No doubt you have a colander or two in your kitchen, but if you spot one at a thrift shop or yard sale, pick it up! They’re incredibly useful in the garden, but with a coat of paint and a little imagination, a colander can make a beautiful addition to your decor, too. In fact, we’ve found 16 new ways to use a colander that we think you’ll love! And check out our post on ways to use spice racks while you’re here.

16 New Ways to Use a Colander

Ways to Upcycle a Colander

Use a colander to scoop up your kids’ bathtub toys before you drain the tub. Then sit it in the tub once it’s empty to let the toys drip dry. (Get more tips on bath toy organization.)

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via Real Simple

Turn one into a chic planter. It provides great drainage, and with a coat of paint, can look very nice hanging on your porch.

ways to use a colander 2

via The Microgardener

This wall of colander light fixtures is super cool!

ways to use a colander 11
Colander Wall Light Fixtures from Decorator’s Notebook

When you’re working on a project with several colors of yarn, thread each color through a hole in the colander. It keeps them from getting tangled while you work.

ways to use a colander 17

via Pop Sugar

Turn a colander into a stylish lamp for your kitchen.

ways to use a colander 3

via Shelterness

Make a tinkling wind chime out of a colander, beads and old silverware. I love how they sound on a breezy day!

ways to use a colander 12

via Wallace Gardens

Wash your delicates in a colander. This is especially handy for fabrics that you don’t want to wring dry because they might stretch. Need more laundry tips?

ways to use a colander 10
Wash Your Delicates in a Colander from Real Simple

via Real Simple

Display your cake pops at a party. So smart!

ways to use a colander 4

via wikiHow

Put some straws and your colander in front of your toddler for fun fine motor practice.

ways to use a colander 5

via Kids Activities Blog

Turn them into hanging baskets for fruit, kitchen utensils, etc.

ways to use a colander 13

via Bob Vila

This uses a basket, but a colander will work just as well. Hang it from a tree, put some flubber in, and let your kids get messy.

ways to use a colander 16

via Juggling with Kids

Keep bugs away from your food when you’re eating outdoors. You’ll want to use one with tiny holes.

ways to use a colander 8
Keep Bugs Away from Your Food with a Colander from Real Simple

Make a tiered stand with two colanders and a candlestick. Farmhouse chic at its finest!

ways to use a colander 6

via Anastasia Vintage

Put a colander of ice on top of your ice bucket. As the water melts, it will drain right off. That’s genius!

ways to use a colander 7
Put a Colander On Top of Your Ice Bucket from Real Simple

via Real Simple

Arrange a bouquet or centerpiece for your table. This would look lovely at a country-style wedding.

ways to use a colander 14

via DIY Crafty Projects

Here’s a fun idea for summer: Attach a colander to a helmet and try to catch water balloons. I’m recommending this one for our family reunion!

ways to use a colander 15

via Parties 4 Me

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