For those nights when you’ve spent all your energy working, cleaning, taking care of the kids, or just running around trying to get everything done, dinner needs to be super easy. Luckily, we’ve found some amazing 15 minute meal recipes that you can cook and have on the table faster than you can go get takeout.
15 Meals You Can Make in Just 15 Minutes

Our Favorite 15 Minute Meal Recipes You Can Make

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1. One Pot Pasta that is a Family Favorite

For a great meatless Monday meal, try this yummy and oh-so-simple Mushroom Spinach Pasta. Simple ingredients, great delicious dinner!

2. Grilled Lime Chicken to Dinner Rescue in Record Time

Fire up the grill to make Cumin Lime Chicken. It’s healthy and tasty. Pair it with a simple salad for a complete meal in just 15 minutes! Add a bit of fresh basil as a final touch.

3. Shrimp Linguine that is Ready in a Flash

This 15 Minute Shrimp Linguine looks fancy enough to serve to guests with some wine and crusty bread, but you can throw it together in 15 minutes. You can also serve this with rice and a soup on the side. Amazing!

4. Super Quick Gnocchi for Dinner

Gnocchi With Ham in Butter Garlic Sauce is the perfect dish for a busy evening. Serve it with a garden salad on the side. Oh how we love veggies!

15 minute dinner ideas

Fast Dinner Recipes in 15 Minutes or Less

5. Quick Crispy Shrimp Tacos

The whole family will love Crispy Shrimp Tacos. What a great variation for taco night! It beats sandwiches sometimes. You can also insert some tortillas, as desired.

6. Bean Tostadas for Busy Nights

And don’t forget to add these frugal and tasty Bean Tostadas to your menu plan. Your oven will have a break when you serve this one. You can add avocado on the side if you want.

Here’s another way to make them!

7. Fancy Quesadillas that are Surprisingly Fast

Encourage your kids to eat more fruit with delicious Apple and Cheddar Quesadillas! Such healthy sandwiches are always the best.

8. Quick & Easy Spaghetti

You can’t go wrong with bacon and spaghetti noodles in this Easy Spaghetti Carbonara. This classic pasta dish tastes best with the perfect blend of peppers and spices.

9. Mac & Cheese with Whatever on the Side

Okay, so mac and cheese isn’t really a meal, but throw in some already cooked chicken strips, and serve with a salad, and this Green Chile Mac and Cheese can easily become one of your favorite weeknight dinners. I’d say honey garlic chicken will make an awesome side.

15 Minute Dinner Ideas

Oh So Quick Dinner Ideas in Minutes

10. BBQ Pizza that is Quicker than Delivery

Use some leftover chicken (or get a rotisserie chicken from the store) to make BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza in just 15 minutes. Grab some flatbread (or mix some flour mixture for dough) and you’re ready to go. Yum!

11. Pasta Primavera that is Both Tasty & Speedy

Get you kids to eat their vegetables with this delicious, veggie-packed Creamy Pasta Primavera. Tasty 15 minute dinner ideas! Special note, you can drop an egg or a bit of lemon juice in there for a twist.

12. Chicken Stir Fry Even if You Have More Time to Cook…it is THAT Good

For some Asian flair, make this simple 15-Minute meal idea – Chicken Stir Fry using pre-cooked chicken strips. Better than pesto.

Here’s another way to make it!

13. Something Sriracha…Need I Say More?

Give meatballs some Asian flavor with this Asian Orzo with Apricot-Sriracha Sauce and Chicken-Sausage Meatballs. I love any excuse to use Sriracha.

14. Italian Skillet in a Flash

A Cheesy Italian Pasta Skillet will save the day when you’re super busy. Great with tomatoes (not tomato soup, just tomato sauce)!

15 minute meal ideas

15. Fast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Never have sweet potatoes looked so delicious. These Cheese, Black Beans and Corn-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are bursting with flavor, and it’s a much healthier option than a loaded baked potato.

16. Smoked Sausage Alfredo

For a rich and hearty meal, try Smoked Sausage Alfredo. Chicken, salmon, beef, or any protein would be a delicious alternative in this dish, too!

More Dinner Solutions that are Quick, Easy & the Whole Family Will Love

Which of these 15 minute recipes is your family’s favorite?

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