out of some pretty fabric and tags.

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This blogger separates her papers into one of 7 categories. And you have to admit, her organization system is really beautiful.

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As a mom, I tend to want to hang on to all of my kiddo’s scribbles, paintings and drawings, but that adds up to some major paper clutter. I love this idea of photographing or scanning them, creating one photo collage and framing it. Isn’t it beautiful?

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Photobooks of your kids’ masterpieces are also an excellent way to cut down on the clutter.

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Keep all of your tax paperwork in a separate filing box, especially if you’re self-employed. It will save you a lot of digging around later.
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Bulletin boards are great for an at-a-glance look at recent papers that have entered your house. But don’t keep papers there long; otherwise you just have a paper pile on a bulletin board rather than on your table!

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Having a designated space to pay bills and process papers can go a long way toward eliminating paper piles around your home.

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By tackling the paper when it first comes into your home and implementing a one-touch policy, you can get rid of your paper clutter once and for all.

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