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If you wear contact lenses, you probably have a few spare contact lens cases lying around. And if you do, you’re in luck! Those tiny little compartments are a real lifesaver when it comes to travel, especially overnight trips. Here are 15 unexpected uses for contact lens cases that you’ll wish you had known sooner!

15 Unexpected Uses for Contact Lens Cases

Contact Lens Case Uses You’ve Never Thought Of

Make sure you always have fresh breath. Each compartment holds about a teaspoon of mouthwash, and the contact lens case is leak-proof (at least, mine is), so you can stash it in your car or purse.


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Put makeup in contact lens cases when you’re traveling to avoid packing those bulky bottles.

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Keep your earbuds tangle-free in your purse or suitcase.

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Carry your vitamins and OTC medications in one. (Check your local laws on this, though. In some states, it’s illegal to carry any meds in anything but their respective containers.)

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Put small amounts of spices in contact lens cases to take on camping trips.

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Take some shampoo and conditioner along on an overnight trip without packing bulky bottles. This will probably work best for guys… my hair needs at least 5 times that amount of conditioner!


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Put your earplugs in a contact lens case to keep them from drying out and cracking.

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Create a storage system for small pieces of hardware using multiple contact lens cases.

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Take along a little bit of lotion or face cream for an overnight trip.

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In fact, store everything you need for your beauty routine, from acne creams to primers and more! It makes short trips so much easier… and your bags a little lighter.

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Use one to pack a single serving of condiments in your lunch for work.

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Store rings and earrings in contact lens cases when you travel. They’re so much easier to keep up with!

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Make your own lip balm, and store it in contact lens cases so you can perk up your lips anytime you’d like.

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Store change to feed to the parking meters and tolls.

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This gal is convinced that contact lens cases are the best for storing fake eyelashes. I agree!

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