You use your trusty binder clip at the office all the time to hold papers together. But to really understand the value of these little clips, you have to see just how handy they can be around the home. You’ll be surprised by these binder clip uses you don’t see coming! Try these binder clip hacks, and you’ll never look at boring old office supplies the same way again.

15 brillliand binder clip hacks, collage of phone mount, chord mount, photo mount, trash paper and glue gun mount

Best Binder Clip Uses You Can Do at Home

1. Use Binder Clips To Dry Your Sponges Faster

Don’t you hate it when your kitchen sponges have been wet too long and it’s beginning to smell funky and you have to throw it away? I do too. Well, I discovered this trick where I clip the sponge and stand it on the countertop to dry out. The standing position draws out the water faster plus the squeeze from the clip helps too.

Dry your sponges faster by standing them up on a binder clip. Yes, you can use binder clips in the kitchen and pantry!

Here’s another way to do it

Use a binder clip to hold your sponge upright for faster drying
Dry your sponges faster by standing them up on a binder clip from Real Simple

2. Hold Up Trash Bags In the Waste Basket

Sometimes you need to leave the trash bags open so you can throw in more trash easily. However, no matter how well you roll up the sides, the bag keeps collapsing in on itself and you have to hold it in one hand as you push in more trash.

Hold trash bags in place with a binder clip or two on each side and they will stay open as long as you need them.

This is another way to do it!

Hold your trash bag open by clipping it to basket
Hold trash bags in place with a binder clip or two on each side from Homemakers Daily

3. Mount Your Smartphone Using Binder Clips

Car  Phone Mount

Holder, anyone? Make a cheap car mount for your smartphone with binder clips and rubber bands. Make use of the air vents that are usually placed within vision and reach for easy use of your smartphone on the go. 

Try it this way, too

Desktop Phone Stand

When working on your desktop, you need your phone close set up in a way that frees your hands to work on the computer but within vision so you can keep an eye on that app you are using as you work. You need your phone to stand on the desk so you can scroll up and down without having to take it into your hands. Easy smartphone stand in an instant!

Or maybe, you are recording a video on your smartphone camera and you need to set it up for hands-free recording.

Mount your phone in your car and on the desktop using file binder clips
Make a cheap car mount for your smartphone with binder clips and rubber bands from Romance on a Dime Make & make a handy desktop phone stand using two binder clips from Ashok

Make a handy desktop phone stand using two binder clips.

4. Binder Clips to Hold up Cords

As soon as you unplug your device, the charging chord usually takes a dive to the floor and hides there under your desk or bed forcing you to fish for it when next you need it, with this tip, that will be no more.

Keep your phone charger or any chord within easy reach by running it through a binder clip clipped to the desk or nightstand.

Using a file binder clip to hold a charging cord

5. Desktop Photos

The frames I could find were either too expensive or too sassy for my liking, so I decided to improvise using the large binder clips I had lying around. I wrapped the binder clip in gift paper and mounted a photo of my daughter on it. The end result was surprisingly cute.

Embellish large binder clips and use them to display your photos. You save money in this cool photo holder!

Clip a photo and mount it on your desk

6. Use This Hack To Keep Track of Your Ear Buds

You are listening to music on your wired earbuds, then for some reason, you need to let them down to concentrate on what someone is saying to you. But when it’s time to put the earbuds back on, you can’t find them. They have disappeared into your clothes. 

To avoid the hustle of looking for your earbuds, just clip them to your clothes around the neck area, and that way, you’ll always find them hanging around your neck when you need to put them back in and shut the world out.

We used our binder clips to keep track of our earbuds when exercising! Crafters, here’s a tip for you.

Decorate a clip and use it to secure your earbuds

6. Hot Glue Gun Stand

You do not have to lay your hot glue gun directly on the work table where it’ll make a mess or burn the top finish. Use binder clips to help your hot glue guns stand up while you’re working on your projects.

Hot glue gun held up using a file binder clip


7. Use File Binder Clips as Curtain Rings

When it’s time to do a major cleanup, we need to bring those beautiful designer curtains down for a wash. However, you can’t leave the windows bare as you will feel exposed inside your own house. You will need a quick fix to hang up your windows as you wait for the curtains to wash and dry.

Let your bedsheets do double duty by hanging them as curtains. Pair some cheap metal rings and binder clips, and you have a set of cheap curtain rings to hang them from. Clever idea, especially if you like to change out your curtains frequently.

Try it this way, too

8. File Binder Hack For Toothpaste

If you’re a stickler for squeezing toothpaste from the bottom of the tube, ensure things are done your way by rolling it up and using a binder clip at the end of the toothpaste tube. Even your annoying partner who keeps forgetting and smashing up the entire tube when it’s their turn to brush will have no choice but to follow your bottom-up way of squeezing out the paste.

9. Use Your File Binder Clip As A Keyboard Stand 

Keyboard legs are so flimsy! Make your own if yours are broken by putting binder clips on the bottom of your keyboard. It’s all about ergonomics, people…

Flat keyboards are killer on your wrists! Use file binder clips to make small stands at the back of the keyboard to get that so comfortable slant towards you that will have you typing with ease for hours.

10. Protect Your Razor Using A File Binder Clip

You lost that plastic cover that came with your shaving razor, if you just throw the razor in your bag, it’s going to blunt or clog the blades or you are bound to cut something else in the bag. Worry not, file binder clip to the rescue.

Travel-proof your razor by placing a binder clip over the blade.

travel proof your razor using a file binder clip

11. Organize Your Accessories Using These File Binder Clip Hacks

When traveling, small accessories always get lost in the bag. “I could have sworn I carried an entire set of bobby pins but I can only find two,” is something you have probably found yourself muttering and cursing in the hotel room. Next time, just bundle these accessories up with a file binder clip before tossing them in the bag.

Use binder clips to keep your hair accessories and jewelry organized when traveling. Use them on bobby pins, hair bands, rings, bracelets, etc.

Organize your travel accessories inside the bag using file binder clips

12. Its Tea Time

Don’t you just hate it when the teabag in your tea sloshes around in the cup as you drink and even splash your mouth with hot tea? Don’t you just wish there was a way you could keep the teabag in place on one side of the cup where it won’t interfere with your ritualistic drinking?

Keep tea bags in your tea while you drink it with a binder clip on the side of your cup.

Keep the teabag in your cup without worries

13. Money Clip

I found a small gold-coated file binder clip and it was perfect for holding my money in the pocket. I just fold the bills into half and clip on the creased side. You would never tell that its a cheap file binder clip holding my money just looking at it.

14. Hang Your Boots  And Gloves Using a File Binder Clip

My boots have ears at the back that are used for tugging the foot into the boot. I found another use for these ears, whereby, I used them to hang up the boots in the closet. This was perfect as my shoe rack cannot take these high boots.

The trick works just as well for those heavy-duty cleaning gloves.

Hang rubber gloves in the closet using file binder clips

15. File Binder Clip in The Fridge

When I have time on the weekend, I prepare meals and keep them in individual bags in the fridge for the entire week. The fridge can get choke-full quite soon, but, don’t buy a bigger fridge just yet. I use the wire rack to hang some bags of food securing them with file binder clips. 

Organize Your fridge by hanging bags of food using clips

16. Bonus Hack; Hold Your Table Covers Down Using Clips

I love a BBQ evening where we spread out the picnic table with meats, breads, veggies, and glasses of fresh-squeezed orange juice. But my backyard can get extra windy which has messed up the table once or twice. Well, that was before my auntie took some file binder clips and used them to secure the table cover to the edges of the table. Now, I just sit back and enjoy the breeze not worried about it turning into a hurricane.

Video: 4 Genius Binder Clip Hacks

I made a short video for you showing 4 genius binder clip hacks you’ll wish you had known sooner!

Use binder clips in the freezer to hang your bags of frozen veggies and fruits that haven’t been completely used up. Hang your cleaning gloves inside your cabinet between uses.

15 insanely smart binder clip tricks; collage of drying sponge, fridge orgainzer, gloves hanging in close and teabag all mounted on binder clips

One Crazy House Has Many More Simple Hacks Just For You:

What other binder clips hacks do you do at home?

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