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If you’re planning on going vegan (or if you love a vegan), you may be worried that the foods you can have are, well, boring. Tasteless. Lacking the wow factor. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not true. As it turns out, we’ve found some amazingly delicious vegan desserts that you’d never even guess were vegan if we hadn’t told you. We’re talking gooey brownies, refreshing lemon meringue and more. Dig in, and let us know which desserts you try!

17 Desserts You Won't Believe are Vegan

Unbelievably Delicious Vegan Desserts

I don’t know about you, but nothing says dessert to me like a chewy, gooey brownie. These vegan brownies look divine and take only 30 minutes to make!

vegan desserts 3-1


This light and fluffy blueberry cake is perfect for breakfast or dessert. It contains NO flour, sugar, oil or butter. Can you believe it?

vegan desserts 1


Make dark chocolate macaroons with just 5 simple ingredients for a chocolate-y, coconut-y, perfectly sweet treat.

vegan desserts 2


This vegan, gluten-free Mocha Chocolate Cheesecake is the stuff dreams are made of. The pecan crust is my favorite part!

vegan desserts 4


Vegan Lemon Meringue Pies just scream summer to me. Anything lemon-flavored is a winner in my book.

vegan desserts 5


Need a dessert for one (or two)? You can’t go wrong with a vegan chocolate brownie mug cake. You’ll have a yummy dessert ready in less than 5 minutes!

vegan desserts 6


For something tart and fruity, try these Vegan Key Lime Pie Bites with a simple graham cracker crust. Yum.

vegan desserts 7


These vegan apple turnovers are just as good as the ones grandma used to make. Seriously!

vegan desserts 8


Or how about a super simple microwavable dessert like this Vegan Microwave Apple Berry Crisp served with a big dollop of dairy-free ice cream?

vegan desserts 12


Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookies are yummy any time of year, but they make perfectly good Christmas treats for friends and neighbors, too.

vegan desserts 11

Make the world’s easiest cinnamon rolls for breakfast or dessert. They’re so, so good – loaded with cinnamon goodness and sweetness. Did you know cinnamon rolls could be vegan? I didn’t.

vegan desserts 10


Here’s another apple-themed vegan dessert (noticing a theme here?): Caramel Apple Bars. That crust is scrumptious.

vegan desserts 13


Meringues without eggs? Yes, it’s possible. Try this recipe for Vegan Meringue Cookies and you’ll never go back!

vegan desserts 14


Vegan Coconut Matcha Ice Cream Cakes will satisfy your need for something cool and sweet on a hot summer day. Who doesn’t love ice cream cake?

vegan desserts 15


In the fall, make a vegan Thanksgiving dessert that everyone can enjoy with this Vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe.

vegan desserts 16


Get your candy bar fix with Chocolate Pecan Coconut Cups. They’re packed with protein and are even better than peanut butter cups!

vegan desserts 17


And finally, you’ll need some vegan coconut whipped cream to top off all these delicious desserts. It’s the perfect pairing, don’t you think?

vegan desserts 9


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Unbelievably Delicious Vegan Desserts