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You volunteered (or were coerced) to decorate for and upcoming event. Maybe it’s a class year-end party, a graduation reception, a baby shower, a wedding shower, or even a wedding. Or maybe you just wanted to bring some style and class into your home. Whatever the case, you needed quick, easy, and budget-friendly decoration ideas so you decided to hit up your local dollar store and get some vases (because what’s easier than a vase). But no what? How can can you bring some color into your decorations without spending hours painting or gluing? Well rest assured we’ve got you covered. We found 18 vase filler ideas that are elegant and classy yet, very easy to do.


18 Gorgeous Vase Filler Ideas

Easy Vase Filler Ideas to Make Your Home More Beautiful

Split peas are a beautiful green color that’s just perfect for spring!

vase filler ideas 1


Here the branches are partially concealed by moss balls, willow balls and burlap covered balls. Lovely!

vase filler ideas 2


Stones and water add an elegant touch to a large hurricane vase filled with tall pillar candles.

vase filler ideas 3


Wine corks fill the space between these large and small cylinders, and a candle is added to the center for a warm and rustic look.

vase filler ideas 4


Cover styrofoam balls in colorful thumbtacks and add them to your vase. They look terrific alone or mixed in with other balls.

vase filler ideas 5


Fill a vase with sand and seashells to add nautical flair to any room.

vase filler ideas 6


Coffee beans are not only dark and rustic — perfect for fall — but they give off a wonderful aroma, too!

vase filler ideas 7


Cereal and gumballs are fun, colorful vase fillers that are perfect for a kid’s party or shower.

vase filler ideas 8


Bouncy balls are another colorful idea for children’s parties. How fun is this arrangement?

vase filler ideas 15


Make an arrangement for your child’s room or for a classroom using alphabet magnets as a vase filler. Isn’t it cute?

vase filler ideas 9


Use Scrabble tiles for a more adult version.

vase filler ideas 17


Balls and spools of twine, thread and yarn make a charming display.

vase filler ideas 10


Spray paint pinto beans (or use them as is) to fill up vases. Add berries, twigs or anything else you’d like.

vase filler ideas 11


Dye cheap rock salt to look like gemstones around your candles. This idea is frugal enough to easily change them out for every season or holiday.

vase filler ideas 12


Create a patriotic display with red, white and “blue” (black) beans.

vase filler ideas 13


Shredded sheet music adds a classy touch to any floral arrangement.

vase filler ideas 14


Fill a vase with branches and then top with flowers. It’s the perfect balance of feminine and masculine elements.

vase filler ideas 16


Finally, don’t overlook fruits! Apples, kiwis, oranges, lemons and lots of other fruit make wonderful (and fragrant) vase fillers.

vase filler ideas 18

Whatever the occasion (or non-occasion), whatever the season, these vase fillers are perfect for your needs. They are so beautifully easy that they can be done in bulk, or for just a few vases around the home. But best of all, they are very in expensive so not only will you vases be full, but so will your wallet.

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