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Some storage and organization ideas are so brilliant that they transcend their intended spaces. That’s what you can say about the IKEA Raskog cart. Take it from us, you need one of these bad boys in every single room of your home. From holding extra toiletries in the bathroom to organizing your nursery, there’s nothing this little cart on wheels can’t do.

16 Reasons You Totally Need an IKEA Raskog Cart

Brilliant Ways to Use the IKEA Raskog Cart

Don’t have an IKEA near you? Get the Raskog cart here (affiliate). In fact, get several. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this thing!

Create a rolling vanity. This is perfect for a teen girl’s room or to take to your dorm room when you move on campus. It’s so convenient to have all your makeup, toiletries and hair tools all in one place!

ikea raskog cart 1


Set up a rolling bar cart for your next get-together. You can move it inside or outside, depending on where the party’s at!

ikea raskog cart 2


Put all your kids’ lunch supplies in the cart to make putting together their lunches way easier. No more “I can’t find my lunchbox!” excuses now.

ikea raskog cart 3


It makes the ideal cleaning cart. You can push it around as you move from room to room. Get one for each floor of your home!

ikea raskog cart 4


Create an art cart for the kids with crayons, paints, coloring books and crafting supplies. Whenever they need an activity, they can fetch their own supplies and make something beautiful.

ikea raskog cart 5


Is the baby sleeping in your room? Keep some of the baby’s things in there without letting them take over your drawers and closet. It’s also a great nursery shelf.

ikea raskog cart 12


Or set up a rolling diaper station that you can move from room to room. Because, honestly, how often are you really going to carry your baby to the changing table to change him or her?

ikea raskog cart 13


Add extra storage to a small bathroom. Stash toilet paper, extra towels and anything else you need in the cart.

ikea raskog cart 6


A succulent cart is a fun way to decorate with succulents. Isn’t it gorgeous? This would look perfect in a sunroom or on a patio.

ikea raskog cart 7


Forego the typical nightstand beside your bed, and opt for an IKEA cart instead.

ikea raskog cart 8


Keep crochet and knitting supplies organized in your craft room. Isn’t that a beautiful display? This would be perfect for my mother-in-law!

ikea raskog cart 9


A laundry cart in your laundry room is a must. It keeps all your laundry products organized without them getting in the way. This is wonderful if you’re working with a laundry closet, like I am.

ikea raskog cart 14


Keep all your sewing supplies in another, especially if you’re at a loss at where to store that bulky sewing machine.

ikea raskog cart 10


Add a shoe cart to your closet. Or use it for handbags, scarves, belts and other miscellaneous items that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

ikea raskog cart 15


Corral your cookbooks. I so need this. They’re taking up multiple shelves on my bookshelf right now, and they’re never where I need them (in the kitchen).

ikea raskog cart 11


And, finally, as a self-professed planner geek, I totally love this planning station idea. It’ll hold your planners, pens, markers, stickers, washi tapes and all the other things planner geeks dream of.

ikea raskog cart 16


IKEA Raskog Cart Ideas