West Elm has some amazing pieces of furniture and decor for your home, but their prices may not always be within your decorating budget. And when they’re not, it’s time to DIY! These West Elm knockoffs are amazingly similar to the store products, but they’re affordable on almost any budget. Try one for yourself and let us know how it turns out!

16 West Elm Knockoffs to Style and Furnish Your Home

West Elm Knockoffs to Style Your Home

Keep your books tidy with these faux marble bookends.


Their acrylic sided shelf is sleek and modern but with an almost $200 price tag? Not really in my budget. Good thing this knockoff shelf only costs about $20 to make!


This West Elm bench knockoff looks exactly like the store version and costs about $15 to make as opposed to almost $700 for the retail version.


Use pallet wood to create a DIY coffee table that’s super affordable (and super chic, we might add)!


Copper curtain rods look ultra stylish. Use pipes in different metals or spray paint to get a different look.


Or use copper pipes to create an industrial rail system to get organized. You can hang magazines, jars, baskets and more from the rods. Neat!


Didn’t you love their beaded round mirrors? That’s a look you can easily recreate according to your own color scheme.


This martini side table is a clever knockoff of the WE original using items from IKEA.


Use your Silhouette and some gold adhesive vinyl to recreate WE’s metallic glassware.


Build your own king slat bed for nearly one-third the price of the West Elm version. This is gorgeous!


WE’s Mr. White Wall Clock is sleek and stylish, but the price point is a bit too much for me. Luckily, you can make your own plate clock easily and it’s still frugally fabulous!


This wooden truss dining table made for only $75? It makes me swoon. I am seriously in love with this piece!


Think of how much more organized your entryway would be with this wood and pipe entryway stand!


Make a gorgeous terrarium for your tabletop for just $2.


This herringbone mirror would look fantastic in the bathroom or a teen’s room.


A ladder bookshelf is the perfect way to add extra storage for books or crafts without detracting from the style of your room.