If you’re a child of the 80s (I must be pretty old.. Haha), you’ve probably used plenty of hairspray in your time. This was done for the culture. You had to be loyal to the culture and no excuses were made for this. Ah, the days of hair teased as high as the heavens. Oh, man! The good olden days! Someone take me back! But did you know, apart from spraying your hair and giving it that glow and a moist scalp, that hairspray is useful for lots of other things, too? Hairspray hacks are that is ideal for you like a lady.

You don’t have to limit it to your hair only since you can become as creative with it as you are allowed to. What is important is just having the spray and you get to explore a lot. From beauty tricks to laundry savers, here are 13 hairspray hacks that no girl should be without. The sound of that is definitely intriguing.

13 Hairspray Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hairspray Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

1.Hairspray for Polished Nails

I am betting you have never heard of this hack. Well, neither have I. It is interesting to learn that you can magically Dry your nails faster! After applying two coats of your favorite polish, let your nails dry for a minute. Spray hairspray on them (from about 8-10 inches away) wait another minute or two, then wash your hands. Done! I swear this is a total game-changer for me and folks whose nails are always yearning for fresh polish immediately after getting one. We now can look good within a few minutes.

Hairspray hack for nail polish to dry faster

2. Hairspray For Curtains Hack

Oh my! Do you mean hairspray can be used on fabrics? How amazing! Simply spray your curtains to keep them looking great. The hairspray layer apparently helps deter dust and you can have them on your windows linger than normal time. Apart from this, the hairspray also makes them get straightened up and thus you don’t have to pull them down for ironing whenever they form creases. And this doe not leave your curtains to dump in any way as the sprayed part gets to dry up almost immediately. How genius of an idea!

Hairspray hack to keep dust off curtains

3. Label Remover Hairspray Hack

Do you have containers that you need to reuse but that have labels on them? Worry not! We got you some easy way to remove the label. Easily spray it with hairspray as you peel it away. The hairspray takes away the tackiness of the glue within no time and you can now use your can/container for storage purposes. Actually creating a happy jar sounds great. I can’t wait to try this with my labeled jars and use them all around the house. Finally, I don’t have to keep them away coz of the labels.

Hairspray Hacks For Removal of Labels on Containers
Image courtesy of Influenster

4. Stains Removal Using Hairspray

Remember that white tank top of yours that you’re recently stained with your lipstick? You can get rid of the stain in a jiffy. Remove lipstick stain off your laundry with a few steps. Saturate the stain with hairspray, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then launder the item. Voila! Your cloth is as clean as nothing ever happened. For clothes that can’t be washed in a machine spray the area and wipe them with a cloth that is damp or a bit wet. Even the matte lipstick does not beat this spray hack as it comes off easily as well.

Lipstick removal as one of hairspray hacks

5. Hairspray Hack For Threading Your Needle

How irking it gets trying to force thread in the eye of a needle! You almost always feel like giving up on the effort all the time but today you won’t. Everything has been made easier for you. Simply spray your thread with hairspray to help it get through your needle faster. It saves you time and you don’t get frustrated by threads that fray all the time. Just a little spraying of the thread’s end ensures it gets through the needle eye faster than usual. And you are good to go with your sewing and repair or design your clothes. I can hear someone jumping out of joy thinking of how their next fashion project will be a whole lot easier.

Here’s another tutorial that shows how easy hairspray makes threading a needle!

Hairspray hack to make thread go through needle eye faster

6. Bobby Pins Hairspray Hack

All the ladies in the house, this is for you. Your hair needs this survival trick whenever you need to style or fasten it with pins. Do you feel like your pins always feel unfasten and easily slip off? Just spray bobby pins with hairspray first to help them get a better grip on your hair. You can imagine a whole day having your pins on your hair without worry about them getting off. How convenient. Styling your hair will never be any easier than this. Let me try it on my kid and see this for myself.

Hairspray hack to fasten bobby pins

7. Hairspray Leather Stains Removal Trick

Did your kiddo write on your leather furniture? And you are sick worried about how you will get rid of it?  Well well, relax folks. Hairspray gets out ink stains on leather, too. Your favorite leather jacket or seat has been rescued with this hairspray hack. And owing to the fragile nature of leather as a fabric, the spray helps the wiping to be as gentle and easy to come out without insertion of a lot of energy and work on the stained part. The savior of the day award goes to our hairspray!

Ink stains on leather seats or fabric hairspray remover hack

8. Static Cling Elimination With Hairspray Hack

Static cling can be so uncomfortable. Way uncomfortable that it feels itchy and since you can’t bear embarrassing yourself in public or around friends, you shy from scratching yourself. Here is a way out of this messy and uncomfortable situation. Spray hairspray on sweaters, skirts, tights, or any other cloth to eliminate static cling. This comes so handy, especially in winter! Get comfortable in your favorite piece of cloth with this hairspray hack. Such a lifesaver!

Removal of static cling on fabrics by use of hairspray

9. Hairspray as Slippery Shoes Fixer

Another of the interesting hairspray hacks is on shoes and mostly heels and flip flops for you darlings! Keep your feet from slipping in heels and flip flops by spraying them with hairspray before putting your shoes on. Your sweaty legs won’t be a bother anymore as the spray works magic. Get adorned in your pretty shoes for that date or a simple nature walk without having to worry whether your shoes will remain intact.

keep feet from slipping with one of the genius hairspray hacks
Image courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady

10. Hairspray Hack to Prevent Shoelaces Untying

As a kid, I struggled to have my shoelaces intact. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. I see the same struggle with my kids and I really would love to help them out. Good thing is that in my internet escapades I came across a way of helping them out. I can’t keep calm about my finding. Of the numerous hairspray hacks this one of spraying your shoelaces to keep them from untying interested me a whole lot. What a great hack especially for kids in sports and even for some adults who never to get their shoelaces intact all day.

Hairspray hack to help keep shoelaces intact
Image courtesy of Varsity.TV

11. Hairspray to Set Your Brows

Getting your makeup done in the morning is every lady’s narrative. Well, at times it turns out well and admittedly other times it turns out bad. We always look for ways to better our makeup routine and here folks is one such way for your eyebrows. Use hairspray for your makeup hack to tame your brows. Simply spray a clean mascara wand (or toothbrush) with hairspray, and apply it to your unruly brows. They get stronger and achieve that natural sheen that leaves you looking stunning and confident all together.

Brows taming with hairspray hack
Image courtesy of Lilluna

12. Hairspray Hack to Preserve Flowers

Flowers are a natural aesthetic to your home décor. Though they don’t last for as long as you would wish. However, they can be kept alive far longer than their usual expiration date with a hairspray trick worth knowing. So tara! Keep fresh-cut flowers looking great longer by applying hairspray to them every couple of days. They become more firm and take long before they finally wither and die. My tulips are my experiment for this hack. I have them lying in my backyard garden and would love to see them in my living room. So here we go!

Hairspray Hack for Flower Preservation

13. Christmas Wreath Preservative

Christmas wreaths are just it for your season’s mood. However, the natural ones don’t last as long since their needles easily come off. This doesn’t have to be the case for you. Preserve your Christmas wreath by using hairspray on it! The hairspray helps seal in the wreath’s moisture, allowing the needles to hold on longer. It simply acts like glue for the wreath and allows you to hold on to it longer. My next Christmas wreath is definitely getting sprayed with hairspray. It needs it for longevity.

Preserving Christmas wreaths using hairspray hack

I bet you enjoyed these extremely amazing  hairspray hacks and would also love the following tricks as well:

Get all creative coz ‘unique and different is the next generation of beautiful’ – Sista Wig.


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