Improving your home is exciting, but boy, can it take a lot of time and money! Sometimes, doing little projects has a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Take your mailbox, for instance. How does it look? It’s the first thing a lot of people see… is it reflective of your style? Or is it battered, old, and worn? If yours needs a little sprucing up, try these DIY mailbox makeovers for inspiration.

The tutorials, crafts, DIY projects, DIY mailbox ideas, and instructions in this list are so creative you might find it hard to choose which attractive mailbox you’d want to make. Remember that a unique mailbox should reflect your personality, so that it will add more home’s curb appeal. Enjoy these DIY mailbox makeover ideas!

3 photo-collage of Mailbox Makeovers For Instant Curb Appeal - bright and stylish mailbox with hexagonal designs, cast stone mailbox, and mailbox flanked by potted plants.
Mailbox Makeovers For Instant Curb Appeal

DIY Mailbox Makeovers to Improve Your Curb Appeal

1. Easiest Mailbox Makeovers For That Coastal Vibe

As long as they can spray paint and apply some mod podge, anyone can easily pull off this mailbox makeover. An external coat of spray paint in a bright, vibrant light blue and lobster scrapbook paper turns an ordinary mailbox into a coastal mailbox.

Start off by spray painting the exterior of the old mailbox with an outdoor spray in your choice of color hue – I settled for this nautical blue. 3 coats and at least 24 hours of drying time should be just about right to achieve this look. Next, line its interior with some scrapbook paper and outdoor mod podge to protect against the rain that always seems to find its way into the mailbox.

How cute does this mailbox makeover look? And here’s to hoping the mailman won’t be startled by all those lobsters inside, lol!

Mailbox painted on the exterior in light blue and inside covered in lobster scrapbook paper to give it a coastal vibe makeover

2. Add Some Plants For The Most Natural Mailbox Makeovers

Here’s one for nature lovers! Something as simple as a couple of plants around the mailbox can really improve your curb appeal.

Hostas are an excellent choice because of their lush foliage and how easy it is to take care of them – they are super low maintenance and ideal for this mailbox makeover. And because they’re perennials, they’ll always come back bigger and better each year. Mailbox garden? Definitely a yes!

mailbox makeovers - mailbox surrounded by a couple of Hostas plants

3. Instant Mailbox Makeovers Are Also Possible

Just like this DIY mailbox post makeover, which was completed in less than an hour. It just goes to show that the little details make a big difference. All that was done for this instant mailbox makeover was using a spray stain on the posts and making the house numbers pop with green paint.

There are no more excuses for having a drab-looking mailbox when you can get an instant makeover! And I bet that the postman will also be grateful for this mailbox makeover.

Instant mailbox makeover by using spray stain on the mailbox post and a bright color for the house number.

4. Transformational Mailbox Makeovers Can Make Any Heart Sing

You won’t believe the transformation that happened here because this sad mailbox needed a serious makeover! A DIY brick mailbox post! Should you ever inherit a mailbox badly in need of a makeover, here’s what you need to do to achieve this look:

  • Dig a hole and insert a new pole
  • Cover its base with cement and be sure you’re holding the pole up straight before the cement hardens.
  • Once the cement is dry, slide the stone cast over the pole to cover it up.
  • Add the stone cap and keep it in place using epoxy
  • Drill holes for the mailbox holder and screw it in the stone cast
  • Finally, screw in your mailbox to the mailbox holder.

The cast stone gives it an elegant touch, and I kinda dig the reflective numbers below the mailbox rather than on it. I’d say this one is a great choice.

mailbox makeover using cast stone over a wooden pole

5. Frugal Mailbox Makeovers Are A Good Option, Too!

Being cash-strapped ain’t a good enough reason for skipping out on having a welcoming mailbox makeover. Check around your garage and compound to get your mailbox makeover for cheap.

A fresh coat of paint and flower pots on either side of the freshly-painted mailbox simply look fantastic! The pavers around the bottom add a nice touch, too.

frugal mailbox makeovers using a plant holder and a flower pot on each side of the freshly painted mailbox

6. Get Eye-Grabbing Mailbox Makeovers Using Decals

You never know how important mailbox makeovers are until your packages never get delivered because your address wasn’t visible, or your utilities get disconnected over unpaid bills that were never delivered, either.

But worry no more: you can always get that eye-grabbing mailbox makeover with vinyl decals to add a bit of pizzazz without changing your mailbox permanently. And you can easily change them out whenever you’d like.

mailbox makeover with vinyl decals

7. Inexpensive Vintage Mailbox Makeovers

If you’re an old soul like I am, or vintage holds a special place in your heart as it does in mine, why not transfer that vibe into your mailbox makeover?

Stain an old barn beam and add a copper mailbox for that vintage look. How gorgeous does this mailbox look?

mailbox makeover - copper mailbox on stained old barn beam

More Mailbox Makeovers For Instant Curb Appeal

8. Nothing Spells Mailbox Makeovers Better Than A Fresh Coat Of Paint

This house-style mailbox is truly adorable! All that it needed was some freshening-up to the numbers, adding some black and red paint, and a monogram letter to make the mailbox look so much better.

While this is not a newly-built mailbox, you can give your mailbox a makeover with something similar or close enough!

mailbox makeover - house-style mailbox painted in white and black with red accents

9. How About Some Landscaping For Modern Mailbox Makeovers?

The beauty about mailbox makeovers is that they don’t require a lot yet they give your house an instant curb appeal. All that’s needed is some thought, planning, and simple execution. Like this landscaped mailbox with simple purple flowers and pretty pavers around the bottom.

landscaped mailbox makeover with pavers and flowers at its base

10. Use Black & Gold For Stylish Mailbox Makeovers

Yeah. That’s about right. Black and gold is classic and isn’t about to go out of style. You no longer have to settle for boring because you can pair your mailbox with seasonal items to make it the star of your yard. Now no one can miss seeing your mailbox – not even from a mile away!

mailbox makeovers - mailbox painted in black with gold accents with some pumpkins at its base

11. Some Mailbox Makeovers Will Definitely Brighten Anyone’s Day

Like this mailbox makeover. Can you imagine how much you’d smile looking at your striped mailbox in these bright colors?

Or how this mailbox would brighten the mailman’s day each time he comes around to deliver your mail? Don’t just settle on one color when you can give your mailbox a pop of colors. Now, this is THE mailbox makeover I can’t wait to try out!

But wait! Does it mean I might have to start looking for a new neighborhood? Not yet – it just means that my house won’t be one to be easily missed – How’s that for instant curb appeal!

mailbox makeovers - striped mailbox in bright gay colors

12. Simple Mailbox Makeover To Significantly Upscale Boring Black Mailbox

You just won’t believe that this beauty started off as a boring black mailbox.  Now no one has an excuse or reason to get stuck with a boring mailbox. Trust white paint and hexagonal details to give it a stylish mailbox makeover.

Wait till you see how easy it is to replace the pull with a personalized one and add all those little details! The little details REALLY count and I’m sure the mailman will appreciate this bright and stylish mailbox.

We all could do with stylish but durable mailboxes after all, right? mailbox makeovers - White mailbox with hexagonal details

13. Could Anyone Get It Wrong With Ombre Mailbox Makeovers?

Ombre is one of my favorite color graduations. I find it natural and somewhat inviting. Okay, don’t think I’m crazy just yet. Think of the blue sky and the ocean. These two beautiful natural phenomena have the ombre effect and I kinda want people to feel like they’re looking at the open seas when they pass by my mailbox.

If you’re like me, don’t sit there sad thinking that you’re not very artistic. Make the ombre look work for you and you will adore this ombre mailbox makeover. You can do this with any color, but the blue is stunning. Clearly, the ocean’s got a serious hold on me!

blue ombre mailbox on a white mailbox post

14. Wooden Mailbox Makeovers Are Sometimes All A Curb Needs

While modern mailboxes are designed to be practical more than they’re attractive, there’s no reason that you can’t give yours a makeover to achieve both qualities and instantly increase your curb appeal.

See what we mean – this modern wood slat mailbox with a stained wood setting would look magnificent with a log home or any other rustic home style, but honestly, who wouldn’t love this at their curbside? It only takes a bit of skill to install, is perfectly sturdy, and WILL weather just about any storm!

modern wood slat mailbox with a stained wood setting for a rustic look

15. Inject Some Personality With Cheerful Mailbox Makeovers

Nothing seems to inject personality into inanimate objects such as mailboxes like colors do. And not just any colors – I’m thinking about cheerful bright colors and a happy yellow is what comes to mind.

Since the post does go through some of the harshest conditions, painting it dark brown blends it in with the surroundings while hiding any rusty parts. Brighten up the post with bright white numbers no one can miss from a mile away, and nothing comes close to giving it a cheerful look than a happy yellow mailbox that really brightens up the yard.



mailbox makeovers - mailbox painted in a happy yellow color on a bark brown post

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Which fabulous mailbox makeover is your favorite?

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