Housecleaning is hard – Parenthood is messy! –  so we need all the cleaning tips we can get! Here are 15 Housecleaning Tips for Parents.

Little people make big messes, spread their germs and generally create a lot of extra work. They’re totally worth it, of course, but these cleaning tips for parents may save you some time and a bit of your sanity, too. Learn how to do everything from speed-cleaning Lego blocks to getting mold out of their water bottles.

15 Housecleaning Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Housecleaning Tips for Parents

Put your kiddos to work! Giving your kids chores helps them become more independent AND builds their confidence! This is a genius chore chart idea submitted to us by reader, Stephanie. Make the list from a file folder. Use velcro dots to fold the chores up when they are done. Genius!

Learn these cool tips to clean house fast!

chore chart idea to help kids clean more

Let’s face it, kids have accidents once in a while. Knowing how to remove the pee stains (and smell) from a mattress is a skill that every parent should have in their arsenal!

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Don’t use harsh chemicals with your kids – usually, baking soda and vinegar is all you need to do the trick! And it is safe enough for your kids to use too!

Have you ever left your water bottle (or your kid’s water bottle) in a hot car or forgot about one for days? Mold forms quickly! Here’s the trick to removing mold from a water bottle so you don’t have to throw it out.

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Kids running through the house means that scuff marks on your hardwood floors are inevitable. Remove scuffs with a tennis ball to get them looking like new again. (We have more tennis ball hacks, too!)

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This mom of boys uses her grandma’s all-purpose cleaner to get that stinky smell out of the bathroom. If you have boys, you know exactly what I mean.

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The best carpet stain remover? Baking soda and vinegar. The chemical reaction helps lift stains out of the carpet fibers, making them easier to wipe up. Pretty smart!

15 amazing housecleaning tips for parents

Kids and spaghetti are a match made in heaven. It’s the one thing they’ll eat. But, oh my goodness, the mess! Read up on how to get tomato stains out of clothes… You’ll use these tips again and again. And here are some tips for getting spaghetti stains out of carpet and upholstery.

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For the Lego-obsessed kiddos, can you imagine how many germs are on those little blocks? But who has time to clean them individually? Not me. You’ll love this trick for cleaning them in the washing machine. If you’re afraid that your washing machine will be too hard on them, try the dishwasher instead.

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Speaking of the dishwasher, you can put all sorts of things in there. We’ve tried it on plastic toys and shoes with great success.

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And let’s not forget cleaning the stuffed animals. Don’t worry: this one’s easy. You can throw most of them in the washing machine. Remember to use the delicate cycle, though, and if your kiddo is sensitive to detergents, use a gentle one.

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Get a microfiber couch, they said. They’re so easy to clean! Pffft. They’re easy to clean before you have kids, but they show stains like nobody’s business, especially if you’re naive like us and bought a beige one. Yeah. But, rubbing alcohol works wonders at lifting stains from microfiber.

moms! this is how you can clean your couches

Cover your food with a paper towel or loose lid before microwaving it. It’s a simple tip that it seems no one can remember. If your microwave looks like a tomato exploded inside it, use these tips to deep clean the microwave. It’s easier than you’d think!

how to clean a microwave

This isn’t a cleaning trick so much as a cleaning-prevention trick, but you’ll never go back after you start using silicon cupcake liners in your car’s cup holders. If the kids spill a drink, just pop them out and put them in the dishwasher.

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Put a coffee filter in the potty for easy cleanup for #2. See more coffee filter uses!

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It’s coming… Your child’s first wall art masterpiece. Heating up the crayon with a hairdryer makes removing it so much easier.

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Finally, let the kids in on the cleaning action. They may not be super pumped about cleaning, but this is a no-fail trick. Create baskets for each room. In each basket, include all the cleaning supplies needed along with a chore list attached to the front. Easy peasy.

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Parents unite! We've got 17 cleaning hacks to make our lives easier.