Who does not love a shopping spree? I am a shoeholic and I always look forward to adding a new pair of shoes to my collection. With nearly every pair of shoes you buy, you receive a handy dandy shoebox to go along with it. You do keep the boxes, right? Why would you not keep them when they’re incredibly useful for organization and play? For the creatives minds there are useful do-it-your-own ideas that could be achieved with these boxes. Here are 16 outside-the-box ways to use shoeboxes to get you started. Your brain and eyes will certainly be amazed.

Ways to Use Shoeboxes That You've Probably Never Thought Of

Clever Shoeboxes Crafts You Will Love

One clever way to use shoeboxes is in organizing your drawers. Simply cut shoeboxes in half, and insert them in your underwear drawer. They make excellent drawer dividers for your lingerie. You no longer have to worry of your inner wears mixing up and being all over. Interestingly, your bras can have their spot same to your panties or boxers. Additionally, you could have your socks placed neatly by using these shoeboxes dividers. Finally say bye to clatter and disorganization.

Shoeboxes used to divide drawers for lingerie

Create beautiful storage containers you’ll want to keep forever by covering the boxes and adding leather embellishments. Gorgeous! (Tutorial in Swedish)


Create a charging station for your phones. The shoe box keeps the mass of cords hidden, so your countertop is no longer an eyesore. See our other charging station ideas!


Or simply use one to keep your cords tidy between uses. Get more cord organization ideas HERE.


If you’re the crafty type, make a ribbon organizer out of a shoe box. You could do the same thing with twine.


Make a garage for toy cars! This is an adorable replica of Tow Mater’s garage, so Cars fans will love it.


Toilet paper rolls plus a shoe box equals a smart way to organize pens and markers. If you have tons of writing utensils like I do, yes, you need a pen organizer this big.


Add fabric and studs to shoe box lids, and hang them on the wall. When paired with other decorative elements, they really do look like legitimate wall art.


Or paint the interior and exterior of the bottoms of the shoeboxes to create these wall shelves. Remember to only place lightweight items in the “shelves.”


Make a sweet little picnic basket. It’s the perfect size for a picnic for two, or the kids would enjoy taking it on a backyard picnic.



Cut x’s in the top to make your own cupcake carrier. So handy when you have to transport cupcakes to school, a bake sale or to a friend.


Create a portable dollhouse or bakery.


Jute and a hot glue gun can work wonders for a shoe box! Just drop in some drop cloth liners, and you’re all set.


Keep balls of yarn from rolling across the floor while you knit by creating these shoe box compartments. Why didn’t I think of that?


Build a projector for your smartphone. Neat project to do with the kids!


Make this gorgeous suitcase gift box. This would be an amazing way to gift a trip to someone! (Site in Polish)


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