Have you lost your keys again? Don’t know which key goes to which lock? We’ve all been there. Here is a rescue plan for you. If you implement some of these key organization ideas, you’ll never have to dig through your purse, the kids’ toy box, or the refrigerator (yes, seriously) looking for your keys again.

It can get frustrating trying to trace them, especially when in a hurry to catch a flight or attend that important meeting. These small things can cause you to have migraines. We got a solution for all your key troubles with our 18 genius ways to keep your keys collection organized.

From key holders to key finders and an easy way to distinguish keys from each other, you’ll find lots of helpful tips here! Hop into these crazy organizational ideas for your keys!

Brilliant ways to keep track of your keys

Key Organization Ideas

1.Old drawer for Key Organization

Repurpose an old drawer to create a key storage station. Paint it (or don’t), and then screw cup hooks into the bottom before hanging the drawer on the wall. This DIY is cheap and uses readily available items that just lie in your home. With this key organization hack, you need not worry about where you have placed your keys as it can accommodate as many single or bunched keys as you’d want.

Key holder from old drawer


2. Washi Tape Code For Key Organization

Want to easily tell one key from another? Code them with washi tape. There are so many fun patterns and colors that even if you have as many rings as a janitor, you’ll easily keep up with them. You can have your garage keys, main house keys, and office keys all designed differently with this washi tape hack.

Key holder hack to keep track of keys from tape


3. Succulent Key Holder

Want a key holder that doesn’t detract from your décor? This succulent keyholder is gorgeous and easy to make. It adds a nice touch of color and nature to your entryway. And the plant aesthetic is just pure bliss. Who, together with me, is saying goodbye to turning your house upside down to look for your keys?

DIY Succulent Key Holder to Keep Truck of Keys


4. Key Finder Organization Hack

Tired of misplacing your keys especially when you need to hurry outside? Get a key finder! This setup includes four key finders. For a family of four everyone in your home can have one. And it is so easy to use. Simply press the color-coded buttons to locate your keys, up to thirty meters away. What a Savior we have got here!

Key Tracer Device to Find Lost Keys


5. Custom Board For Key Organization

Design a custom board to fit your space. It can be made in a nice frame that matches your wall color or in a different color that makes it stand out. Be creative as you wish. There’s enough room for that with this idea. Plus you can give each key (or set of keys) its own labeled area so that way, there’s never any confusion about which set to grab. It helps in identifying which set of keys is with someone else.

Key Tracker from diy wall frame board


6. Divided Basket Key Organizer

Do you live with roommates? Set a divided basket near the door with everyone’s names to sort keys and electronic devices. This way everyone is able to keep their items in their designated area and even further divide them into each item’s area.

Divider for placing keys


7. Color-Coded Key Organization

Use nail polish to color code your keys. You can have your favorite colors and place them on as many keys as you have and want. It is a way of being crafty while at the same time finding solutions for your numerous keys to be easily traceable.  This is such a simple hack, but very effective! I will be trying this and can’t wait to see the results.

Color code to track & distinguish keys


8. Bluetooth Key Tracker

Want to be able to find your keys anywhere? A Bluetooth tracker is a definite answer to your problem! You can attach these trackers to other things, too, such as your backpack, purse, or wallet. Since the tracker is linked to your phone it is so easy to locate the keys whenever you need them.

Bluetooth key tracker

9. Key Caps Organizers

Of course, keycaps are a great option if you don’t mind spending a few bucks. And they’re reusable, too. Get similar keycaps here and do away with unneeded keys. Those that are for the current locks in your home can enjoy being wrapped around these labeled caps that are expandable to fit any size of key-head.

Key Caps to track your keys


10. Felt Key Covers For Key Organization Idea

Felt key covers are another gorgeous option to have your keys easily identifiable and locatable. Have a mix of colors for each key cover knitted and then tie the key to a string and place all of them in a key ring. Each color can be made to represent a room’s key or a place’s key. Your office key could be in blue whereas your garage key could be in pink.

Felt colored covers for key rings as key tracker


11. DIY Keychain to Organize Keys

How about a super cool DIY keychain that’s hard to lose? Use some of your kid’s old animal figurines to make a colorful keychain for yourself. After all, an elephant never forgets (his keys)! These are brilliant crafts that not only allow you to be creative but also help keep your keys tracked and in place. You have no time to keep on thinking of where you might have placed your guests’ room keys.

Animal Key Placeholder to Keep Track of Keys


12.  Click and Dig Keys Tracker

The click n’ dig system comes with six receivers and a color-coded remote to track all your keys. Its range is 60-80 feet.  Everyone in the family has a chance to get their own receiver and thus making it easier to trace whose bunch is lost whenever one is missing. Alternatively, a one-individual home can have all six receivers for different keys depending on the number of rooms in his/her space. Whenever the need to trace a certain room’s keys arises, a click of the system helps with finding it.

Cling' and ding' key codes tracker


13. Tennis Ball As Key Holder

Make a tennis ball friend hang by the door. You could design the ball to have holes that represent eyes and a mouth and store your keys in the “mouth”. They’re also great for stashing papers, pens, and other things on the fly. See our more tennis ball ideas here. Now that your keys are in a safe place you can chill with your kids and have an exciting afternoon on the back porch.

Tennis ball as key holder/tracker


14. Hidden Key Storage

Don’t like the idea of your keys being in plain sight? You could have hidden key storage for your keys behind a wall painting or a framed photo.  No one will ever suspect that your keys are behind the frame! Your private keys’ life is well guarded and there is no need to worry oneself.  I love this new idea for a hidden key!

Wall Hidden Key Placer to Track Keys

15. Magnetic Key Organizer

There are common places that are just right and easy to remember around the house. These ones are always used and never missed. They are just the right locations for your keys. Stick your keys by the light switch in your entryway so you’ll never forget where they are. Here is how you place a magnet behind the light switch plate to keep your keys in place. You never lose sight of them.

Magnetic hook for keys


16. Old Cutlery As Key Hangers/Organizers

Your key organization material doesn’t have to be something new or common. It can be out of the ordinary ways of being creative. Anyone will be awed by this trick. Simply use old utensils and wooden blocks to create these easy peasy key holders. They make your space look super rustic and also solve your key tracing problem. Plus the wooden blocks can be spray painted into the colors of one’s liking.

Key Placer from Old Utensils

17. DIY Wall Mail Key Organizer

A multipurpose space is a genius idea to economize on space. Creatively keep your keys, mail, and bags all in one place with a DIY wall mail and key organizer. Below the mailbox, you can have numerous hooks as the wooden space can hold and use them to hang your keys on. Say goodbye to the frustrating morning of searching for keys that don’t want to be found by having this mailbox come key organizer on your wall.

Mail box to place keys and track them


18. Hooked Action Station For Key Organization

This action station is gorgeous, and it has enough hooks for all your keys, scarves, and bags. Simply paint a wooden plaque, and screw in all shapes and sizes of painted hooks for a chic (albeit somewhat haphazard) look. This can be placed right in your doorway and even act as a lightweight mud space hanger. The colors bring with them the aesthetics that your doorway needs.


Loved these 18 organization ways to keep track of your keys? Here are more organization hacks for you!

Be chilled and hang your troubles at the door – Unknown

Ways to keep track of your keys

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