Do you have a steam mop or steam cleaner in your home? Odds are you’ve found a few ways to use it, primarily on the floors. But your steam cleaner can be used for so much more than a mop! We’ve rounded up 16 super smart ways you should be using your steam cleaner. Check them out!

16 Ways You Are Underutilizing Your Steam Cleaner

But before we get started, you may notice that all of these pictures include the same brand of steam cleaner. You’ll either see the HomeRight SteamMachine or the HomeRight Steam Mop. And considering all you can do with them, we’re not surprised!

Smart Ways to Use Your Steam Cleaner

Unfortunately, you can’t fit a mattress in a washing machine, but boy, do those things get dirty! Your steam cleaner comes to the rescue! Get mattresses clean and sanitized in about 10 minutes. Easy!

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Bust through soap scum and hard water stains in your shower. (Get more shower cleaning hacks here!)

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Clean your tile and grout thoroughly. I had no idea grout could get so dirty even with mopping. I wonder how different mine will look after steaming!

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Clean your grill without harsh chemicals. All you need are a wire brush attachment and a good bit of steam to take away grease and grime.

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Get the pee stench out of your bathroom by using the steam cleaner to get in all those crooks and crevices that your hands just can’t reach.

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Clean your oven with steam, particularly if you can’t handle the fumes of commercial oven cleaners. Need more oven cleaning tips? We’ve got ’em!

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In all honesty, I get around to cleaning the baseboards about once a year. But with pets, we definitely need to do it more often. I never thought of using the steam cleaner to clean baseboards until now. Smart!

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Make your microwave look like new inside and out. Finally — something to get that stuck-on-grease and dust off the exterior!

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Your range hood is probably covered in grease and dust too, right? Make it spic and span after you finish with your microwave.

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Are your stove burners a complete disaster? Use a tiny attachment to really get in there to clean them out. It’s an instant facelift for one of your most frequently used appliances.

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Steam can make all your appliances shine, particularly the stainless steel appliances that seem to be a magnet for fingerprints.

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Removing wallpaper is a chore, but it’s a little easier using steam to loosen the paper after you score it.

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Clean baby toys, high chairs and other things covered in baby germs with your steam cleaner. That’s seriously such a handy way to clean a bunch of toys at once.

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You don’t have to get the ironing board out every time you buy new curtains. Just steam them to get the wrinkles out. It’s s much easier.

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Pets create so many stains on furniture. Between fur, dirty paws and drool, cleaning upholstery can be a real challenge. At least… it used to be. Steaming the stains out works like a charm.

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And lastly, did you know that you can use a steam cleaner on your windows? As a very short person, this is a total game changer!

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steam cleaner
lean your toys!! We LOVE our steam cleaner.  Can you tell?? It can even squeege windows!! Here is where we got ours.


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