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Have you cleaned out your drawers and closets lately? You may have found lots of accessories in piles or boxes that you can’t seem to find a place for. If you need to overhaul your collection of jewelry or scarves, you’ll love what we’ve found! With 16 ways to organize accessories, you’ll never have to dig through a tangled mess again.

16 Amazingly Clever Ways to Organize Accessories

Make a fabulous jewelry organizer with leftover trim boards, some hooks and screws.

accessories organization 1

via Sugar Bee Crafts

Hang sunglasses and jewelry inside frames. What a beautiful display! You’ll need to add string across the width of the frame for sunglasses.

accessories organization 5

via Place of My Taste

Use a coat rack to hang necklaces and bracelets from.

accessories organization 2

via Real Simple

Repurpose an old wine rack to hold clutches and handbags.

accessories organization 6

via Salvage Life

Shower curtain rings are great for hanging heavy, bulky items like purses and tote bags.

accessories organization 3

via Real Simple

Add some short towel bars to the side wall of your closet (valuable unused space) to hang your purses.

accessories organization 7

via Design Build Love

Corral belts in a clear glass vase so you can see all of your belts at once.

accessories organization 4

via Real Simple

A metal sheet and a pretty frame are all you need to create this DIY earring holder. Isn’t it lovely?

accessories organization 8

via Place of My Taste

This clever blogger used a piece of rain gutter guard for earring storage instead. That’s smart and easy!

accessories organization 9

via Blue Cricket Design

Install a hanging basket in your closet for scarves, belts and other accessories. Love this idea… it’s low-maintenance!

accessories organization 10

via Redbook

Put drapery tie backs on the back of your closet door to hang multiple scarves on.

accessories organization 11

via Thrifty Decor Chick

I never thought I’d want chicken wire in my house, but this diy jewelry organizer is the epitome of chic.

accessories organization 12

via Inspired By This

Install pretty knobs in your closet to hang bags, belts, jewelry, etc.

accessories organization 13

via I Heart Organizing

Organize tights and hosiery by tying them on clothes hangers like this.

accessories organization 14

via What I Wore

If you’d like something a little prettier (and rustic) for your accessories, you have to take a look at this distressed jewelry and scarf organizer. It’s big enough forĀ all of your accessories.

accessories organization 15

via A Girl and a Glue Gun

Keep an eye out for a thread rack at a yard sale or craft store. They make great jewelry organizers!

accessories organization 16

via One Good Thing

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