How to vacuum? What if I tell you that even if you vacuum your floors regularly, you might not be cleaning them well? Are you sure you are reaching all those tight spaces? Do you regularly clean your vacuum cleaner? Does your house smell great after you’re done? If you can’t confidently answer “Yes” to those questions, don’t worry! We’re here to save the day! These vacuum hacks will help you improve your cleaning, save time and they will leave your house smelling wonderful!

With our vacuum hacks list you’ll learn how to easily make the room and the vacuum cleaner smells better, how to clean the tightest dust and hardest-to-reach spaces or how to find that long-lost earring.

Oh, and we have a list of carpet hacks you’ll want to check out while you’re here, too!

12 Totally Genius Vacuuming Hacks Every Clean Freak Should Know

Mind-Blowing How To Vacuum Hacks for Neat Freaks That Will Transform The Way You Clean Your House Forever

1. Perfectly Clean Roller Vacuum Brush Hacks

If you have long hair, long pet-hair, and kids with long hair, that are also into DIY bracelets, your vacuum is your best friend. At least mine is always on stand-by. But the thing is, that hair, string or debris tend to get stuck on the vacuum’s roller brush, affecting the quality of the vacuuming in a very negative way. In this case, you’ll need to clean your roller brush (which is not such a hard process after all). That’s why I know you’ll love this vacuum hack!

Try using a seam ripper  or scissors to cut away all the string, hair, and dirt that are tangling your vacuum’s roller brush and its bristles. It doesn’t take much time to do it and your vacuum will work so much better. A cleaning tip that’s totally worth trying out! Spray the brush with a water-and-vinegar solution if it isn’t removable. Wait for the brush to dry for 24 hours before using it.

seam ripper and vacuum roller tangled with strings and debris
Use a Seam Ripper to Clean Brush Head of Vacuum from Real Simple

2. Vacuum Your House to Find That Lost Earring (Or Any Other Tiny Object)

Have you lost another earring? This time it’s the one you inherited from your grandma and you love this pair so much? There’s no room for panic! Crawling around looking for your tiny piece of jewelry will take quite a lot of your time and you may pass it multiple times without even noticing. That’s why we’re here to share with you one of the best vacuum hacks ever.

Cover the vacuum hose with nylons, then vacuum the room. You’ll find that little precious earring in a few minutes and you’ll save yourself some crawling. Already sounds like a plan, right?

vacuum hose with nylon to find missing earring

3. An After Vacuum Hack to Fix Your Carpet Indentations

In our house (and probably yours, too), vacuuming comes hand-in-hand with moving heavy objects around (like the big heavy dinner table, for example). One thing that I hate seeing is the marks left on the carpet from these heavy objects. They are such an eye-sore for me and I can’t seem to take my attention off them, once I notice they are there.

But I found an easy way to fix them! I would have never thought that placing ice cubes on carpet indentations would help the carpet strands stand straighter on their own!

So, if you’re inspired to move a few things around your house after you vacuum, you’ll no longer have to worry about those annoying marks on your carpets. Because with this carpet tip they’ll be gone in minutes, leaving your carpet immaculate, as if they never were there in the first place.

ice on carpet indentations

4. Use a Fork to Make Your Carpet Fluffy Again

You might chuckle at this vacuum hack. I know I did. Just the thought of seeing someone using a fork to fluff the carpet is… a little funny! But it is truly worth the try because it really does the work and it does it very, very well!

If the ice cube trick doesn’t bring you the results you want, try giving your carpet a little extra “oomph” with a fork or comb. You’ll be surprised by the effect! Your carpet will look as good as new with minimal effort. Yay!

fluffing carpet with a fork

5. Natural Ingredients Vacuum Hacks To Keep Bad Odors Away

Every once in a while, we have to vacuum surfaces that don’t exactly smell like a summer day. Especially with small kids and pets in the house. Mattresses are just one example but this vacuum hack works on pretty much all textiles.

To avoid bad smells in your house and your vacuum smell, harness the power of baking soda. When you’re vacuuming stinky surfaces, sprinkle them thoroughly with baking soda. You can add a few drops of essential oils like lemongrass or thyme to a cup of baking soda in a spray bottle if you’d like to add an extra pinch of freshness.

This simple trick will keep foul odors at bay both in your home and in the vacuum! Two birds with one rock!

vacuuming a mattress covered with baking soda with essential oils

6. Vacuum Hacks With a Dryer Sheet for Extra Freshness

Have you ever read a cleaning tip online and said to yourself: “How could I not think of that?” Well, this is one of the vacuum hacks that blew me away with their simplicity and effectiveness.

If you have a smelly vacuum cleaner, a dryer sheet or fabric softener sheet or paper towel or some orange peel provides you with an easy fix for the funky smell. When changing your vacuum bag, toss in a dryer sheet in the hole where the bag is attached to the vacuum. It’s so simple! You’ll get a nice, fresh scent every time you use it to clean your house! (Oh, and we have more dryer sheet tricks you don’t want to miss!)

dryer sheet in vacuum bag-100-min
Fix a Smelly Vacuum with a Dryer Sheet from Apartment Therapy

7. Vacuum Hack to Leave Your House Smelling Fresh Every Time You Clean

Putting a dryer sheet in the vacuum bag is a great tip. But the smell lasts for a few weeks and fades away.

What if there’s another very simple way to leave your vacuum smelling great and smelling for a few months? Well, there is! Drop some Downy Unstopables (about 12 pieces) or use commercial deodorants in your vacuum bag and you’ll be amazed how wonderful your vacuum and your house will smell every time you clean!

air freshner in vacuum bag

8. Use a Cardboard Tube to Vacuum Clean All Tight Spaces

Cardboard tube hacks are among my favorite tips to put into practice! The reason behind that is they are always brilliant and always so easy to make!

For example, this vacuum hack. When you want to clean those really tight crevices, attach a cardboard tube to your vacuum hose. You can smush it to fit even the tightest spots. Now, these door and window frames will finally be sparkling clean in seconds! Woohoo!

 vacuuming tight spaces with a cardboard tube

9. A Sauce Bottle to Vacuum Your Computer Keyboard

Wouldn’t it be so easy, if you could use your vacuum to clean those tight little spaces between your computer keyboard keys? Or your phone’s microphone? Or all the other electronic gadgets?

You can do it with this simple hack! Use a condiment bottle top on your vacuum’s hose to clean all those tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Genius!

ketchup bottle top on vacuum cleaner hose
Use a Condiment Bottle Top on Your Vacuum Hose to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places from Guff

10. Vacuum Cleaning Tips For a Better Working Vacuum

When was the last time you gave your vacuum cleaner a thorough cleaning? Like a really deep, deep cleaning? Never? Me neither! Until…

Until there was a very nasty smell every time I cleaned with the vacuum due to humidity and mold build up. That was the moment I realized I had to roll my sleeves and dive into cleaning the vacuum. And this tutorial showed me exactly how to make the best of my efforts. This tutorial suits all kinds of vacuums from bagless vacuum cleaners to the most traditional ones.

In the end, my vacuum smelled better and worked way better than before! How could one not love the great vacuum hacks that really work!

deep cleaning the vacuum cleaner
How to Deep Clean Your Vacuum from Clean Mama

11. Brilliant Vacuum Hacks for a Clean House That Smells Amazing

Never waste an opportunity to leave your house smelling fantastic every time you vacuum with this simple essential oil hack!

What materials do you need?

  • Essential oils (of your choice)
  • Cotton balls

What do you have to do?

  • Soak a few cotton balls in essential oil
  • Drop them in a vacuum bag or dirt canister.
  • Clean and enjoy a fresh scent every time you clean!

Quick and easy! And it will leave your house smelling amazing!

Don’t have essential oil at hand? Use one of the common spices at home – CINNAMON!

essential oils on cotton ball in vacuum bag
Add Essential Oils to Your Vacuum from Abadabing

12. Clean Play Dough From Your Carpet With This Vacuum Hack

If you’re a parent, you have definitely had nightmares that featured play dough. I am pretty sure we all did. One of mine was that the kids spread it on my favorite shaggy carpet. I woke up in cold sweat, thankful that it was just a dream…

vacuuming hacks collage vacuum hose with nylon to find small items, vacuuming play dough from carpet

Then, one day it happened. The kids got too excited with the play dough they were playing with and a big part of it ended on my favorite shaggy carpet.

After the initial shock, I decided to check for cleaning tips about how to quickly and effortlessly remove play dough from carpets. I was surprised to find a simple trick to vacuum play dough out of the carpet.

The secret is to let it dry first. This way it breaks up easier with the brush attachment. Just be extra cautious and try to avoid walking on the play dough while you’re waiting for it to dry!

vacuum hacks clean play dough from carpet

12 Must-Know Vacuum Hacks Everyone Should Know To Clean Your House Like a Professional

vacuum hacks collage seam ripper with a vacuum roller, ice on carpet indentations, vacuum cleaner with cotton balls with essential oils

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