When it comes to organization, tackling big projects can be completely overwhelming. The truth is, organization starts with the small things, like your storage spaces. When closets and drawers are organized, it’s easier to put things away and eliminate clutter. So let’s start small. Start with the drawers in your home. We’ve found some great drawer organization ideas that will inspire you to tidy up everything from the junk drawer to the utensil drawer.

15 Drawer Organization Ideas to Tidy Up All Your Stuff

Drawer Organization Ideas

Fabric-covered cardboard inserts will make you smile every time you open your drawer.

Repurpose items you already have for drawer organizers. Silicone cupcake liners or egg cartons can help you keep office supplies organized.

Use pieces of PVC piping to organize scarves, socks and ties.

Make your drawers look neater and see all of your clothing options by folding your clothes to stand upright rather than lying flat. (See more laundry hacks!)

Use old boxes (like cereal boxes) to create drawer organizers on the cheap. Cover them with contact paper to add some color. You can fit much more into your drawers when they’re nice and organized.

We love the diy diagonal dividers in this utensil drawer. What a great way to fit in utensils of all different sizes!

drawer organization ideas 2

Who says store-bought organizers have to be expensive? You can get several Dollar Store baskets for just a few dollars, and that’s enough to organize a couple of drawers!

Cut wood lathes to create sections in your drawers. You’ll have a completely custom look for just a few dollars. Can’t beat that!

Cardboard inserts are another easy and frugal way to create custom drawers.

Here’s an easier version that you can easily adjust to fit the contents of the drawer whenever they change.

drawer organization ideas 3

How to Organize Every Drawer in Your Home

Don’t just use flatware organizers in your silverware drawer. They’re handy for organizing junk drawers and desk drawers, too.

Small bowls and baskets can help keep your nightstand tidy.

Label drawer sections, especially if you have kids that will be using the drawers, too. This helps everyone remember where everything should go.

labels freebie banner2 small

For your bathroom drawers, put items used daily in the top drawers, and those used less frequently in the drawers below. It’ll save you a lot of time digging through things each morning and evening.

I always wondered what those small tupperware containers could be used for. Put them in your drawers for odds and ends like paperclips, buttons, binder clips, etc.

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