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Your bedroom should be your safe haven – the place you go to relax and unwind after a long, busy day. But if clutter and chaos are taking over your space, you’ll find your bedroom is anything but a comfort. Get inspired by these bedroom organization ideas to turn your space into a tidy, welcoming space that you’ll look forward to every night.

19 Brilliant Bedroom Organization Ideas

Brilliant Bedroom Organization Ideas

Before you even try to organize your bedroom, consider doing a room purge. Get rid of everything you don’t need and that you don’t absolutely love. You’ll be surprised at how freeing it is!

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Install floating corner shelves to maximize oddly-shaped vertical spaces.

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Need a cool way to organize your shoes? This ladder shoe shelf is a great way to display your shoe collection (you know you love it!) while keeping everything tidy.

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Install a painted pegboard to hang accessories, pictures, bags and anything else you can imagine. (Check out our other pegboard ideas!)

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Many of us are guilty of shoving things under the bed, but that’s not exactly a good plan for organization. A better plan? This DIY platform bed with built-in storage. So smart.

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If you have a traditional bed, you can always slide some plastic bins underneath to store extra blankets, etc. This plastic bin is on wheels to make it easier to access stored items.

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This clever lady turned an IKEA bookshelf into window seating with storage. It’s brilliant and beautiful and works for adult or kid bedrooms!

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Instead of piling magazines on your nightstand, use a wall-mounted magazine file instead.

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Build storage towers around the headboard and ditch the nightstand altogether.

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Turn a wooden tray into the best jewelry organizer EVER! Install some knobs, and add boxes in the bottom to hold the stuff that doesn’t need to hang.

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Or try a mirror that doubles as jewelry storage. Here’s a tutorial to help you create your own!

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Install hooks on the side of a dresser or nightstand to hang necklaces, bracelets and scarves.

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Have a bedroom that doubles as an office? Closed storage is where it’s at. You can hide lots of clutter behind doors or curtains, and the space still feels tidy.

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Add a small desk at the foot of the bed to keep your laptop and paperwork off the bed where you need to just relax.

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If you have the space, consider adding laundry hampers to your closet. It’ll keep them out of other rooms, and it’s a natural spot for them since you’re likely getting dressed/undressed near the closet, anyway.

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Ideas for Organizing the Kids’ Rooms

Create a reading nook with lots of comfy pillows for sitting and baskets for books. The rain gutter shelving is genius! What a cheap and pretty way to display their favorite books.

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And here’s a handy idea for storing and displaying LEGO mini-figures (or toy cars… whatever your child has way too many of).

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Label bins with helpful symbols to teach kids where to put their things. See the bins for pajamas and socks? Adorable!

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Add shelves to the bottom of the closet to make the most use of that space. You can keep toys out of sight on shelves or in bins so the floor is less cluttered.

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