No purse is perfect. Some may come close, but eventually, they wear out. And what about having a matching purse for a special event, or having fun matching your outfit? Let’s not forget the number of bobby pins and chapstick tubes we’ve magically lost in our purses. It’s like we all need bag organizers! Keeping a neat and tidy bag always seems like a high order when we are busy, and buying a new purse altogether may seem like the perfect answer sometimes. These purse organization tips and DIY projects should help you to organize your content and save you time as you go throughout your day. Regardless if you’re a tote bag user, clutches, or if you prefer a larger bag, here are the best purse organizers perfect for any types of handbags!

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Purse Organization and Bag Organizers Every Woman Needs

Bags come in different sizes. An organized purse is something every woman (especially moms!) wants. But what a mom wants is an organized diaper bag, too. We have a cure for it, too! Check out our organize a purse too!

1. Clean Out Your Purse Regularly

Top 1 tip for a handbag organizers: Once a week, take time to clean out the excess in your purse. Throw out trash, consolidate change and make sure everything that goes back into your purse is essential. The keyword here is ‘ESSENTIAL’. Old receipts should have a place outside your purse. Any pens with no ink should be replaced. You are only to keep what serves you and your needs in your current situation. Kind of like a necessary purge. How many times a week do you declutter your purse? I’m curious to know!

spilled contents of a purse

2. The Small-Pockets Purse Organization Hack

Put the most important things in easily accessible pockets. This way they will be at your fingertip reach. Make use of the expandable sides and compartment of your bag. Essentials like lip balm/lipstick, or your smartphone should be kept in small interior pockets. Another great tip shared here is to keep your items in the same small pocket each and every time, so your mind gets used to this!

purse organization tips to keep important items like iphone and cards with keys in easily accessible pockets

3. Use iPhone Apps And Leave Your Cards At Home

There’s an app for that!

Consolidate cards by using a card-organizing app on your phone so you don’t have to carry as many cards. This leaves your wallet feeling less stuffy! Did you ever take out a card from your wallet that was so outdated? Haha! Please remember to stash the cards you take out of your purse in a safe place at home though, so they don’t get lost.

purse organization card organizing hack

4. Use A Binder-Clip To Carry Your Money

No-Mess Money Clip: Practicality is great; alligator clips make a great money clip that can also hold a key. Two birds, one stone! Just unhook the silver handle, slide the key on, and put it back in place inside of your bag. This will come in handy when going for a run or while traveling. Take a walk in a new city with your hands-free. The accessories and belongings will not be lost anymore. We love this tip.

clip your keys and money to your pants when you don't want to carry a wallet

Brilliant Purse Organization Tips and DIYs

5. Purse Organization Tip For Your Keys

Sometimes, we have a key bundle for the house, for the office, for the car…so much click-clack! If you are constantly losing your keys, try using a carabiner to hook your keys within easy reach. Now you don’t have to worry about the keys scratching your phone and other valuables. Best products

If you need more ideas on keeping track of your keys, we know 18 Brilliant Ways to Keep Track of Your Keys.

purse organization hacks keep your keys hooked

6. Quick DIY For A Broken Purse Zipper

Safety Pin fix: If the zipper on your purse breaks, have a safety pin ready to improvise a zipper pull until you can fix it properly. Or keep one to clip your zipper to your purse handle if you leave your purse unattended now and then. This is a common issue with crossbody bags, zippered pouches, and backpacks, now with a durable, lightweight solution! I think this works too when you have curious little ones that get in mummy’s purse, right? It will buy some time before they figure out what you did!

bag fixed with safety pin

7. Use Small Containers To Keep Your Purse Organized

No exterior pockets? Use an old Altoid tin to hold small items within your purse. The dimensions of an altoid box is perfect for small items, and a safe bag insert. You can decorate it or paint with different color options so that it looks different from the tin with actual Altoids in it. It is actually the small items, not the larger items, that completely wreak havoc in our purses, don’t you agree? So I am totally loving this idea. You can put in an extra pair of earrings, some coins, bobby pins (there’s never enough), and handy rubber bands.

purse organization for your bag with altoids box for small things

Purse Organization Hacks For Traveling

8. Purse Organization Tip For Your Bobby Pins

It seems we are always buying more and more hairpins. Put bobby pins on a playing card to spot them easily in your purse. I can bet this will be the last time you’re buying them! And if you put this playing card in a container as mentioned above…well, you are one organized mama!

purse organization card with bobby pins

Purse Organization DIY

9. DIY Pocket Organiser From A Placemat

If your bag did not come with enough pockets, here’s a DIY solution you’ll love. Try making your own pocket organizer out of a placemat. It can be customized to fit your favorite purse, and transplanted if you’re the type of girl who likes to change purses often. We love how everything gets a spot here! Not forgetting the mobility of this, just out of one bag and into the next! Get the instructions here.

easy purse organizer you can make by yourself

I’m very organised these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.

Britt Ekland

10. The Most Efficient Way To Switch Bags Everyday

Have you ever felt the urge to buy a new purse because it will make you more organized? Me too! Sometimes, our bags are very chaotic. Buying a new one seems like a plausible solution! This Quick-switch organizational system will save you: If you do not want to DIY a purse organizer, search around online to find other solutions for quick-switch purse organization.

purse organization - small organizer for the essentials in every woman's bag

11. Organise With Cute and Unique Cases

Organize everything in unique bags and cases so that you can easily spot them in your purse and grab them quickly. It’s really easy – and will LITERALLY take you 30 seconds or less to change from one purse to the other. Keep different types of supplies in their own bag so you do not have to search back and forth between bags. Is it not fascinating how much we carry around in our bags? You just never know when you might need something!

purse organization with cute cases for necessities, essential oils and guide, sunglasses, a grocery bag, for the mini ipad, purse pad, wallet, feminine products, keys

12. Sew Your Own Purse Organiser

How about sewing your very own DIY purse organizer? This one takes a slightly different approach to help you choose how best to organize all the different contents. It is quite spacious and will fit perfectly in a big bag. I think this will be a perfect gift idea for a teacher or a mummy on the move.

Here’s what you get with this cute DIY:

  • Thirteen pockets! (six mesh, six fabric, and one interior zip pocket)
  • A very strong purse that is sturdy enough to stand on its own, but it will also lay flat or fit in a slim purse or laptop bag.

There are sewing instructions that can be downloaded too, so give this a try.

DIY purse organizer bag for the insides

More Purse Organization Tips

13. Purse Hack For Carrying Sunglasses

Left the house without your sunglasses case? That happens too often and we are left with the awkward dilemma of how to carry them. Here’s a smart hack. Use a badge clip to hold sunglasses. Glasses usually get crushed or smudged if they don’t have a bulky sunglasses case. Keep them outside the purse to save room inside. You can even dress it up a little with some bling for a little extra sass. This looks so fancy!

purse organization hack - badge clip to hold your sunglasses

14. Use Clear Bags To Organise Your Purse

Make your own clear organizational bags to keep contents organized but easily seen. These are super easy to sew together and have a zipper top so they can be closed without letting little bits and pieces sneak out and get lost. Feel creative to customize them with cute patterned fabric or color-code them for easy identification. You only need three items to put these pretty bags together and it’s much easier to find the ever-elusive Chap-stick.

Use Clear Bags To Organise Your Purse

15. DIY Elastic Catch-All

If you want something to keep cords organized quickly, try this catch-all organizer. Elastic straps securely hold cords and other items of varying sizes. I am especially grateful to have this for earphones that end up with crumbs and dust in the bag. It is so well put together and there’s no way you’ll miss your USB cables ever again!

DIY Elastic Catch-All for your perfectly organized purse
Vintage Book Travel Tech Organizer from Design Sponge

16. Stain Remover For Your Purse

Do you have that dark stubborn oil mark left on your leather purse? If your purse gets stained, keep a small container of baby powder handy to help remove grease stains like makeup for food. The faster you treat a stain, of course, the more likely it is to come clean. Pour a generous amount of baby powder on the stain and let it sit for thirty minutes. The dry powder will soak up the oil and you can wipe your purse clean.

How to remove oil stains from leather bags

Will they ever make a purse that is perfect for everyone? Probably not. But with these quick and easy purse organization tips, anyone can effectively find items within her purse.

Purse Organization Ideas

Did you enjoy these organization tips? We hope you did! Find more related posts at the One Crazy House blog:

Which bag organizers and ideas do you find most functional?

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