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If you’re formula feeding, you’ll collect a ton of formula canisters during baby’s first year. If you’ve been throwing them out all this time, stop! Those sturdy canisters make wonderful organizational containers and craft supplies. Here are 15 formula canister projects to get the ideas rolling.

15 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Formula Canisters

Creative Ways to Reuse Formula Canisters

Make your baby a DIY piggy bank that matches the nursery decor.

formula can crafts 1


With a few formula canisters and some twine, you can create gorgeous organizers for your office supplies.

formula can crafts 2


Organize your headbands and other hair accessories with a decorated formula can.

formula can crafts 3


Give a potted plant as a gift! This teacher appreciation gift is simply adorable.

formula can crafts 4


These Lego canisters are perfect for storing Lego figures, blocks and more.

formula can crafts 5


This mail center would come in so handy. Sort mail right away when it comes into your house so you never misplace another bill again!

formula can crafts 6


Make a DIY drum set for your kids using cans and stretched balloons. Fun!

formula can crafts 7


Create wall storage on the cheap. Put the canisters above coat hooks to hold hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories. Perfect set-up for the mudroom!

formula can crafts 8


Make some pretty food storage containers for your kitchen or pantry.

formula can crafts 9


Store baby’s bath items in a formula container so they’re always handy. This is a frugal baby shower gift idea, too!

formula can crafts 10


Add burlap and twine to make these rustic kitchen utensil organizers for yourself. Aren’t they lovely?

formula can crafts 11


Do a lot of crafting? Paint some formula boxes to store your materials in! This makes them easy for you and the kids to find, but looks a lot less cluttered than shoving them all into drawers.

formula can crafts 12


Here’s an easy tutorial showing you how to cover the canisters with pretty paper to make them more decorative.

formula can crafts 12


These hot air balloon centerpieces would look gorgeous at a wedding or shower.

formula can crafts 14


And this is a super cute idea: Turn those formula cans into favor buckets for your kiddo’s first birthday party!

formula can crafts 15


Formula Can Craft Ideas